Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans breaks up with boyfriend Kieffer Delp

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans and boyfriend Kieffer Delp break up
Or as Jenelle put it:

“me + kieffer = done forever.”

Jenelle made the announcement on her Facebook fan page earlier today and fans immediately began to ask for more details. Here are Jenelle’s responses:

it wasnt mtv.. it was the simple fact that he did everything that p!ssed me off and then said “oh sh!t, im sry in my mind i didnt see it like that”. and he is manic-depressive and bi-polar and i cant deal with it. he is alwayssss upset over little cmts and very over-sensitive. :/

Addressing a sarcastic commenter who wrote “He seen the light of day!!!” Jenelle says:

he seen the light of day? nahh, i brokeup with HIM. get it straight.

She then offers up her reactions to the split:

im not upset at all. i did it for the better of myself. i do better when im single. yu guys will see that in episode 2 before i met him.

it really isnt hitting me hard at all. idk why, just isnt. the breakup with andrew was wayyy more intense then this.

And so ends the Bonnie and Clyde relationship between Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp – who were arrested together back in October for breaking and entering and possession of marijuana. (CLICK HERE for Jenelle’s mug shot and HERE for Kieffer Delp’s)

The couple’s relationship will play a huge role in the premiere season of Teen Mom 2 so we should have a better idea of whether this break up was a good thing or a bad thing for Jenelle and Jace (and Kieffer!).

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  • HAT a BITCH!! is all i have to say


      • yupp

        this chick is the loser-iest mom i’ve ever seen!!

  • no anytime aby

  • HAT a B****!! is all i have to new york when

  • that me

    • sally

      Hey girl I had a kid 5 days after my 14th b-day but here I am today doing great making it on my own and lovin everything about it me and my old man don’t have educates but we still have a great life. Sooooooooo don’t give up and keep on ridding with the wind. Piece out girl take care

  • lool

    • Ashley Newlun

      well jenelle u dont need to listen to anyones shit ur a good mom n ur bitch of a mom isnt a mom becuz u dont tell ur child on tv tat shes not lovble becuz no matter wat ur child will always be lovble also i kno wat ur goin through i was 16 n pregnant had my first baby boy two days before my b-day n im goin to be havin another one soon n im 17 years old n goin through f**kin hell rite now im in the court system but i do wat i have to do takin care of myself n child n the one on the way too but things happen u didnt really have a mom tat would help u so took jace from u n kept kickin u out treatin like shit never helped u out she didnt need to take jace from u becuz ur a teen mom but u kno things happen jus becuz u have sex doesnt mean ur a adult some poeple say if u do the dirty deal then ur wantin to have a baby but not all the time tats true becuz ive been there i kno im jus 17 but i kno trust me ive been tryin unprotected sex for a long time n didnt get pregnant but then i did so yea not everytime u will but jenelle doin weed isnt gonna get jace back becuz they can take him from u n u dont want tat to happen serious jenelle u need to think bout jace his ur son n he needs u be a better mom show people tat ur gonna work finish school keep jace safe n everythin tat he needs n stop fightin these stupid ass bitches becuz there not worth shit trust me only when they talk or say somethin bout ur child or family then beat tat ass but other then tat dont u kno but also weed its stupid trust me ive done it n i stpped becuz i realized tat i can do better wit my life n i did u had a my baby n i do everythin for him im a 24/7 mommy at home tats wat i do for now but yea jenelle im on ur side keep ur head up dont let these people put u down n tell u tat ur not a good mom n everythin else treat me u r a good mom i kno people tat really arent n ur not one jenelle im tellin this one time plz stop goin to jail do it for jace he needs u n not in jail also ur boyfriend hes okay but if hes goin to get u down n into trouble all the time hes not a good boyfriend do wats rite for jace thanks ~ash~

  • Jessica B

    Jenelle you don’t need to listen to others. You are a good mom in my eyes. I have been in your shoe’s. I know what it like to have a baby when your young. Hell I’m still young and pregnant with my second I’m only 21. You have your rough parts in your live just like everyone else. So don’t listen what what these other F&%*s have to say. Just be you and focus on what you want in life and it will all fall in to place.

    • Really you are not to smart if you think she is a great mo first of when jace was born she was never there she was always out parting and shit so were you get off that’s a good mom you F**KING RETARDED second i have three kids and i spend almost every second with them and put friends last that’s a f**king really mom and her mom is right yes i feel bad some of the thing she says is a little to much but and the messed up shit is any woman that does drugs and drink with there baby in them there just as retarded as the people saying shes a great mom that baby boy is better of with her mom….

      • Ashley Newlun

        well first she is a good mom n i have a baby boy n im goin to be havin another baby soon n i dont do drugs or drink becuz i think tat shit is stupid also her mom dont deservse her baby at all her mom should have helped her not take him from her so yea stop puttin her down people like u is way jenelle n others girls r the way they r

  • tasha

    i love you jenelle. you r wonderful mother. your mother insane and crazy. fight for jace all the way girl. you go girl

    • Mike P

      You must be a loser as well to say such a thing she is in no way a good mother you must be smoking the same shit as her!

  • JessyBear


  • understands

    I dont think your a bad mom just young and inexperienced. I just watched the episode with jace’s first birthday, and saw your mom ragging on you for getting him the gift you did. I was a teen mom also and I lived with a mom like that, its frustrating and makes you feel like you cant do anything right. You have your faults just like any other mom but instead of trying to help you she pushes you back down. Yes she has helped you alot with your son but she could do alot better also. Just get your life on track and get your son back!! Good luck!

  • Jae

    I think Jenelle is the worst mom I have seen on Teen Mom and all she cares about is herself and having the attention on her. She didn’t care about going home to babysit her own child, instead she spent the night with her loser-ass BF who only got with her to be on MTV. That is stating the obvious. She will learn the hard way, she isn’t cute like Maci or Farrah so she will be left broke on her ass, and probably pregnant by another random loser in no time.
    Leah is the best mom I have seen so far, I thought Chelsea was ok too until recently she has been being a bitch to her dad and acting like a tramp.

    • Jenelle,is a doll she’s fresh,cute and really abused by her so-called MOTHER,apple dosen’t fall far from the tree.She’s young,and being pushed away by her mom they need some MAJOR counceling.Someone needs to take baby Jace away from the freak show grandmother of his!

  • Jae

    Also Jenelle is very uneducated and it is a good thing that her mama signed her financial aid papers so maybe she can actually go to school and learn how to speak and how to spell.
    Good lord how does MTV pick their chicks for this show!

  • Florida Dad

    I will send Jenelle money to get a lawyer to fight her BITCH of a mom. Her mother is a lonely bitter old **** and her telling her daughter that she is going to keep her daughters baby and that Jenelle will never get to see her baby again simply infuriates me to no end. If I were her, I would work as hard as I could to get on her feet, get an attorney, get her baby back and then get as far away from that crazy bitch as possible.

    Jenelle, get in touch with me to get some money to get an attorney when you are ready. Its your baby and your mom has no more rights to keep your baby once you are able to provide food and shelter than your neighbor does. IT IS NOT HER BABY AND CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE WITH BITTER MEAN OLD LADIES WHO ARE MAD THEY ARE POST-MENOPAUSAL AND BARON.

    Get on your feet and get your baby back ASAP.

  • Bobby

    well honestly i dont think Jenelle would even have to worry about this if she would have pulled her head out of her a$$ and take some responsibility for her actions and maybe get off the pot. She’s a mom now and needs to put her kid first instead of her partying.

  • Jennelle, come on. you have a child now stop smoking pot and GET OUT OF JAIL you and your mom need some coinciling and your bf needs to be a better bf. For the sake of your baby Jace do whatever it takes to get him back and stop your smoking your mom is being a bitch to you but its only cuz you were a bitch to her and i think its payback i know all you wanted was to see your son but if you REALLY care about him try your absolute best to try and get him back from your bitchy ass momma and btw im not an old lady tellin yu to do this i am younger then you and telling you to do this bc i know you can be a better person. my sister has a baby and when she was a teenager your age she did some messed up shit too but she took responsibility and is a GREAT mother to her cutie pie lil son. do the right thing it will make things alot easier