Jenelle Eason explains Teen Mom 2 Reunion fight, David stabbing balloons with a knife, etc.

Jenelle Eason Instagram live Reunion stream

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason took to Instagram Live earlier today to explain exactly what happened at the Teen Mom 2 (and OG) “That’s A Wrap” party Friday night, during which her husband David Eason reportedly whipped out a knife and filled the streets (balloons) with uppercut. She also addressed the backstage fight that took place involving herself, David, Nathan, Nathan’s girlfriend Ashley, and, well, pretty much everybody.


We will start with the knife incident Friday night. The cast members of both Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG were gathered together to film for a New Year’s Eve clip show special. The party included a bar, a couch where cast members took turns being interviewed during the party, an oversized Jenga game, and lots of helium balloons. “David was acting too drunk and the producers noticed it,” a source tells The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “They cut him off at the bar. When David found out they wouldn’t serve him more alcohol he got super mad.”

Here is an exclusive behind-the-scenes photo from the party in which you can see David prior to the demise of the beer flow:

David Eason Teen Mom 2 Reunion party before the knife and balloon incident

The Ashley reports that David “stormed off the staged area and ran into a big bunch of balloons.” Her source says David then “took out his pocketknife and started slashing the balloons with it!” Holy crap! What a balloonatic! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Jenelle confirms all of the basic facts reported by The Ashley, but says it was over-sensationalized a bit. She says that producers were not allowing David to have any beer, so they decided to leave. “We were walking out and he popped some balloons.” That was pretty much all Jenelle had to say about the balloon slashing incident.

As a result of the balloonacy, The Ashley’s source says that before filming began the next day, cast members “had to go through a security checkpoint, get patted down and wanded and have their bags checked.”

Speaking of security concerns, before we get to Jenelle’s recap of the backstage drama on Saturday, I will share her explanation for why she and David decided not to stay with the rest of the cast at a hotel, and opted instead for an Airbnb house. Jenelle says she told producers that the Mandalay Bay hotel mass shooting in Las Vegas had her concerned for her safety. “That might could happen to us,” she said. She points out that Maci and Taylor had also opted to use Airbnb before, instead of staying in the hotel with the cast.

Jenelle further explains that Kaiser and Jace were staying at the hotel because it was their weekend with Nathan and Barbara and she could not dictate where they stayed.

Nathan Griffithand girlfriend Ashley Lanhardt sunset photo

OK, on to the backstage Reunion drama. According to The Ashley’s source, “The fight started when Nathan’s girlfriend [Ashley Lanhardt — seen above with Nathan] was walking past the room Barbara [Evans] was in. Barbara hugged Ashley goodbye and Jenelle saw it and came bursting out of the room. She yelled at Barbara that it was wrong for her own mother to hug Nathan’s girlfriend.” From there, all hell broke loose. The Ashley’s source says that Nathan accused Jenelle of being high (which jibes with a Reunion recap from someone in attendance, who mentions that Nathan brought out a drug test for his interview), and Jenelle reciprocated by accusing Nathan’s mother Doris of being high.

Jenelle and Nathan’s son Kaiser was reportedly taken from the scene by another cast member, and the other children were also ushered away to safety as the other cast members stayed in their green rooms.

Once again, Jenelle doesn’t seem to argue the basic facts reported by The Ashley, but her side does have a slightly different spin.

Jenelle concurs that it was a hug between her mother Barbara and Nathan’s girlfriend Ashley that started the whole thing. But, contrary to the report that she yelled her concerns at her mother, Jenelle says she saw the embrace and said of Ashley to her friend “She doesn’t even want to be filmed but look at her.” Jenelle says that Ashley overheard her comment and that it was Ashley that started the yelling.

Things escalated when Jenelle insisted on giving Kaiser (who was in a room at this point) a hug before leaving. As Jenelle went to the room to say goodbye, she says Ashley freaked out and had to be pinned to the wall. Nathan’s mom Doris was also against the parting embrace as she yelled at Jenelle: “This is our weekend, Get away!” (Fans of Teen Mom 2 might recall that it was a similar embrace by David of his toddler son Kaden, defying a protective order, that got him arrested back in March of 2016.)

I’m not sure of the timeline, but at some point Jenelle says she was so concerned for her safety that she called David, who was waiting in the parking lot. David came in, and the situation escalated even further. Jenelle says Nathan tried to “buck up” to David and yelled “Come fight me! Come fight me!”

Barbara was also going after David, and David told her at one point “I will pray for you.” Jenelle says that after hearing that, Barbara FREAKED OUT. Jenelle says her mom told her “You’re being abused and you won’t tell anybody — you’re worse now than you’ve ever been, even when you were on drugs!”

According to The Ashley’s source (and a witness), all the backstage drama was captured on film, so fans will eventually get to see it for themselves and decide who was most responsible for the escalation. Of course, Jenelle might argue that producers can edit the scene to make it look however they wish — which is why she has threatened to quit the show.

“I’m not comfortable sharing my life any more, unless it’s in my perspective,” Jenelle affirmed in her live video today. She says that Dr. Drew asked her why she felt like she didn’t have control over how she is portrayed when it is within her power to control what she says and does while cameras are rolling. “The producers create drama with their questions,” Jenelle explained, adding that they can push and prod her enough to get the negative reactions they want. “I know I’ll be happy whether the show goes on or not,” she says of her potential departure.

Jenelle quitting Teen Mom 2 quote

In addition to the party and the backstage confrontation with Nathan and Ashley, Jenelle also talked about her relationship with her Teen Mom 2 co-stars Kail Lowry, Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska, and Briana DeJesus. Surprisingly, especially given their history of conflict, Jenelle and Briana have grown close. She says they bonded over the fact that “the other girls want to go sell stories about me and Briana.”

UPDATE – Jenelle later posted thisInstagram snap with her new bestie co-star:

Jenelle and Kail have recently had a very public falling out, and it was reported that Jenelle had sent Kail a message prior to the Reunion instructing Kail not to even try to talk to her. Jenelle confirmed that report during her live stream.

Fans might recall that Jenelle, Briana, Leah and Kail were all together at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, and both Jenelle and Briana say that they were getting along well with Leah at the time (see photo below). But, something changed prior to this weekend. “Me and Leah were cool and all of a sudden she was two-faced to me,” Jenelle says. She adds that Briana had a similar experience with Leah and didn’t understand why she was nice at the VMAs but not at the Reunion.

Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans Eason Briana DeJesus and Leah Messer at the 2017 VMAs

So what about Chelsea DeBoer? Jenelle simply says “Chelsea stays out of it.”

Unrelated to the Reunion drama, Jenelle also addressed the recent rumors that she is pregnant again by saying “Hell no!” in response to people asking if she will be having any more children. She says she is considering having her tubes tied.

OK, I think that should get you all caught up on the Jenelle Eason Teen Mom Reunion drama! Of course, there is probably lots more to come, so stay tuned! (We are currently working on a recap of all of the Jenellentourage’s appearances with Dr. Drew based on someone that was there.)

UPDATE – Click here for the latest on the Reunion drama from Nathan, his girlfriend Ashley, and Randy Houska?!

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  • Just meee

    Drama queen!

  • Lauren

    I don’t blame the other girls for not wanting to talk to or deal with Jenelle anymore. There’s always non-stop drama surrounding her & it’s gotten a whole lot worse over the past 8 years. And as much as I don’t like Nathan I don’t like David more & I would pay to see a fight between the two. ? But the fact that Chelsea took away Kaiser from all the fighting says a lot of the environment he’s being raised in. That poor kid. All the adults in his life are looney tunes. I hope Doris wins the custody case. Jenelle has continually shown time & time again how she hasn’t changed & she has no business raising kids especially with knife happy David.

    • Renee L

      Where did you hear Chelsea took Kaiser away? I heard it was a crew member. Totally agree though, always drama surrounding Jenelle but it’s NEVER her fault.

      • Lauren

        I read in another article that it was Chelsea who stepped in & took Kai out of it. I could be wrong tho. Jenelle is a classic example of the selfish mother where it’s all about her & her needs before her kids.

        • Renee L

          Totally! You can hear it every week when it’s all “I” and “me” and “my”. NEVER one of the kids. I feel so bad for her offspring.

    • Michael✌️

      Yes, Kaiser is TRAPPED with those psychos. I wish so badly that I could just reach into the tv and raise him myself. He’s never going to learn what it takes to be a loving, responsible, member of society. Jenelle needs to get a tubal ligation.

  • TNC

    Of course nothing is ever this skanks fault. Nathan’s girlfriend can’t even hug Barb without Jenelle freaking out yet this is the same girl that wants nothing to do with Barb. Funny how she says David just wanted to hug Kaiser goodbye and that started a confrontation but then later says that she had to call him from the parking lot to come in the room. Jenelle lies so much she can’t keep her stories straight. Oh and with Nathan and the drug test it was when David found out what Nathan was going to do that David got Jenelle off the stage and they left (ran away) from the reunion. I’m so sick and tired of these two trash bags and MTV catering to them. They’re both out of control and nothing more than two pieces of sh*t with money.

    • Renee L

      Exactly. Yes to everything you said. Nathan said it best in one of his fights with Jenelle. “You’re just white trash who hit the lottery”. I’m so tired of seeing them with all this money and surgeries all because they spread their legs at 16.

      • Michael✌️

        The show is NOT realistic at all anymore. I had a baby at 17/18 and there is NO way ever that I could afford a brand new car, new cell phones every time I threw mine in a temper tantrum, and a nice big house or apartment! Isn’t this supposed to be “reality television”? Well it’s not anymore. Needs to stop. There will be some ignorant teen out there who sees this show and thinks that this is what it’s like to be a young mother…’s not glamorous at all.

        • Renee L

          I love your comment! Yes times a thousand. MTV and Dr. Quack keep saying the teen pregnancy rate has dropped “thanks to Teen Mom”. It may have dropped, but nowhere is it say proven it’s because of Teen Mom. You’re right, I think it absolutely might give girls ideas to get pregnant just so they can be on 16 & Pregnant and have a chance at stardom. This whole thing is so out of hand and the girls all act like divas now. Did you see TLC is having a new show about teen pregnancy? I think it starts next Sunday, the 12th.

          • Michael✌️

            Thank you.
            Hopefully, TLC will handle teen pregnancy in a less exploitative way than MTV but I doubt it.

  • cali

    Since when does she care about Barbara? She always treats her like trash and expects Barbara to fight her battles. Blood is not thicker than water if that family member is a complete jerk!

    • jake johns

      barbara created jenelle. they are one in the same. they both need to separate and get long term behavioral therapy.

  • DeeDeDee

    She won’t do the show anymore unless it’s from her perspective? So basically Barbara will be displayed as the old jealous woman who stole her well taken care of child, and Juh-nelle will have rainbows shining from her *sshole, while she reincarnates mother nature herself and David is the doting father without temper issues. And We’ll just gloss over all the obvious deficits her children have due to neglect and drug use during pregnancy.

    Got it, thanks.

  • FR

    Jenelle will never tie her tubes. She needs them to trap her next boyfriend.

  • Juliana

    Wow! Unless I have lost half of my mind I have always believed that this crew was filming from her own perspective! Jenelle can you get any dumber then you already are?

  • Renee L

    She really thinks she’s special. She won’t stay at the hotel because of what happened in Vegas. How narcissistic can you get? First of all, nothing happened to those staying in the Mandalay Bay. She’s always got to play the damsel in distress and act like she’s worried about her safety.

  • Iris

    That’s pretty scary that David went crazy like that (balloon stabbing incident). Given his past abuse reports it’s even more concerning.
    Jennelle is such trash with how she behaves and treats her mother! The back stage story about her flipping out on her mom for hugging Nathan’s gf…smh I feel so bad for Barbara. She gave up her golden years to raise that ungrateful daughter of hers son and Jennelle acts like she’s a victim! I could go on and on but don’t feel like writing a book. Lol Really wish those other kids would get taken away. It’s truly scary to think kids are in the care of those two psychos! It’s not like it’s a secret so something should be done!

  • TA

    I’m always alarmed when people act like this in public, in front of other people. What goes on out of public view? Terrifying.
    I cannot imagine choosing to live a life with so much drama. These people are beyond mentally unstable.

  • Murphy


  • Meh..

    Look, no one’s life is filled with unicorn flower farts, but damn, the chaos never ever ends with these people. My something nice.