90 DAY FIANCÉ Did Sam flying to Indonesia violate his diversion program?

Did 90 Day Fiance's Sam go to jail or get diversion?

90 Day Fiancé star Sam Wilson is currently in Indonesia with Citra, as you might have seen in our previous article about Sam’s brother Timothy and Citra’s potentially getting married.

As Starcasm previously reported, Sam was officially approved for a diversion program in December. The diversion program allowed Sam to avoid a trial and potential jail time for his drug possession arrest last year.

The diversion program Sam is a part of has very strict rules, including any potential travel. So, how was Sam able to leave the country? Is he at risk of violating the terms of the diversion program?

Sam Wilson’s diversion travel rules

According to the diversion agreement signed by Sam, he is permitted to travel. However, he has to apply in writing and he has to arrange his own drug test if he is randomly selected to take one.

“The Defendant agrees any request or arrangement to travel must be
approved in advance by the assigned Diversion Case Manager and
should be submitted in writing,” the diversion agreement reads.

If approved to travel, Sam must still adhere to the drug testing stipulations. The stipulations include calling the designated drug testing facility “every day while on diversion after 7:00 p.m. to know if he/she is required to test the following day.”

When Sam is randomly chosen for a drug screen, he is required to report to the designated drug testing facility “the next day by the close of business to submit to testing.”

The Defendant understands that any arrangement to travel or be out of town is not an excuse to not call [designated drug testing facility] or report for a scheduled test.

The Defendant acknowledges and understands if a request for travel has
been approved, the Defendant is still responsible for calling [designated drug testing facility] and reporting for scheduled tests.

How can sam adhere to these stipulations if he is out of the country where the designated drug testing facility likely has no locations? From the diversion agreement:

The Defendant will assume responsibility for finding a lab if a [designated drug testing facility] location is not accessible.

The Defendant will also assume responsibility for ensuring their results
are faxed or emailed to Defendant’s monitoring agency within 5 business

In summary, Sam will likely violate the terms of the diversion agreement if:

• He didn’t get approval for his trip ahead of time.

• He doesn’t call every night after 7PM CST to see if he is required to submit to a drug screening the following day.

• Sam is chosen to submit to a drug screening and he is unable to find a drug screening location in Indonesia the following day and/or he is unable to fax or email the results of the drug screening within five business days.

Let’s hope Sam has gotten better about keeping up with legal paperwork and got all his ducks in a row before leaving for Indonesia!

Sam’s diversion agreement is for 12 months, which means he must continue to adhere to the requirements until December of 2024.

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