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90 Day Fiance Season 6 cast

TLC has finally expanded their popular 90 Day Fiance franchise to the point where viewers can watch year-round! Fresh on the heels of the current season of Before the 90 Days, the network will premiere Season 6 of the franchise mother ship, 90 Day Fiance, on October 21 with SIX BRAND NEW COUPLES looking to overcome international borders in pursuit of their happily ever afters!

TLC released the first extended preview trailer earlier today, and it looks like Season 6 will be LOTS more of what fans love, which means numerous side eyes from friends and families, broken English screaming matches, and multiple mentions of the terms “green card” and “right reasons.”

Here is the preview trailer:

As a fan/addict of the show, the first thing that stands out to me in the trailer (other than there being non returning couples) is that this season features two babies — one born in the US and one born in Russia! That’s a first for the show, and will certainly add A LOT of pressure on those two couples to try to make things work.

Immediately after I saw the trailer, I donned my 90 Daytective sleuthing hat and hit the interwebs looking for clues, and I did manage to turn up information on a few of the couples. I’m still doing research, but I will spill some spoilers on two of the couples before moving on to the network bios for the others.

90 Day Fiance Jonathan and Fernanda married


Jonathan is a 32-year-old realtor from Lumberton, North Carolina who met 19-year-old Fernanda while out at a club in Mexico. Fast forward three months and Jonathan had proposed to his potential teen bride in a move that reportedly shocked his family.

Judging from their social media accounts, Nick Krohl look-alike Jonathan and Fernanda appear to be married, and she is still in the US after initially coming over back in February. I could find no specific wedding date, but Fernanda looked to have added a wedding band to her engagement ring some time around lat April, early May — which fits the 90-day K-1 visa window:

90 Day Fiance Season 6 Fernanda wedding ring

Strangely, Jonathan seems to have been wearing a wedding ring since last year at least. Perhaps that was a gesture on his part to combat Fernanda’s jealousy issues that are brought up in the trailer?

Either way, the couple is together now and seemingly having a wonderful time as newlyweds! Perhaps because of his real estate business, the two have been traveling all over the US over the last few months, including trips to Texas, California and Chicago. Unfortunately, Fernanda is conventionally damn fine, so we may be subjected to another batch of “aspiring model” scenes this season.

90 Day Fiance Fernanda bikini

Look out Pao and Anfisa!

90 Day Fiance Steven and Olga


20-year-old Steven from Bowie, Maryland and his 20-year-old Russian fiancée Olga are one of the couples that share a baby together. The two met in July of 2017 while Olga was in the United States for a few months as part of an international summer work program. Olga got pregnant and the couple applied for her K-1 visa around October of last year. The process can take 6-7 months however, and their baby was due in April.

As you can tell from the trailer, it appears as though the K-1 visa didn’t go through as quickly as the couple hoped because Steven can be seen visiting Olga and his son in Russia in May. Steven posted about his future plans as far as trying to get Olga into the United states back in October. He said that if the K-1 visa didn’t go through, that he would be taking these steps:

1. Obtain a visa to visit Russia

2. Buy a round trip airplane ticket to the country

3. Marry Olga in Russia

4. Have a DNA test done to prove paternity and try to make his son a US citizen

5. Apply to have their marriage recognized in the United States

6. Invite Olga to the US as his wife (I am guessing with a CR-1 visa)

7. Apply for Olga’s green card

Olga indicated late last month that she planned to take a trip via airplane soon, but she did not share any specifics. If she is returning to the United States, it isn’t known at this time if it will be with a K-1 visa or a CR-1 visa after marrying Steven in Russia. Regardless, the couple does still appear to be in a romantic relationship with hopes of the family living together in the US.

Here are the rest of the 90 Day Fiance Season 6 cast with photos and details from their TLC bios and the trailer:

90 Day Fiance Kalani Asuelu


29-year-old Kalani Faagata from Orange County, California was raised Mormon, which of course created some family tension when she revealed that she got pregnant after hooking up with 23-year-old Asuelu Pulaa while she was vacationing in Samoa. The couple now share a five-month-old baby as Kalani tries to figure out if her relationship with Asuelu has much value outside of him being her baby’s father.

Judging from the preview trailer, Asuelu looks to be quite the over-the-top personality that I am sure will be polarizing to both viewers and Kalani’s family. I can’t wait!

90 Day Fiance Colt Larissa


33-year-old software engineer Colt looks to be a prototypical 90 Day Fiance mama’s boy who met 31-year-old Larissa from Brazil on social media. The new Paul Staehle managed to avoid the dangers of the Amazon and met up with Larissa for the first time in Mexico. He proposed five days later.

Of course, Colt’s family (or at least his brother) is worried that Larissa is just after a green card and Colt’s money. It’s unclear if Colt is a rare 90 Day Fiance US male who actually has a lot of money to be after.


90 Day Fiance Ashley and Jay


In the mold of Season 3 couple Melanie and Devar, 31-year-old Ashley from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania met her 20-year-old Jamaican beau Jay while at a club in Jamaica with her gal pals. Ashley didn’t expect things to continue after she returned home, but Jay tracked her down via social media. They hooked back up when she returned to Jamaica six months later, and Ashley wound up saying yes to smooth Jay’s proposal. The engagement is the third for Ashley, after two previous engagements didn’t result in a walk down the aisle.

Judging from the trailer, Jay is going to have a nemesis in the form of Ashley’s woke friend (sister?), who will do everything within her power to make Ashley see the “true” Jay. Meanwhile, Ashley seems completely aware that she doesn’t care about seeing the “true” Jay and only wants to see “future husband” Jay.

90 Day Fiance Eric and Leida



40-year-old Eric from Baraboo, Wisconsin is the oldest cast member on the new season, which is the youngest oldest cast member since 37-year-old Louis in Season 1. Eric is divorced with three daughters and met his 29-year-old Indonesian fiancée Leida after placing a personal ad on an international website. The two really hit it off, and Eric traveled to Indonesia to meet Linda.

In an unusual turn for international 90 Day Fiance cast members, Leida comes from a very wealthy and high-class family. That background causes quite the conflict when Leida arrives in the United States and finds out that Eric’s lifestyle is a little less than high class.


90 Day Fiance Season 6 premieres Sunday, October 21 at 8/7c on TLC!

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