VIDEO 90 Day Fiance’s Jason and Cassia appear on The Robert Irvine Show

90 Day Fiance Jason and Cassia on The Robert Irvine Show

In “90 Day Fiance: Where Were They Eight Months Ago?” news, The Robert Irvine Show featuring Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavarez recorded back in October has finally aired! We’ve got the full episode for you, as well as Jason’s rather harsh comments about their appearance, including his claim that Robert Irvine is “a limey whanker douche” that had the hots for Cassia and did “everything except reach his limey pervery hands up her pants.” ?

Robert Irvine’s intro to Jason and Cassia:

Imagine meeting the man of your dreams, but after you say “I do,” you’re not a wife but a prisoner in your own home. You’re not allowed to have a job, not allowed to have a phone, and you’re told what to eat and dress. That’s exactly what my next guest is going to talk about — that’s like her everyday life. Is it possible that she didn’t know what she was getting herself into? Who knows? Maybe it’s because she only knew the guy 90 days before they got married. Please welcome Cassia to the show!

Cassia comes out by herself and basically iterates what Robert said by revealing that Jason doesn’t let her get a job and won’t pay for service on her phone, restricting her to wi-fi only. Robert asks her why she would stay with Jason if he is so controlling and manipulative. “Well, I love him,” Cassia says. “And I want to make it work. That’s why I still give him a chance. But, I told him that I’m really on my limit — I can’t take it any more.”

Robert introduces Jason, who makes a grand entrance with an over-the-top look of complete disbelief. He and Robert go back and forth a bit about stuff before the host stages an impromptu Robert Irvinetervention by asking Cassia to sit in his seat so he can sit right beside Jason and get in his face.

“You’re 40 years old right? I think you’re a pretty smart guy. Maybe. Sometimes. You’re very controlling. You don’t deserve to have a wife like her. Let me tell you why you don’t. Because you don’t allow her her own personality, you don’t allow her to be who she is, you’re not allowing her to work, you’re not allowing her to get friends and speak to friends, and use the phone — but I think you are very fearful of her doing that because you can’t control her like a puppet.” At this point, Robert begins to do an impression of a puppet:

Robert Irvine as a puppet with  Jason Hitch

“Well, we can agree to disagree,” Jason says.

Robert then turns to Cassia. “Here’s what you need to do. You need to tell him, in no uncertain terms, what you want, because if you’re going to expect everything he does now, your life is going to be the same. And if that’s what you want, that’s great! But I don’t think it is, otherwise you wouldn’t be here saying you’re in prison. So stop being scared of him and tell him what you want from him.”

From there things kinda degrade a bit as Jason hurls defensive allegations at Cassia, including that she sleeps in until noon. Robert and Jason then get into it again, at which point Jason reveals that Cassia is a full-time student — something that seems like it should have come up already?

Eventually, Robert Irvine goes completely WWF by getting in Jason’s face and talking in all caps. “LISTEN! SHE NEEDS TO GET A JOB, SHE NEEDS A CAR, SHE NEEDS A HUSBAND THAT CARES ABOUT HER — NOT YOUR BUSINESS! AND YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF HER!”

“I ca–” Jason starts before Robert cuts him off.


“It’s a lifelong commitment to–”


“She’s not leaving me!” Jason interjects.

“You are something else,” Robert says of Jason while shaking his damn head.

“I know,” says Jason.

Jason then tells Cassia that he will do whatever it takes to allow Cassia to be as successful as she wants to be. Robert gets Jason to commit to allowing Cassia to have a car and a job before the segment ends.

If you watched the episode (or read our recap above), then you can tell Jason could hardly get a word in edgewise, which is rare for him. But don’t worry, Jason said plenty when he shared a link to the video on Facebook! I don’t think we will be seeing Jason and Cassia back on The Robert Irvine Show for a check up anytime soon! Here are Jason’s conversations with folks in the comments section, beginning with his intro to the video:

JASON: After an 8 month wait our appearance on the Robert Irvine show finally aired. You want a good laugh? Fast forward 30 minutes. We are the third segment.

COMMENTER: I seen y’all on the Irvine show

JASON: Robert is a limey whanker douche.

Jason Hitch calls Robert Irvine a Limey whacker douche

COMMENTER: Jason and Cássia, so is it safe to say you didn’t accept money to appear on that, as you would call him a limey whanker douche… of course you did…. these shows are paying you, never bite the hand that feeds you.. smh

JASON: I call it as I see it. Paying our bare minimum expenses doesn’t count as “paying us”. These are same folks that didn’t pick us up at the hotel and take us to the airport for our outbound flight and then didn’t answer their phone when I called and said What the hell! . The guy was a jerk! He is just the host. He is nothing to me. Lost alot of respect for him after this experience. That’s for sure.

COMMENTER: RI: “you are something else”
Jason (dead serious) “I know!” ?
I’ve always been a huge fan of you and Cassia, I hope things are better for you both Jason and Cássia ❤

JASON: I had a riot. Had to bite my lip and grind my teeth the whole time. I had to laugh too much. Robert has a crush on Cassia. He takes himself too seriously.

COMMENTER: He does take himself very seriously, and I’m pretty sure he was basically saying “cmon Cassia divorce him and let’s go have a drink”

JASON: He had just about done everything except reach his limey pervery hands up her pants.

COMMENTER: Yuck! What a perv! Your wife was the prettiest one on the show though ?❤

JASON: Cassia felt uncomfortable.But I made it up to her. We had a whole day in LA. Went everywhere…Mann’s, Observatory, Big Bobs, Leah Remini’s place, Tar pits, sunset strip, Beverly Hills…

COMMENTER: I bet. I can’t stand awkward moments with pervs!
That sounds like a great little vacation.
Probably what you both needed as well!

JASON: She hadn’t seen Hollywood before. She loved it. Hated the show…

Meanwhile, Cassia has continued grinding away in college and only needs to pass her Statistics class to get her Associates Degree. After that, she is hoping to attend the University of South Florida to get her Bachelor’s. Go Cassia! You’re so not idiot!

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