16 AND PREGNANT Selena Gutierrez gives birth to second child. Is Sean the dad?

Selena Gutierrez gives birth to second child, another daughter with Dareli's dad Sean

Congratulations are in order for 16 and Pregnant mom Selena Gutierrez as she just welcomed her second child!
Now 18-year-old Selena gave birth to a baby girl on Tuesday, June 7. She shared a partial photo of her baby on Instagram along with the birth date and the fact that the little girl weighed 6 pounds and 12 ounces at birth. As of the time of this post, we still do not have a name.

Selena’s brother Ricky actually broke the news of the birth a day before Selena. He shared a brief video clip of Selena’s daughter Dareli in a hospital delivery room on Tuesday and captioned it by writing: “Dareli is officially a big sister.” Ricky also added a few celebratory emoji.

Who is the baby’s dad?

Selena and Dareli’s father Sean had a HUGE fight a little over a year ago. Selena’s family got involved, and Selena wound up getting arrested at one point. It was assumed by many of Selena’s followers that the relationship was not salvageable. However, it appears that Selena and Sean are indeed back together, and the child looks to be his.

Selena and Sean both shared Easter posts with Dareli in April. The photos and videos were tagged near Phoenix, Arizona, which is where Sean lives.

That isn’t really enough evidence to confirm that Sean is the dad, but this screen cap ofrom a video Sean posted featuring Selena and her new baby girl in the delivery room should be plenty:

16 and Pregnant Selena Gutierrez second child with Sean

Congratulations Selena and Sean! We will keep an eye out and update if we get a name or any additional information.

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