Derick Dillard offers first public thoughts since TLC fired him

Derick Dillard fired

For the first time since Derick Dillard was fired by TLC, the embattled former Counting On star has offered his thoughts on the matter, as well as on the continuing controversy regarding transgender rights. However, in something of a surprise counterpoint, at least one other family member seems to think Derick might have been in the wrong.

It may not surprise you to hear that Derick’s stance post-firing–which firing will most likely free TLC from all anti-transgender controversy for the foreseeable future, and keep Counting On on the air indefinitely–is a little bit aloof, and a little bit defiant. Here are his first tweets since being let go:

In addition, Derick also shared the following meme on Instagram after TLC fired him:

A post shared by Derick Dillard (@derickdillard) on

(A related note: The above image has become one of the most widely misconstrued and misappropriated on the religious right over the past few years. The quote–which the image implies is from Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson, though it isn’t actually attributed to anyone–actually comes from pastor Rick Warren. Warren gave the quote to the Christian Post in March of 2012, in response to reports that he believed Christians and Muslims worshiped the same god.

The image Derick shared, however, achieved viral infamy following the Supreme Court’s 2013 decision in United States v. Windsor, which overturned Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act, opening the door for the terms “marriage” and “spouse” to apply to same-sex unions as well as opposites. Since then, the meme has been applied to basically every front of the culture wars–including transgender rights, the one that got Derick Dillard fired–though it originally had nothing to do with them.)

But it seems that all members of the Duggar family are not in lockstep behind Derick. As The Hollywood Gossip pointed out, shortly after news of Derick Dillard fired broke, 31-year-old Amy (King) Duggar took to twitter with her own thoughts on the issue. And hers were rather more compassionate:

Filming for a Derick Dillard-free Counting On is expected to begin early in 2018.

(Photo credit: Derick Dillard fired via Instagram)

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  • DeeDeDee

    I’m not surprised he is taking the victimhood route. His entire family does it every single time they aren’t allowed to shove their religious opinions down people’s throats without repercussions. Like we get it, you’re morally superior because of “religion.” It’s too bad you look like a sister f*cker and your mom and dad could be cousins.

    • Dr Moon & the Loon


  • twelfthnight

    Nobody cares what this inbred-looking piece of crap has to say. He is an awful, bigoted pig and nothing that comes out of his mouth has any value.

    • Tamara King Polson

      Derrick was not hateful with anything he said, but what you’ve had to say is nothing short of evil. If you truly claim to care about others hate won’t solve anything.

      • K

        Derek spewed hateful vitriol at a CHILD. How dare you presume to say he was not hateful? He deserved to get his platform for cruelty taken away and I weep for anyone who knows you because you have a very twisted version of what is hateful if you think Derek was not. I’m praying for you to be a kinder human.

        • Bruja

          Praying won’t help this person. They need an exorcist.

  • Dr Moon & the Loon

    He is so grimy. Blegh.

  • Misty Gravel

    I wonder if he knows he’s quoting a man who is in jail for raping a 12 year old

    • TA

      He probably doesn’t care.
      The same way he doesn’t care to have his own children around a child molestor.

  • Bruja

    “Filming for a Derick Dillard-free Counting On is expected to begin early in 2018.”

    He doesn’t need to be on the show when the media keeps giving him so much attention and therefore, giving those creepy pickle sucking buttholes more notoriety and attention .

    Way to keep lining those Duggar pockets.

  • It’s me

    I dont agree with Jazzs’ lifestyle for me but who am i or anyone to tell her or any person how to live their life.
    As long as you are not hurting anyone or breaking the law allow people to live their life.
    Dillards problem is that…1st no one asked his opinion but most importantly he didn’t post a message sayung he disagreed
    He posted MANY…SEVERAL MESSAGES (once is a jerk multiple postings is a bully…that needs a better hobbie)

    • twelfthnight

      Thank you for not misgendering her because you don’t agree with her lifestyle!

    • TA

      It isn’t a “lifestyle” though.
      And that’s what people won’t accept.
      Living near an ocean is a lifestyle.
      Living in a camper is a lifestyle.

      Being gay or transgender isn’t a lifestyle. It’s how a person identifies in the depths of their being.
      But I very much appreciate your willingness to be open and accepting of everyone barring nobody is hurting others.

      • Patty

        Good for you! I’m so refreshed by your answer bc people get attacked/misconstrued these days for getting one word or phrase incorrect even though their intent is good.

    • Tamara King Polson

      It’s not a matter of judging someone, it’s a matter of truly caring about another’s well being. Jazz has mental health issues and he needed those addressed. Do you know What the hormone blockers he’s on will do to him? If you truly cared about Jazz and people like him you’d want him to seek counseling.

      • TA

        Mark 12:30-31
        Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your strength. The second is this; love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.

        So, Tamara, are you obeying this commandment by refusing to address Jazz as HER preferred gender?
        Just because you believe SHE and HER parents have done something wrong or evil doesn’t make it so.
        Keep your religion and your beliefs to yourself and out of other people’s lives. Your hate and discrimination is poisonous to society. She, and other transgender individuals, aren’t hurting you in any way. And if you truly cared about her well being, you’d make room in your heart and mind for understanding, compassion and empathy. Not judgement or hate.

      • Bruja

        Clearly thumping that Bible against your head knocked the common sense right out of you.

        Bet you’re of the mind that Josh is a good ole’ boy, too, right? Incest is best, correct?

        Go read your Bible. Then actually think about what it is that you’re reading, you hypocritical POS.

  • tina

    and as usual tlc will keep these idiots with him and his hate, the son a pig but keep the show on keep giving them money

  • Brynn

    Time for another fake mission trip. May I recommend North Korea this time?

  • Alisson Leech

    Amy must be estranged from them.

  • Tamara King Polson

    It’s unbelievable to me that so much hate is conveyed simply because someone speaks the truth. It’s sad that this world has so lovingly embraced sin and made mental health issues seem like they are the new norm. People like Jazz need help, not a physical change. Do you know What the meds he is on in order to change his hormones are doing to him, or will do to him? What you people fail to understand is that you are hurting People like him and all TCL has done is exploit him and harmed the mental health community. Jazz needs a psychologist, not a sex change. I support you Derrick. God bless you for speaking out.

    • bambiglanville

      Oh Tamara, I pray for you and yours and your dimented thought process. Stop referring to Jazz as “him – he” just like Dimwit Derick does. It’s disrespectful. Shall we refer to you as a male? Something you may not identify as? People like you are the problem with society. People like you and the Duggars are what fills this world with hate.

    • DoogieHowser

      You are on the wrong side of history and on the wrong side to be claiming superiority of moral compass weilding. Back down bc your thinly veiled bigotry reign of hate is coming to an end. Wtg with going out of your way to be a jerk with your pronouns, you really let us know you actually don’t care like you pretended to but instead it’s more about your bigotry. Evganelicals bigotry, just as Jesus intended. I can’t roll my eyes any further.

      • Bruja

        Many eye rolls even!

  • The whole family is a group of hateful bigots using the religious cover. They condemn gay and transgender people, but the brother is a child molester serial cheating rapist who has incest on the brain and they’re ok with that. Tlc needs to cancel the whole family and stop giving them press.