VIDEO RHOA Phaedra Parks lied about due date? What’s the truth?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta continues to deliver the ghettoliciousnes tonight when Phaedra Parks gets a little confused about her due date. When Sheree asks when the baby’s gonna come, Phaedra, who claims she’s five or six months pregnant, says the baby’s ready to come any day now.

When someone asks “Isn’t it dangerous for the baby to come at six or seven months?” Phaedra (who is a lawyer by trade) doesn’t skip a beat in saying “Not if everything’s fully formed and the lungs are functioning.”

After much talk about the baby sitting on the bladder and the others mentioning that they’ve never known a doctor who would induce a healthy woman to give birth at six months, Phaedra claims she doesn’t know how far along she is, she just knows they’re going to induce at 34 weeks.

She seems to be laughing off preterm birth like it’s no big deal, but the medical consensus is that any baby born before 37 week is a big deal, and at risk for a great number of physical problems, including death. Click here to see a list of a few of the medical problems that can occur in a baby born before 37 weeks.

Nene and Sheree suspect that something else is up, and Phaedra is claiming she’s about to give birth to a premature baby to cover up something else.  Phaedra once made a big deal to Cynthia about how she didn’t live with Apollo Nida before they were legally wed, so maybe she’s going through all this nonsense just to cover up that she got pregnant before she got married.

Whatever it is, it looks worse to pretend like you think it’s normal to give birth at six months gestation.

Sheree said it best when she said “Bitch, you don’t know when you got knocked up?”

As usual, Kandi didn’t say much, but her face told an epic tale.

Here’s a clip of Phaedra talking to Kandi in the delivery room where she talks about how her mother Regina requires her children to be married when they have babies. The ironic thing is that Regina has nine grandchildren, and Phaedra’s is the only one born in wedlock:

As Kandi says, “Oooooooooooh.”

Immediately after that Phaedra’s doctor confirmed to Kandi and the camera that Phaedra was full term, and at 40 weeks, not 34 weeks as Phaedra claimed. The room got really silent after that, and Kandi was like, “Ok, I’m gonna peace out right now.”

  • “phakedra” must really think everybody is dumb if she thinks these lies will just go right under everyone’s noses with no suspicion. i’m no doctor and not a pregnancy expert but i was like “chile please” when she was talmbout was only 6 months along…not when she was looking like she stuffed a beach ball under her dress at the baby shower. and everything is not fully finished functioning at 6 or 7 months. she shoulda just been honest and not tried to hide the fact she got pregnant out of wedlock. i mean you married a felon fresh outta prison, why try and act holy now??

    • Nina

      I think this new girl Phedra or whatever her name is, is a total liar and she is always talking about Ne Ne and how ghetto she is….um hello u dumb bitch you are the one who has a convict for a husband and you are the one who knowingly defends the rich and powerful even though you know they are guilty for that all mighty dollar! I could have sworn this dumb bitch said she grew up in the church right???? OMG! Please replace her she is gonna get on my nerves I can already tell!

      • anony

        …..Plus she and NeNe grew up in the same neighborhood amongst the same folks….NeNe may have HER ways and personality but well, between the two, at least NeNe is more HONEST. I mean I always say if you can’t talk about something, or don’t feel comfortable talking about it DON’T. Thus far, this Phaedra seems as shady as her husband is/was……is(?…:-) ) I guess they are suited for one another after all. She doesn’t even seem like she wants to be/wanted to be a mother. The baby has just been talked about like it’s a doll and an accessory. She just show no emotion and I’m not saying she should be crying and thanking Jesus all day long it’s just…..she really acts like the baby is an inconvenience.

  • Mellymel

    Phaedra was more comfortable saying that she wanted her baby to be premature and in intensive care rather than run the risk of admitting she may have had multiple partners. At first I thought that the original cast, and kandi, were distrustful because she was new–but that b*tch is a lawyer by trade and I liar by habit. Whose the daddy!? Don’t be afraid to ask, find out now before the child starts asking questions.

  • anony

    SHE HAD A SHOTGUN WEDDING. Since her parents are ministers, and she’s suppose to be such a “Southern Belle”, with tradition and all, she conveniently faned confusion when asked about her due date. She may as well had just come clean instead of making herself look like an IDIOT…..I mean you married the man anyway and out of love (so you say) so it worked out RIGHT? She may wonder what the big deal is about her due date….”Why is everyone asking about her due date?” That just comes with the territory when you’re pregnant… “Oh Congratulations. Are you having a girl or a boy? WHEN ARE YOU DUE?” It’s just she put people off guard when she insisted that a doctor would INDUCE her labor at 7 months pregnant (???…THE LIE????). So I mean that’s unfortunately human nature…..the antennas went up and people began to ask questions because what??? YOUR BEING INDUCED AT 7 MONTHS??? Anyhow, had she just told the correct due date from the beginning instead of playing dumb or frankly being in denial perhaps (I mean I guess she had to save face for her mother too….isn’t it enough she A LAWYER married an EX-CON?)no one would really make so much of a big deal…it’s just she tried to play confused and take everyone else for stupid.

  • Truth

    She was 13 weeks pregnant when she got married. She paid Apollo to marry her and keep quiet.

  • Carol

    So she didn’t want a baby out of wedlock because her parents are ministers even though her eight siblings were born out of wedlock. I read else where that her mother would not tolerate anb out of wedlock grandchiuld. That’s one messed up family, I can knock out 8 chidklren without a marriage license – but you college educated, professional, self supporting daughter can not? And the way she looks at her child?

  • A woman who is meant to be highly educated can come up with such a stupid story. Lord you is stupid. So what if you got pregnant before marriage you still married him. STUPID STUPID STUPID