90 DAY FIANCE Danielle sues Mohamed Jbali for $12,500

Danielle sues Mohamed Jbali

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? super couple Danielle and Mohamed Jbali are one of the main reasons there is a question mark in the show’s title as their dramatic “unhappily ever after” seems to have no end in sight. The latest conflict preventing these two exes from moving on is a lawsuit filed by Danielle in which she looks to be suing Mohamed for $12,500!

According to online court records, Danielle filed the civil suit on September 8. The records indicate that she has hired an attorney and dropped $105 for a civil filing fee to get the process started.

90 Day Fiance Danielle Jbali sues Mohamed for 12,500 dollars

Right now, the case looks to be waiting for a civil summons to be served to Mohamed in Florida. According to the tracking number, the summons was sent out the day the case was filed, but it has yet to be officially received by Mohamed.

Danielle has stated on the show on several occasions that she wished to recoup some of the expenses of bringing Mohamed to America, and I guess she has determined a fair amount to be $12,500.

Interestingly, the lawsuit was filed under Danielle’s former last name of Mullins. It is my understanding that she still has Mohamed’s last name of Jbali, so I am unsure what that means — or if it has any significance.

UPDATE – It has since been revealed that $10,000 of the suit is because Mohamed allegedly “committed fraud against Plaintiff by luring Plaintiff into a romantic relationship to secure funds and immigration status,” according to the filing. “As a result of Defendant’s fraudulent actions, Plaintiff has been economically harmed in the amount of approximately $10,000.” The rest of the amount is for half of a $5,000 check that Danielle says the couple received from TLC, but was deposited into Mohamed’s bank account.

Mohamed, who is back to his Instagram-loving ways after an extended break from soshull meedya, hasn’t mentioned anything about the lawsuit in his posts. There was this #Mohameditation posted yesterday, however:

Mohamed Jbali Mohameditation

On a slightly more positive note — for Mohamed anyways — it seems he might have been struck by Cupid’s arrow! I will let his art poetry speak for itself:

Mohamed Jbali in love

So Danielle is dating someone new and currently enrolled in college classes working towards becoming a nurse, and Mohamed is joyfully sharing his brand of metaphysical positivism on soshull meedya and may be in love. Perhaps there is a potential for happily ever afters here after all! Well, except for that whole lawsuit thing…

My theory is that TLC encouraged to suit to keep the DanMo story line alive for a new season of their show, the ratings of which are THROUGH THE ROOF — due in large part to Danielle and Mohamed. I am guessing producers are currently working on something similar for Jorge and Anfisa.

Speaking as a fan, I’m excited that the lawsuit could mean we will get another Mohamed selfie stick court scene! Hmmmm… I’m thinking Mo may want to look up the number for his old attorney:

90 Day Fiance Mohamed's lawyer immigration attorney with a beard

Sometimes I like to end a post with a song, and as I was writing this post the lyrics of this Bap Kennedy song kept going through my head:

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