16 & Pregnant Selena Gutierrez arrested after altercation with boyfriend Sean?

Selena Gutierrez and Sean from 16 and Pregnant

According to a series of videos posted online by her boyfriend Sean and her family members, 16 and Pregnant mom Selena Gutierrez has been arrested after a heated altercation with Sean over their daughter.

One video shows Selena handcuffed and being escorted by two police officers down an interior hallway as she frantically pleads with them. In another video, the officers are placing someone (I assume Selena) in the back seat of a police SUV.

Sean posted the video of Selena being placed in the police vehicle on his Instagram and he wrote: “Took Selena for hitting me.”

Sean then shared a boomerang video clip of himself and his infant daughter, Dareli. “STAMP DAT!!” Sean wrote in large capital letters over the image. “YEAH SELENA GOT LOCKED UP FOR HITTING ME,” he continued. “CRAZY STORY HER FAMILY WON’T EVEN COME GET HER ME N THE BABY GOOD THOUGH N THE BABY WILL STAY WITH ME! AS IS.”

After a paragraph break, he concluded: “GOT 15K IN MY MOUTH FOR SOME GIRL TO TRY N PUNCH MY SH*T HELL NAH.”

16 and Pregnant Selena Gutierrez arrested

Sean then posted another brief video of just Dareli, and he left his Caps Lock key on for another caption: “SHE’S NOT SLEEPING GOOD SHE JUST SEEN HER MOM GET ARRESTED WTF.”

Sean apparently sent the arrest clip he posted, as well as the one showing Selena being escorted down the hall, to one or more of Selena’s family members. Selena’s brother Ricky and sister Shakira posted them on Instagram along with their infuriated responses.

“Sean is a lowlife mother f***er…” Ricky wrote over top of Sean’s clips. “Selena was defending herself from being abused by him. She’s terrified of him and was defending herself from this psycho. He is a manipulator and abuser and took all her money from her! He and his mother both [ganged] up and bullied her and lied to the police.”

Ricky also posted a screen cap of what looks to be a text message from Sean, including one of the videos. Here’s the text from Sean:

Tell your bum ass mom to get her child she’s locked up on assault charges and I’m the bad one f*** you guys broke ass bums come get her and I dare you to show up at my house you’ll get a rude awakening little boy.

Ricky wrote at the top of the screen cap: “Let ppl see your true colors.” He added a party popper emoji before penning his full response:

First off I’m not a little boy. Second, I’ve had everything I have because I work my ass off for it. Who tf talks to adults like that? Funny how you whoop her ass but u have one video of her defending her self from you and now you have her locked up? F*** this system.

In regards to Sean’s boomerang clip of Dareli claiming to have 15k in his mouth, Ricky replied: “Who tf post that?? You mean my sister’s money from MTV? Yeah right.”

Ricky later shared additional posts refuting Sean’s claim that no one was coming to get Selena. “And no one is going for her?” he wrote over a photo taken while on Interstate 25 South near the East route 24 exit in Colorado Springs. “F*** you, that’s why I’m heading there to save her from your sorry ass once again!”

In an update, Ricky posted a GPS screen cap of himself near the Colorado springs Police Department and addressed his message to Selena. “I’m coming for you mama… Hang in there. I will never leave you alone. Me and mom are coming!!! Please everyone pray for the safety of my niece. We have no acknowledgment of where she is.”

UPDATE – Although Ricky was near the Colorado Springs police department, he (and his mother) were actually on their way to the airport to fly to Scottsdale, Arizona. That’s where Selena was actually arrested.

Ricky captioned a photo of just Dareli before explaining why he was sharing all of this on social media:

Poor baby girl. My heart breaks for u more than anything. Who on their sick minds could take a baby from their mother? 😣 She hasn’t been a night without her since birth. I can’t imagine how confused she is.

I’m only posting all of this so y’all can really see who the bad guy is. I hope he gets what he deserves. He’s so delusional & [p;ays victim for everything. Posting sh*t to get sympathy and making her look horrible! It’s so f***ing wrong. Cops are horrible at their f***ing job!!

Meanwhile, Shakira posted the video that Ricky was referencing in which Selena is arguing with Sean and his mother Mary. She is clearly emotional and yelling for her baby while Mary and Sean are telling her to pack her things and get out. At one point Sean can be seen thrusting his hand and making contact with Selena’s neck.

16 and Pregnant Selena and Sean fight video

“I f***ing hate Sean with everything in me!” Shakira wrote over one clip from the video. “Choking her hitting her & his ‘DYING’ ass mom!!!” (The image above is from a different post of the clip with slightly different wording.)

“My sister is in huge trouble,” Shakira wrote on a separate Instagram story post featuring a screen cap from the video. “Mary and Sean ain’t sh*t!!!!!! Trying to take her baby from her and getting her [locked] up! F*** y’all mother f***ers! Y’all hella play and hype sh*t. Let ppl see your true colors.”

Selena then went back to Sean’s mom Mary, who was presented as being very sick on Selena’s episode of 16 and Pregnant. “This b*tch acts so innocent on national TV!!! She’s not f***ing sick she’s a lying b*tch!! Hitting a 17 year old!!! & not giving her HER BABY!”

In regards to the arrest videos, Shakira responded with incredulity. “& she gets arrested instead of him & ALL SHE WANTED WAS HER BABY & TO GET THE F*** OUT OF THERE.”

Shakira also shared a screen cap of the Dareli video posted by Sean and offered up more frustration. “I can’t believe this sh*t. Cops ain’t f***ing sh*t. THERE’S VIDEOS OF HIM ABUSING HER & HE HAS THE BABY???!! like HOW F***ED IS THE SYSTEM!”

As further evidence of her claim that Sean is a horrible person, Shakira shared a series of text messages that she says Sean sent to Selena after she was arrested — and they are pretty horrible:

16 and Pregnant Selena Gutierrez arrest Sean texts

At the time of putting this article together, there has been no update from Selena or her family about her being released. I tried to confirm the arrest via online jail records, but I haven’t been able to find anything. It’s important to note that Selena is just 17, so it could very well be that arrest records for minors are not publicly available.

We will continue to monitor this story and update when we know more.

UPDATE – Selena is out of jail! Click the link for all the latest, including updates from Selena and lots more feuding between her family and Sean.

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