PHOTOS – David Arquette got an arm tattoo of his grandfather

David Arquette, still in the clutches of a separation from his 11-year marriage with Courteney Cox because she was sick of “mothering” him, hasn’t really done much to change his childish ways.

First he hooked up with Jasmine Waltz, a cocktail waitress and aspiring starlet famous for allegedly slapping Lindsay Lohan and hooking up with a string of Hollywood men including Chris Pine, and this weekend he partied it up in Miami Jon Gosselin style and inked his grandfather on his arm. In September he also apparently was so eager to get to a drink at the GQ Men of the Year Awards at Chateau Marmont that he crawled through a window so he could get to the bar faster.

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David’s gramps, Cliff Arquette, was a famous vaudeville and television comedian who pioneered the Arquette family’s entertainment legacy. He’s best known as his stage name Charlie Weaver, a persona he adopted for his own television show, and for Hollywood Squares. He sounds like quite a guy, but we’re not sure that tattoo does him justice.

Some preliminary sketches:

Arquette getting the tattoo:

Partyin’ it up in Miami at Fontaine Bleau: