VIDEO Kelsey Grammer shoots Camille Grammer in “30 Rock” James Bond clip?

Kelsey Grammer shoots Camille Grammer look alike on 30 Rock James Bond spoof

Fresh off a Golden Globe win for his lead role on Boss, actor Kelsey Grammer made his return to 30 Rock on tonight’s “Idiots Are People Two!” episode. Kelsey’s appearance in the actual episode is extraordinarily brief, but the last minute or so of the show is completely dedicated to Kelsey in the form of a James Bond intro spoof, complete with his own theme song.

As the sultry singer lets loose with timeless lyrics such as:

Who’s that man behind the curtain?
His kiss will make you certain
of the one name you’ll be blurtin’
during loooooooovemaking
Kelsey! Kelsey!

Kelsey parades around in silhouette doing James Bond intro type stuff. One of his James Bond antics is shooting a blonde woman who looks remarkably like his ex-wife, and star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer! Check out this screen cap and see what you think:

Does Kelsey Grammer shoot Camille on 30 Rock

Camille Grammer is a little larger up top (I had to do a LOT of research putting together our multiple Camille Donatacci Grammer Playboy photos posts! 1, 2) but otherwise there is no question she is supposed to be Camille!

Kelsey and Camille’s split was far from amicable, and the couple were still making tabloid (and blog) headlines as recently as earlier this week when Kelsey revealed backstage at the Golden Globes that his new wife, Kayte Walsh, is expecting twins – which was reportedly something Camille was unaware of.

In the episode Tracy Morgan’s character Tracy Jordan gets the gay and lesbian communities in an uproar after some rather insensitive comments. Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) is forced to deal with the protests by issuing an apology in which she refers to Tracy Morgan as an idiot. This, thanks to the community organizing talents of Tracy, causes yet another uproar amongst the idiot community, including spokesperson Denise Richards.

Now the show is at risk of causing an uproar in reality among those strongly opposed to domestic violence! (Showing a man shooting a woman that looks like his ex-wife after an acrimonious divorce is quite a fine line to walk in the world of comedy.) It should be interesting to see how the internet reacts on Friday.

Here’s a parting shot of Camille as she collapses to the ground:

Camille Grammer look alike shot by Kelsey Grammer during 30 Rock James Bond spoof

* At the time of this post the full episode was not available on, but when it is (and if it’s embeddable) I will add it here at the bottom.

UPDATE – Here’s the full 30 Rock Season 6 Episode 2 “Idiots Are People Two!” For the Kelsey Grammer James Bond spoof just fast forward to the last little section:

Photos: NBC

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