Teresa Giudice teenage bikini photos

Teresa Giudice bikini photo

The world is well-aware of Teresa Giudice’s dramatic antics as one of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, whether it be table flipping, extravagant housewarming parties or even shoving Andy Cohen down. Judging by these photos, Teresa has always had a flare for the dramatic as far as swimwear goes!

This collection of Teresakini pics is courtesy of BravoTV.com who posted them as part of a “Before They Were Housewives” series and they feature Teresa in what appears to be her late teens in numerous tiny swimsuits, including this suspendered masterpiece of late ’80s WTFery:

Teresa Giudice modeling a bikini

What would you call that? A wedgikini? Whatever you call it, I LOVE IT! I love the suspenders, I love the pink Mickey Mouse buttons, I love the huge, towering,spiraling hairdo, I love Teresa’s pre-surgerized bubbies… I love it all! I can see now that Joe never had a chance!

But before you think Teresa’s bikini glory is all about kitschy dated fashion choices, check out this photo of her with a couple friends in which it is obvious Teresa had the goods to turn heads without the assistance of buttons and suspenders:

Teresa Giudice (L) and friends in bikinis

And here are a couple more blurry Teresa Giudice bikini photos to round things out:

Teresa Giudice and a friend get some sun wearing bikinis

Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice in a bikini

Oh what I would give to see Danielle Staub’s beach photos from when she was 18 or 19! My suspicion is they would be straight out of Miami Vice, complete with automatic weapons, 5-lb bags of cocaine and dudes tied up with duct tape! Somebody out there has got to have some, so share already!