VIDEO Kris Humphries’ ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj is pregnant, says he is the father!

Kris Humphries and girlfriend Myla Sinanaj at the beach

It appears that marriages to Kim Kardashian may be the only thing Kris Humphries is good at pulling out of early. His ex-girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj (the one he kept denying was his girlfriend) is pregnant, and although she hasn’t officially announced who the baby daddy is, sources are saying that Kris is the father!

Sources close to Myla tell TMZ, “Myla confirmed Monday that she’s 3 months pregnant and says Kris is definitely the father.” Kris and Myla began dating in mid January, after meeting at the hotel in NYC where Myla was working. They were last seen together on June 2.

On Wednesday, Myla confirmed the news herself. She tweeted, “I can’t wait to have a little Boy lol sounds corny but a lil me running around dressed like his daddy? Too cute!” Myla will reportedly raise her baby alone and doesn’t want even want Kris around. Sources say she feels as though she was betrayed when he denied being involved with her.

During their relationship, Kris had made Myla sign a confidentiality agreement — and even paid her for doing so! His reason? He is still going through a divorce from Kim Kardashian and alleging she defrauded him and broke his heart. If his relationship with Myla went public, it would make it harder to convince the court that Kim left him shocked and devastated — especially since their relationship began just two months after Kim filed for divorce.

Fatmire Myla Sinanaj and Kris Humphries

Despite his efforts, Kim’s lawyers found out about their relationship, as we all did, and immediately demanded information about the texts and emails that had been sent between Myla and Kris. Myla was even served with a subpoena ordering her to appear in court during Kris and Kim’s divorce trial.

Regardless of who raises the baby, the child will certainly not help his divorce case. Perhaps he should consider having  the baby sign a confidentiality agreement as well.

Photos: Fred Montana / Splash News

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