VIDEO Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans smoking pot (or a funny looking cigarette)

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans appears t be smoking marijuana

Back before she had to deal with the stress of being an international celebrity (and mother), Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans was a fun-loving teenager who liked going to the beach, partyin’ with the girls and uploading videos of herself smoking what looks to be marijuana to YouTube.

I wrote a post about one of these videos and Jenelle’s love for the wacky weed way back before her episode of 16 and Pregnant first aired, but soon after making the post the video mysteriously disappeared and was feared lost forever. Since that time Jenelle’s pot-puffin’ potty-mouthed pickup party has been forced to live on only in the memories of those of us fortunate enough to have seen it and in mythical retellings around message board campfires… Until now!

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans lights up a funny looking cigarette that looks to be pot

Just in time for the second episode of Teen Mom 2 (in which the issue of Jenelle’s affinity for weed is addressed directly), I would like to present some of the most important film footage in the history of pregnant adolescent reality shows… “Jenelle Evans Smoking A Joint” (A Jenelle Evans Joint)

****It should be noted that the original video also featured scenes of Jenelle and some of her friends in a swing on a porch, staking out a Plato’s Closet clothing store and really enjoying putting a paper bag on their heads. The clip below has been trimmed down to just include the naughty bits. It should also be noted that the video includes a bit of foul language, which I’m sure is assumed any time Jenelle is on camera, but thought I would mention it any way.

Sorry, your browser does not support Flash Video Player *Video:jenelle evans smoking a joint

(Want to sing along with Jenelle to her “stoner song?” It’s “Paper Planes” by M.I.A.)

For the original Jenelle Evans pot-puffin’ picture show post which includes her controversial Formspring comments about smoking marijuana while pregnant with her son Jace CLICK HERE.

Oh – and just in case you didn’t know, Jenelle Evans’ affinity for pot has gotten her into a bit of trouble after she was arrested in October with her boyfriend Kieffer Delp for marijuana possession, in addition to a few other charges. (CLICK HERE to see Jenelle’s mug shot and read more about the allegations. For Kieffer’s mug shot CLICK HERE)

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    • Vee

      smoke sum bitch ;}

    • Vee

      nah i dnt even kno why ppl think weed is fukn bad.. ya crazy

      • Vikki

        das wat im sayinnn…weeds guudd

  • India

    thats not fckin weed smh ! tht is a black and mild . blunts dont havee filters smh

    • blahhh

      Yes it is weed REALLY look at it. It’s a blunt for sure.

      • shannon

        yes its weed but who cares right ITS JUST WEED. weed haves never killed people and people haves never killed anyone when there on it they need to stop and look at amber she haves her baby and she is a pill head she cant stay away from it. so when people talkes about weed they need to stop and think some one in there family smokes it at least one of thim i dont smoke weed but i now people that does no they dont do it around there kids but nether does she

        • Aly

          Really? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. No one has ever killed someone by smoking weed? Do you really believe that? Mothers accidentally kill babies either due to negligence or an accidental mishap while high all the time. Not even to mention that driving while high is considered driving while intoxicated because it can cause you to hit someone.

          Now I’m not saying that it’s the worst drug out there and am for legalization but that comment was just straight up stupid.

    • Tommy chong

      India u r blind or a dumb yankee that has no filter it aint a black and mild its some of that stinky refer for sure and jenelle is an idiot rehab is for people on drugs not f**kin weed she is a f**kin idiot for goin to rehab for smokein pot wow I see dumb people

  • Shelby

    If it wasn’t weed , she wouldn’t be acting like a complete idiot talking about ” lets put on my STONER song, ” & her friend wouldn’t be giving her a shot gun if they werent getting high. You can tell by how her eyes look. It’s Just obvious.What a GREAT mom

    • Vee

      shut da fuk up have u even tried weed

      • Jenelle

        Its weed idiot

        • liz

          worst mom in world she sud be banned from ever having kids again no joke i feel bad for ur son jennelle that he has to grow up with a mom like u and what kind of mother fights on national tv? i say if u really want to fight sumone come c me bitch ill whoop ur ass bitch bring it

          • almightybuttholes

            say it girrl! and keep in mind that girls are getting more sl**ty nowadays from all the media and how “sex sells”, like these movies, and this music that they are making. How are you supposed to raise your kids when they are surround by all this crap. I see 13 year old girls walking around in daisy dukes and low cut shirts what kind of parents are these people letting their kids look like that? and pedophiles sh!t they love that kinda sh!t.

            • Summer

              Smoking weed is not bad at all in any way. If you do REAL reasearch on it you will see that also. But i do feel bad for her son not bc he isnt being takin care of but i do feel for him Because janelle is not the best mom, NOT because of weed but because of how she is as a person. Weed did not make her that way, my great aunt smokes weed and is one of the smartest ladies i know. She is a microbiologist. She just makes horrible choices with some of the people she has i her life she does not have a normal mother instict because of how her mother is with her.

  • Ally

    the thing im most mad about is that shes talkin too much x)
    puff puff PASS girl not puff puff puff puff talk talk puff talk -__-

  • Jay

    How retarded and blind do you have to be not to notice that’s a cigaweed.

  • sarah

    This looks like it was filmed waaaay before she had the baby.

  • tina

    you cant worry about what people say because they will always hate.janelle

  • Jessica

    Who gives a shit if she smokes weed, you f**king assholes could have piles and piles of facts sitting right in front of you telling you marijuana is NOT bad and you would still argue about it, and it is used medically in 15 states so far, more to come for sure. So for real, everyone who wants to have their stupid opinions on people who smoke marijuana need to, calm down, smoke a bowl, and shut the hell up.

    • almightystalker

      say it girrl!


  • metria doee

    Personally i dont see what the big deal is im gettin tired of everyone judging her mind ur f**kin bussiness let her do her and yall do yall…..keep ya head up janelle:).much love

  • Vikki

    i dont see a big deal, the gurl can do wat she want to do, people gata go all up in the gurls biusness like its thier job wen it aint…it aint no big deall so chill, stay strong jenelle! 🙂

  • Biff

    So for all you pro marijuana people; do you really think that the best way for you to convey that marijuana does not effect ones ability is to write it out in some half written jibberish. This country is headed straight down. It strengthens my resolve to work as long as I can in order to make sure none of you are ever in a position of authority. The ironic thing about it is I think marijuana does have potential as a medicine and in other uses. No one of any significance is ever going to take anything you say seriously when you don’t even attempt at spelling and grammar.

    • Eva

      if the united states made weed legal we would make $6.2 billion off of it the farmers would have another way to make money someone has to grow it…. they would be making places where you can buy it which means more jobs and all the money they spend a year on telling everyone how bad weed is ($7.7 billion) would be saved so that means the united states would have more mony which also means layoffs and pay cuts wouldnt be as often….you cant die from it your body doesnt start to shut down from you smokin it…. so you tell me now why weed is so bad

  • feelinthenugz

    whats wrong with this girl? she is going to lose her kid forever.

  • Kyra

    This girl calls herself a Mom? Marijuana is probably what led to her pregnancy, she was probably so stoned that she put the condom on the guy’s head and then days later said “what was that guy’s name anyway?”
    Because of her use of the world’s worst narcotic cannibis; Janelle is out in the world having unprotected sex, drinking, stealing, fighting and as we all know, she is a deadbeat irresponsible sorry excuse of a mother.
    If she does not stop smoking pot Jace will be visiting her in State prison. And if she does not stop smoking the pot Janelle will be 25 and jace will probably have 6 brothers and sisters and six different guys that will want to be called daddy.
    Make no mistake; Marijuana is the cause of many of the world’s problems because the youth of today are always stoned, having sex all over the place, stealing from their parents, not working and worst of all they are all polluting the world with their foul language, violence, disrespect and unprotected sex!!!

    • Eva

      its not weed making teens act that way its the dumbass parents they got…. teens only know what they was raised around, and you already seen in the teen mom show that her mother did the same things that she is doing now it came right out of her mouth…. so before you start judging her look at her mom the apple doesnt fall far from the tree does it

  • Eva

    ok ok you can call her a bad mom for not being there for her son and alway wanting to be out all the time but come one yall wanna f**kin put her on death row for smokin a blunt yall just scared to say that yall smoke too lmao everyone just needs to mind they own business and let the f**ckin girl live her damn life she aint your kid so why the hell does her name keep comin out of yalls mouths….. get a life

    • Angela

      listenn, Why aree youuu defendingg her when you dnt evenn know herr? like fouckk outtaa heree. Besidess YOUR IGNORANT for saying its her moms fault.. She didnt smoke around Janelle so theres no way Jannelle could use that as an excuse. there is soo school for parents, therefore Noone can judge others. If she was lazy and didnt care about Jannelle, she wouldve kicked Jannelle out and not help herr as much as she did. All she wanted was for Jannelle to be responsible and take care of her child. If she didnt care she wouldve easily kicked her out and not even take her out of jail like she did. Parents do their best for ther children no matter what age they are. Jannelle was unresponsible and selfish for wanting to party everynight instead of going out just once a week at least! She made her mom babysit while her mom work in a 40 hour jobb and she just wasted all her moneyy on smokingg and her boyfriendss. the needs too stop beeing selfishh and take care of her own stuff. Since you say to these people too live their lives, Why are youu here reading about what other people say huh? youu get a life and some education since you dnt know what being a parent & Responsability means !!!!!

  • C

    I don’t dislike the girl… but she looks really dumb here

  • B

    puff, puff, pass.

  • Jessica

    I don’t even think she actually hit it while the video was recording. She does look high though.

  • Hey im all for smoking some weed every now and then or getting together and smoking a blunt with your fam/friends but when you have kids, its a different story. She shouldnt be acting a fool like that when shes a single mom and has a baby at home.

  • okay, for people who say that she is a good mom and that people should lay off, she is on a national t.v. show smokin pot, leaving her son alone every night to go party, having a douchbag drug addict boyfriend, steals from her own mom that’s has done nothing but care about her and her son i don’t blame her mom for being a bitch and getting upset Jenelle get your shit together and stop going back and forth between wanting to be a mom and being a dumb f**k teenager you got pregnant and that was when you should have decided if you wanted to continue to be mom and went with adoption… and for everyone that want to say i don’t know what i’m talking about i’m 17 used to smoke and party but the second i found i was pregnant i stop and become a mom then and when my baby is born i’m going to take care of him or her like a good mom should

  • brittany katelynn

    ithink jenelle evans is one of the best moms out there ihave son also and my mom watches him while igo off with my friends responsibilities can wait if someone else is taking care of him so for all you f**king hater suck my dick and roll me a blunt jenelle is a damn good mom atleast she comes home and actually sees him dumbass f**kers.

  • Nicole

    Personally I could care less about Jenelle smoking weed. I don’t like her because she is a bitch. She is rude to her mom who is helping her raise her son and its like calm yourself and go into your car smoke your weed calm down and deal with your son. She needs to grow up

  • Hayley

    Everyone needs to stfu unless they’ve tried weed. U can’t sit here and dis on it unless you know how it is. Lmao you guys sound pathetic leave the poor girl alone f**k it’s her life let her live it how she wants. However sat back and maybe thought she smokes because of all the stress she is under…trying to pay for shot and live on her own dealing with a boyfriend plus all the media and pricks like you telling her she’s a bad mom. Haha yeah that will sure get her to stop smoking..NOT! maybe if everyone stopped with all the pathetic ass “oh she a sad excuse for a mom” bullshit then she would have a reason to try but when you have so much negativity arous you you finally give up. Jenelle hold your head high. Like I always say “what does not kill you can only make you stronger. F**KTHEHATERS!!!!!

  • Tommy chong

    Wow weed aint a drug love to smoke smoked every day for 7 years I had no problem quiting did it on my own free will it is not hard never met anybody that went to rehab for weed and her bf kiefer is a piece of shit niger that should b beat , tared , feathered ,and hung by the kkk

  • Tommy chong

    Atleastrew she doesnt have a zebra baby if it wasnt for her mother child protective services would have took the baby jenelle gives stoners a bad name man that is all bad dude we dont need any dumb stoners man weed dont make people to b a shity person stealing lieing and doin stupid shit has nuthin to do with the weed she is blameing the weed for her being a dumb ass she is trash and weed has nuthing to do it