6-year-old “Booty Pop” music video is the latest most tasteless thing ever

6-year-old rapper soaks a bikini clad dancer in music video

Albert Roundtree Jr. is a 6-year-old rapper from South Florida who’s recent music video “Booty Drop” is the latest internet indication of the down spiraling of western civilization.

If you were hoping that the title was an ironic one, I am very, very sorry to disappoint you. In the following clip, which is age restricted via YouTube so Albert can’t even watch it you have the following haunting images:

• Albert using a Super Soaker to water down bikini clad women

• Said bikini clad women shaking their rumps right in the face of Albert

• Albert rapping, “Time to make a drink or two, have some fun just me and you.”

You know what, that’s enough! While it seems redundant I’ll go ahead and give readers a heads up that you will probably find just about everything in this clip offensive.


So who are the worst humans alive that should be held accountable for this monstrosity? You’ve got the director who is a veteran and is shocked that anyone has taken offense at “Booty Pop.” There are Albert’s parents who commissioned the video and approved of all aspects of it. In addition they’ve signed up for a second clip to be called, “Girls, Girls, Girls” (isn’t that a song by adult men rockers Motley Crue). And then there are the bikini wearing, booty shaking video girls who at no point thought, “You know what, this is a decent gig but I think I’m not going to be part of this mess.”

Director Tyler Council said:

“He’s [Albert] just trying to imitate his idols that he hears on the radio. There’s no touching going on, there’s no drug abuse.”

Vibe actually considering calling child services arguing if it was a young girl having grown men gyrating in her face in speedos the cops would have hauled them away.

Once again thanks to my home state of Florida for justifying its own tag on Fark (sigh).