90 DAY FIANCE Leida tried to kill herself with a knife, Eric stopped her, according to ‘leaked’ texts

90 Day Fiance Season 6 is no longer airing new episodes, but the cast’s over-the-top drama continues on social media. In a series of “leaked” text messages allegedly between Leida Rosenbrook and another person, Leida claims that she was “about to kill my self with a knife” before husband Eric Rosenbrook “grabbed a knife and abused me after that.” Meanwhile, in a separate text exchange, Eric allegedly explained that he had to “wrestle a knife from her” and then he “pulled her hair to get her to stand up” and “restrained her wrists as she was being uncontrollable.”

The text exchanges were posted by 90 Day Fiance social mediator John Yates moments ago on Instagram. The first exchange looks to be between Leida and a friend/fan as she looks for advice on Eric’s custody issues with his children. Leida casually mentions that Eric abused her before asking about the custody issue, but the friend stops her and asks her to clarify how Eric was abusive.

“He pulled my hairs really hard and grab it until I can stand up and grabbed my wrist both of them and put me on the corner,” reads the text reply attributed to Leida.

The other person emphatically points out that Eric’s actions as described are not OK, and Leida then shares some more information on what is going on with her and Eric:

I don’t wanna live with him anymore.

I was about to kill myself with a knife. He grabbed a knife and abused me after that.

I’m with the police and at the hospital now.

Leida says that she plans to stay the night at Hope House, whose mission is “to prevent abuse and provide support ​to victims of domestic and sexual violence.”

In a separate text message exchange, Eric seems to confirm the details about the knife incident and her being restrained afterward:

Below are the full text message exchanges posted by John Yates, including Leida talking about her future plans with or without Eric, and what is purported to be a conversation between Eric and Leida in which Leida explains that she was hacked and she didn’t leak the messages herself. It appears as though Eric asked her how he abused her in a previous message because Leida responds: “I had my scalp scratched from you so… yeah you caused me harm physically so stop lying about it.”

“How did I scratch your scalp?” Eric asked. “My finger nails didn’t even get near your scalp. You nor the police never said anything about that.”

Neither Eric nor Leida have commented on the text messages on their Instagram accounts. Also, I don’t believe either of them have started a GoFundMe campaign yet.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE – Leida’s rep has seemingly confirmed the texts, or at least the physical altercation described in them, with an Instagram story photo of Leida fashionably drinking along with the caption: “A domestic incident did take place between Eric and Leida on 1/20/19. The couple asked that you please respect their desire to keep things private at this time. #privacy #respect

Here’s the image:

Numerous media outlets have reached out to Leida for comment, and they have been informed that she is no longer running her social media accounts and that inquiries must go through her PR person.

UPDATE – Eric has posted a lengthy video statement in which he confirms that the texts and the details in them are real. He describes the incident in detail, including the call to police after and Leida being taken to the hospital for evaluation. He also talks about the text messages being leaked as well as Leida’s recent partnership with a PR firm. the video was recorded in his and Leida’s home, and Leida is present — albeit off camera. She can be heard talking numerous times through the clip. Click the link above for a complete recap of everything Eric had to say about the “dust up.”

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