Teen Mom Leah Messer defends her love for daughter Ali

Leah and Ali Messer

The most recent episode of Teen Mom 2 revealed an extremely emotional moment in the lives of Leah Messer, Corey Simms and their daughter Ali.  As an observant mother Leah noticed that there appeared to be issues with Ali’s development in relation to her twin sister Aleeah.  In response she took Ali to the doctor and discovered that her worst fears may be realized.

Here’s the clip from her emotional visit courtesy of MTV:

If you were unable to catch the clip the Dr. stated after quickly checking Ali that, “It’s obvious there are some deficits.”  He goes on to recommend a full MRI of Ali’s spine as a follow up.  Leah’s heart is torn up and viewers are later shown her call to Ali’s daddy Corey as he too is overcome with emotion at the difficult news.

In a recent comment via her official Twitter page Leah lashed out at what she perceived was an insinuation that she favored Ali’s twin Aleeah.  Here is what the Teen Mom 2 cast member tweeted:

Here’s the full text that extended beyond the length allowed by Twitter:

“I really hateeeee the 16 and pregnant season 3 page!!! How could someone even say I choose Aleeah over Ali.. That’s seriously the most hurtful thing anyone could say!Ugh… Night.”

After a quick check I’m not sure exactly what comment Leah is referring to and when she says season 3 I’m assuming she means 2B of 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom 2’s page.  Either way it’s apparent that Leah has zero tolerance for anyone claiming she plays favorites when it comes to her twin daughters.

While foul-mouthed weed-tokin’ Jenelle Evans is making the most headlines, Leah and Corey’s gradual steps towards reconciliation along with the news about their daughter is quickly becoming the most compelling story line for season 1 of Teen Mom 2.  You can paint me firmly in the corner for the twins’ daddy Corey, who comes across as an honest hard working young man trying to sort out all the ins and outs during a difficult time in his life.

From what I’ve seen so far I would never in a million years question Leah’s devotion to both of her baby girls.  I am hoping for the best for little Ali and her parents while eagerly awaiting the next episode of Teen Mom 2.

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  • Jessica

    That is crazy she love both her kids so who ever said that is cruel and mean and just wants to start drama and be a ass

  • Jalissa

    I kinda see that Leah chooses Aleeah over Alianna because on the last Teen Mom 2 she NEVER held Ali. When she went over to Corey’s house her exact words to his stepmother were “Is Corey bringing Ali”? So I do think she chooses Aleeah over Ali. That’s a good way 2 b a good example.

    • sierra

      Jallisa , She does care about both girls so don’t go saying she does not when your not in her shoes are you….are you a teen mom 16 and pregnant , if not quit saying she cares about 1 kid and not the other , not being rude but that was reallly hurt full even for me to read

    • Whitney

      I am a mother of two and know how she feels. My youngest has issues, and sometimes it hurts me to look at her or hold her. It’s painful and makes me feel as though it’s my fault and I get to crying I don’t want her to see my that way a baby reacts to your emotions and I don’t want her upset. That does not mean I do not love her as much as her older sister. If people want to say something about it, let them but if they aren’t in their situation or one similar they have NO room to talk! And their opinion means NOTHING. She is a great mother and has a lot on her plate for being so young. She deserves credit, not bs. I respect her and will support her. I only wish that I could be there for her as my friends have for me. Without friends to be a shoulder to lean on things would be so much harder!

      • Kimberly

        I think that Leah loves both equally, but she does have to pay a little more attention to Ali because she has a health issue that nobody seems to be able to figure out.. You people are dumb saying she favors one of her children more than the other.. haven’t any of you ever grown up with siblings? it’s a fact of life.

    • FYI She’s a Great mother!!!! YOUR JUST BEING A BBBBBIIIITTTTTCCCHHH!!!!!!! Over Nothing!!! If your not in her Shoes You have Nooooooo Room to talk!!!!!!! Shes probably a better mom than youll ever be!!! Besides do you have any kids?????? I dont give a shit what anybody Says because you know what Im gonna say to that? (KISS MY ASSSSSSSS)

      • Aubree

        everyone who says Leah favors Aleeah over Ali, is stupid, obviously Leah loves them both equally and favors them equally, She doesn’t have a favorite. And who knows why Leah carrys Aleeah a lot more than Ali, maybe cause Corey wants to carry Ali! so dont jump to conlcusions people! Leah loves both Ali and Aleeah equally if she didn’t love Ali she wouldn’t have cried when the docter said the need a MRI. I specifically remember an episode where Corey and Leah were sitting in their dining room, Corey holding Aleeah and Leah holding Ali and Corey goes “Aleeah monster, Aleeah monster, Aleeah monster, Ali girrll!” “your not a mommys baby” and Leah goes “say yes, daddy i’m a mommys baby:)” She loves both her kids equally. so whoever says that she doesn’t are stupid , she was 17 and had twins, its going to be hard to balnce her love on both at certain times, but she has an equall amount of love for both, i personally thing they are the cutest babies on the show, and she is a wonderful mom, she would give anything up for her daughters, and i admire her for that. she had to grow up faster than the rest because the got double the responsibilty out of the rest of the moms on the Teen Mom series. Keep staying strong Leah, and defend your ground, i hope baby Ali gets better, and i hope Aleeah makes more progress. i completly support you . your a great mother, keep it up. kisses for ALi and Aleeah xoxo 😡

  • jaydd

    i think leah is a good loving mother and tries her hardest to care for her girls and mtv is just looking for attention!! to try and start drama leah does care for her girls and so does corey so i think there both good parents! so ya’ll can suck it!
    and many prayers for baby ali.!! hope she gets better soon!!

  • i hope jenelle get’s locked up and never sees jace again, she’s a walking criminal

  • Lee

    Come on she can’t carry both of them at the same time. “Is corey bring Ali?”, really why would she go back and leave alleeh in the car alone to go get Ali if he was bringing her? You see a few clips of her carring the one she’s talking about and she’s picked a favorite! Come on ppl, she’s doing the best she can and I think given the fact that she has two kids and she seems to keep her stuff together more than any other teen we’ve seen on these series people are just gotta bring her down for something.

  • Jalissa, I would think she said “Is Corey bringing Ali?” Because Coreys step mother had only brought out Aleeah, As I mom of twin girls, I would be asking the same thing so I knew if I needed to go inside and get her.

  • Stefanie

    She is talking about 16 and pregnant season 3 fanpage. They are all inconsiderate bitches on there and I seen the picture and comment Leah is referring to. There is apparently a 3rd season of 16 and pregnant in the making, I’m assuming it will be coming out after this teen mom ends and when that season ends I’m assuming Teen Mom orginal girls will be out again.
    Here’s the fanpage she’s referring to.

    Here’s one of the pictures that says it but I think they put that up after she posted her twitter, clearly they deleted the picture because I seen it with my own eyes where they were talking about it

    here is another one, they are very ignorant and rude with their comments. One admin comments. “Okay THAT was beyond adding personality to the wedding that was just tacky and truly showed his age. lol – nikki”

    If you look through they are constantly attacking the girls from the show. Jenelle also seems to be a huge target.

  • Chelsea

    My only question is how come the Dr. at Dr. appointments never caught/noticed Ali’ s problems?!
    I also must say it’s quite ignorant of someone to say that Leah favors one girl over the other. It’s obvious she and corey love both those girls with everything they have. Leah is by far the best mother on season 2.

    • Alanea

      Your just mad crazy for saying that! Chelsea is the best! You jealous cuz her names Chelsea? You Hate Chelsea Handler too? Adam might be a D’bag but Chelsea along with her roomie and parents is the best mom on season 2! I love Leah straight up! But she’s lost!

      • Madison

        R U kidding me? Chelsea is NOT a good parent at ALL! She is more concerned with Adam and her stupid hair to worry much about her daughter. I have watched the show every week and seen Chelsea get short with her daughter, she’s only a baby. Not only that, she’s lazy as sin. All she had to do was finish her grade 12 and she couldn’t even do that. Her daddy needs to cut her OFF and make that girl stand on her own two feet. Chelsea sickens me worse than Janelle – at least Chelsea has a loving family so no excuses for her behaviour. Janelle had a crap pidgen of a mother for an example so I feel for her. Chelsea sucks rocks!

  • she is just conserned about aleeah and she cant carry both of them at the sametime so just leave alone
    and i agree with jessica

  • Krystin

    She cares deeply for her girls i have twin brothers and my mom couldnt take them both at once all the time so leah just wanted to know if corey was bringing ali or if she needed to go get her leah is one of the best moms we’ve seen on this show


    I LOVE LEAH! I think she is an AWESOME mother to both girls and yes she is the best mother we have seen on the show. But in every episode she never holds Ali, except at the doctor visits. I’m sure this is breaking her heart, being a teen mom myself just watching it breaks mine. But even after finding out about her possible brain damage Leah seemed to pull away from Ali even more. When she arrived to get the glassed sized Leah had her friend holding poor little Ali. Ali needs her mama more than ANYONE right now. I’m sure Leah is hurting and scared but she needs to be brave for Ali and be there for the baby who needs her the most. If there was something wrong with my baby boy I don’t think I would ever let him go, because I know how much he would want and need his mama to love him through every second of it. I don’t think she favors Aleeah at all. My opinion is that she needs to talk to someone about how to deal with the problems her baby faces. Because it looks like the way she deals with it is by pulling away.

  • Melinda

    I think she is referring to a comment on the “16 & Pregnant” Facebook page. I had read that comment awhile ago & was irritated that that person had written that. Obviously the poster is uneducated.

  • Melinda

    The Facebook page title is “MTV’s 16 & Pregnant” w/ more that 2 million friends. (2.8 million to date)

  • Linda Olson

    Perhaps it is just the editing that is cutting out the times Leah holds and talks to Ali. I dont know..but I do watch it and the show reflects Leah spending more one on one time with her other daughter and not Ali. Even on the show tonight for the wedding, right before the girls are pulled out in the wagon…Leah is pictured waving and saying outloud..Alleeah..and repeating her name to get her attention and then the camera focuses on Alleeah..smiling at her mom, while there is just a quik shot at Ali who is looking down in the wagon..and you cannot hear Leah say anything to her at all. Even when the girls are brought in with their dresses on..you see Leah go right to Alleeah..and not to Ali, until afterwards. The show, always shows Leah..first go to Aleeah and afterwards to Ali. Either the editor – needs to get it right – so Leah doesnt come off as avoiding her daughter that has struggles..or Leah needs to look at the tapes and see if there is truth in the avoidance..not out of meaness but out of being scared and if it is right..she needs to change that asap..or Ali will always feel jealous of Aleeah and not close to her mom.

  • Suzanne

    I think she is the best mom there, not to mention she has two little girls!

    I think there are a couple of things what could be happening.
    1. The editor cuts en pastes thing to create drama. You dont know how long/much they have been filming. Maybe Leah holds Ali as much, or more then Alleeah. Maybe she plays with her ALOT.
    I havent seen the car scene mentioned, but maybe Aleeah was sitting next to the window. If I see my nieces I also talk to the one at the window first. Why wave too someone in the middle and ignoring what right in front of you?

    2. She is avoiding little Ali, but isnt aware of it. If so, she needs to watch this, like said, and see if there is or isnt truth and maybe pay attention to it.

    I dont believe she picks favourites. Maybe she is scared of losing her or hurting here.
    I dont think you can spend EXACTLY as much attention to one another. So what? As long as you for yourself know, you are trying your best to give equel attention.

    I bet if there was said ‘Oh shes picking Ali as a favourite because shes sick’ there would also be made something HUGE about it.

  • i think that leah loves ali as aleeah

    are her doughters and are soooo precious.
    congratulations leah for the twins because are so beautiful and so cute.
    kisses for Leah,Alianna and Aleeah.
    Alyssa =)