1000 LB SISTERS Tammy Slaton immediately saw life-changing results from weight loss surgery

1000 lb Sisters‘s Tammy Slaton was finally approved for weight loss surgery in 2022 after years of having trouble losing the necessary weight to go forward. Tammy has suffered from severe health problems exacerbated by her weight, and reached her highest weight of 717 lbs. last year. Once she was able to get the surgery, she immediately saw amazing results.

Last year when Tammy was struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse issues that contributed to her weight gain, she was unable to take even a few steps every day. She was unable to reach her doctor’s goal of working up to 75 steps in a day. About a month out of surgery, Tammy was taking 200 steps a day.

She also dropped 40 pounds in the weeks after surgery, and started regularly exercising in her rehab’s gym.

At the beginning of tonight’s new episode (“Forbidden Fruit”) Tammys says she feels she has a “brand new life” and can now go shopping and go out into the world again. For so long, Tammy has been housebound and unable to experience life.

Right before her last serious hospitalization, she attempted to vacation with her family at a cabin but was unable to climb the small steps to get into the cabin. Tammy is now able to navigate life in a brand new way.

“Instead of talking about what I want to do, I can actually do it,” Tammy exuberantly shares.

She’s made so much progress that she’s able to finally go home from her rehab facility after being there for a year. She was in a life-threatening situation and had to be placed in a medically-induced coma at the time.

The amount of progress she’s made in the year has been amazing, and she seems to have a much more positive attitude as well.

Unfortunately Tammy’s apartment was broken into while she was in rehab and she lost all of her possessions. Because of this, Tammy decided to move to a different location and start her life again from scratch.

Tammy’s brother Chris Combs is excited for his sister to have a normal life for the first time in a long time if ever. He says he’s happy that she can do things like ride in the regular car seat instead of having to sit in the floorboards of larger vehicles, which was the only was she could travel before.

Plans diverted

Although Tammy was already packed and ready to go home, she was unable to leave the rehab as planned because she had an infection in her tracheotomy site. Although the infection should resolve in a few weeks with I.V. antibiotics, Tammy’s family feared that a similar problem might arise again and she might not be able to go home for a long time.

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