PHOTOS Jenelle Evans’ new “J” and skull butterfly tattoos

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans new skull and butterfly tattoo

What was the first thing Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans did after returning home from the Reunion Special taping in Los Angeles? Get a tattoo! Or as Jenelle described on Twitter:

getting tatted up 🙂 straight chillin. singleeeeee 😛

In case you missed it, Jenelle revealed in some previous tweets that she had been instructed by Dr. Drew to stay out of contact with her ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp so maybe getting the tattoo was a symbolic way for her to make that break and move on?

The photo above was posted to Facebook with the simple caption. “Jenelle’s New Tattoo!”

I can’t really tell where it is on her body – any one out there want to offer up a guess? Oh, and I’m assuming that there will be color added later?

So whatya think of Jenelle’s new skin art?

UPDATE – Jenelle has since shared a different photo of the skullterfly tattoo which reveals it to be in the classic tramp stamp location on the small of her back:

Jenelle Evans skull and butterfly tattoo tramp stamp on her back

She also revealed another new tattoo on her neck – a rather large and ornate letter “J” in honor of her son Jace!

Jenelle Evans neck tattoo of the letter J for her son Jace

  • Jennie

    It looks like it might be on her lower back.

  • LA

    Looks like a tramp stamp to me. Cute sugar skull though.

  • Mishy

    I think I see the beginnings of butt crack so I am with Jennie, lower back.

  • Kris

    yep – I’m also thinking its on her lower back.

  • xxdilligafxx

    I believe it is her stomach, right above her belly button it actually looks like it is centered on the belly button. belly button’s tend to have that “butt crack” look especially if they have been pierced or you have had arthoscopic abdominal surgery. If you look closely it almost looks like you can see further into the belly button, almost like it is opening up.

  • Shilo

    I like it. It is something that I think fits Jenelle perfectly. It has edge to it and a lot of Jenelles personality has edge. Its not something I would personally get. If she likes it though thats all that matters.

  • doreen

    lower back i would say..

  • Nicky

    im guessing hip/lower back

  • Valerie

    Who cares where it is? She should have spent that money on her son, not herself. Of course, this is true to form for her.

  • amber

    That is definitely on her tummy above her belly button. You can see her bellybutton all squished up under the saran wrap and either her t-shirt or sports bra above.

    • amber

      oh wait, that’s paper tape at the top holding the saran wrap. but that’s definitely on her tummy.

  • Kel

    The “J” looks like a seven to me lol

  • Demona

    First photo before peeking at others showed obvious crack so it was tramp stamp.
    Amazingly enough for what those two inks cost her she could have paid deposit and first months rent on a place.

  • Ash

    Wow the J doesnt look like a J at all. She is all about getting sh***y tattoos!