VIDEO Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans smoking pot (or a funny looking cigarette)

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans appears t be smoking marijuana

Back before she had to deal with the stress of being an international celebrity (and mother), Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans was a fun-loving teenager who liked going to the beach, partyin’ with the girls and uploading videos of herself smoking what looks to be marijuana to YouTube.

I wrote a post about one of these videos and Jenelle’s love for the wacky weed way back before her episode of 16 and Pregnant first aired, but soon after making the post the video mysteriously disappeared and was feared lost forever. Since that time Jenelle’s pot-puffin’ potty-mouthed pickup party has been forced to live on only in the memories of those of us fortunate enough to have seen it and in mythical retellings around message board campfires… Until now!

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans lights up a funny looking cigarette that looks to be pot

Just in time for the second episode of Teen Mom 2 (in which the issue of Jenelle’s affinity for weed is addressed directly), I would like to present some of the most important film footage in the history of pregnant adolescent reality shows… “Jenelle Evans Smoking A Joint” (A Jenelle Evans Joint)

****It should be noted that the original video also featured scenes of Jenelle and some of her friends in a swing on a porch, staking out a Plato’s Closet clothing store and really enjoying putting a paper bag on their heads. The clip below has been trimmed down to just include the naughty bits. It should also be noted that the video includes a bit of foul language, which I’m sure is assumed any time Jenelle is on camera, but thought I would mention it any way.

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(Want to sing along with Jenelle to her “stoner song?” It’s “Paper Planes” by M.I.A.)

For the original Jenelle Evans pot-puffin’ picture show post which includes her controversial Formspring comments about smoking marijuana while pregnant with her son Jace CLICK HERE.

Oh – and just in case you didn’t know, Jenelle Evans’ affinity for pot has gotten her into a bit of trouble after she was arrested in October with her boyfriend Kieffer Delp for marijuana possession, in addition to a few other charges. (CLICK HERE to see Jenelle’s mug shot and read more about the allegations. For Kieffer’s mug shot CLICK HERE)

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