PHOTO RHOM Mama Elsa Patton before plastic surgery

Real Housewives of Miami Mama Elsa Patton before plastic surgery

UPDATE – CLICK HERE for lots more photos of Mama Elsa before plastic surgery!

Who doesn’t love the brassy, sassy and always classy Mama Elsa Patton? Though she has had very little screen time, Marysol’s witchy, bitchy, leaves-you-in-stitchy mom is undeniably the break-out star of Bravo’s new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Elsa Patton from The Real Housewives of MiamiIn order to maintain her unparalleled elegance Elsa has had a few plastic surgery procedures over the years, and as a result it may be difficulto try to imagine what she looked like as a younger, sill not Victorian lady. Thanks to Marysol Patton we don’t have to worry any more! She tweeted the above photo last week with the caption, “Special Treat @elsapatton at my age, such a babe”

Such a babe indeed! And you can catch Mama and daughter Patton later tonight on The Real Housewives of Miami and also alongside Andy Cohen in the Clubhouse on Watch What Happens Live! That’s right, Elsa and Marysol have completed their Miami to New york City pilgrimage via mini-van and are currently in the Big Apple getting ready to be on the show!

You can sort of get a feel for what it was like participating in one of the most mind-boggling road trips in history thanks to Elsa, Marysol and the magic of Twitter. CLICK HERE to see some of the tweets and photos from the road!

  • Lisa

    Mama SCARY, I mean Mama Elsa is on Bravo’s show The Real Housewives of Miami, NOT The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

    She needs to sue her plastic surgeon.

  • ddd


  • Suzanne Devlin

    This is a seriously sary looking woman. Funny but scary.

    “Sassy, brassy but always classy????”

    I think I missed the “classy part.”

    She does add color to the show but poor woman, she should hire someone to do a hit on her plastic surgeon. Did she at least sue him…or her?

  • something is worng, was the surgeon drunk or what? I wish they would name so I can worn my friends

    something went wrong is O.R was the doctor drinking. I think she
    is a funny lady, but should’nt look like it. Please tell me there was a law suit.

  • Sadie

    I love Mama Elsa! I hate the plastic surgeon for the damage he did to her face but to me she is still a beauty inside as well as outside. She is sincere and makes me happy when she is talking to her daughter and giving her advice and also letting the other ladies know her “wisdom”.

  • Lexi

    man shes ugly i mean why didnt she just not get the surgery she was so pretty before that

  • CarolO

    Never saw or heard of the woman in my life until I saw her on TV last night and thought what in H*** happened to that woman. I thought he had run head on into a semi and needed extensive surgery. Hard to believe someone would do that on purpose!

  • babs

    Bless her heart… such a dear. I agree that her plastic surgeon should be sued and beaten for what he did to her. Can her face be repaired? Either way… she is great entertainment and I love the relationship between her and her daughter Marysol.

  • Philliz

    Oh Jesus, another stupid woman that now looks like a burns victim. They set themselves up as a source of knowledge and yet some of the basic lessons one has to learn is ” beauty is on the inside” and “grow old gracefully” the daughters lips look like the Hindenburg.

  • Gemma

    What a shame she really was very pretty before.