10 PHOTOS CBS reveals Big Brother Season 13 house

Host Julie Chen at the Big Brother 13 house

There are pads and then there is the pad of reality TV which is, of course, the voyeuristic Big Brother house. It’s the place of dreams, slop, frequent late night peeks at skin and the birthplace of Evil Dick and a ton of showmances. Each year the folks at CBS change-up the look to coincide with a particular theme and if the following gallery of images are any indication they may have outdone themselves this time!

The head-of-household room looks like a back-room where Lil Wayne might serve court and it’s only accessible by a spiral staircase. There’s a few reveals like how many picture frames there are on the big board that should indicate how many contestants there will be among other things. Enough lead in, let’s get to it!

UPDATE – CLICK HERE for even more BB13 house photos including the back yard and HERE for a video guided tour by Julie Chen herself!!

Here’s a look at the head-of-household room and I think there’s gonna be some seriously happy HOH peeps this year. Shag rug, a big ol’ circular made for showmancin’ bed and even an aquarium. Ahhhh the one-week good life man!

Early look at the Big Brother 13 house

We all know where the best yappin’ and deals go down in the house and that’s the kitchen. Here’s a look at where the eats and drinks and slop and whatever else America votes to be digested will be had. There’s a window to peer out into the back yard and decorative surfboards line the walls.

Early look at the Big Brother 13 house

And now for the most important reveal from the preview images, this is of the table and the big wall of photo frames. So how many table settings and picture places do we see? 14! It’s not a guarantee I suppose but I think it’s pretty safe to assume there will be 14 contestants for season 13 of BB.

Early look at the Big Brother 13 house

The more the backstabbin’ merrier I say. Cast reveals should be coming shortly and we’re gonna introduce you to who’s gonna be looking to manipulate their way to the end to take the crown away from reigning champion Hayden Moss. Please feel free to click on any of the below thumbnails to get a full-page view of the images from our gallery. The premiere for season 13 is July 7.

Photos: CBS/Sonja Flemming