47-year-old mother gives birth to first child an hour after discovering she’s pregnant

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A 47-year-old mother from Beverly MA gave birth to her first child over the weekend. That would be intriguing enough on its own, but what shocked the woman and got her story going viral was the fact that the woman had no idea she was pregnant…until doctors told her, about an hour before she gave birth.

Judy Brown, the 47-year-old mother of current internet fame, went into the hospital over the weekend complaining of “severe abdominal pain.” Hospital staff checked her out, but, according to ABC News, quickly (and thankfully) discovered that the pain had a very specific cause: “[Brown] initially thought the pain might have been caused by a blockage or a gall stone, [but] medical staff…figured out she was actually in labor.”

Brown, upon learning this, delivered what has to be the understatement of the year: “To understand and take in that was I pregnant and was about to go into labor…it was very overwhelming.”

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An hour later, Brown gave birth to a healthy eight-pound girl that she and her husband Jason named Carolyn Rose. Carolyn is the first child for the 47-year-old mother and her husband, who’ve been married for 22 years. Jason said their attitude toward children had always been “If it happens, it happens.”

He told the Washington Post that “a bulge had appeared around [Judy’s] midsection in recent months…but [the couple] attributed the sudden weight gain to aging,” thought nothing of it, and went about their business.

The Browns had to borrow a car seat before they were allowed to leave the hospital, but are otherwise adjusting quickly to life with an infant. According to the couple, the newest Brown is a “welcome” one.


(Photo credits: 47-year-old mother screencaps via Inside Edition)

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