1000-LB SISTERS Tammy Slaton hospitalized again, is she ok?

1000-lb Sisters‘ Tammy Slaton is currently in the hospital and has been for a while, but she’ll be getting out soon. What’s the reason for Tammy’s latest hospitalization?

Tammy has been posting on TikTok (@itsqueentammy86) as she convalesces. The last half of 2021 has been rough for Tammy. She suffered a breakdown from mental health struggles in July and had to opt-out of filming for the reality show she shares with her sister Amy in September.

Recently, Tammy’s had a pneumonia infection that she says was caused by carbon dioxide poisoning. Her situation got quite dire as she developed sepsis, and had to be on life support for a while. She also got a tracheotomy to help clear her airway.

Tammy has had to be hospitalized for complications from pneumonia several times over the past few years. In 2020 she contracted COVID-19, which also required hospitalization.

Thankfully Tammy’s doing better and will be released from the hospital soon. She won’t go home, however, she’s headed to a rehab where she can work on regaining the strength she lost from her illness and focus on weight loss.

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