90 DAY FIANCE Danielle sues Mohamed Jbali for $12,500

Danielle sues Mohamed Jbali

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? super couple Danielle and Mohamed Jbali are one of the main reasons there is a question mark in the show’s title as their dramatic “unhappily ever after” seems to have no end in sight. The latest conflict preventing these two exes from moving on is a lawsuit filed by Danielle in which she looks to be suing Mohamed for $12,500!

According to online court records, Danielle filed the civil suit on September 8. The records indicate that she has hired an attorney and dropped $105 for a civil filing fee to get the process started.

90 Day Fiance Danielle Jbali sues Mohamed for 12,500 dollars

Right now, the case looks to be waiting for a civil summons to be served to Mohamed in Florida. According to the tracking number, the summons was sent out the day the case was filed, but it has yet to be officially received by Mohamed.

Danielle has stated on the show on several occasions that she wished to recoup some of the expenses of bringing Mohamed to America, and I guess she has determined a fair amount to be $12,500.

Interestingly, the lawsuit was filed under Danielle’s former last name of Mullins. It is my understanding that she still has Mohamed’s last name of Jbali, so I am unsure what that means — or if it has any significance.

UPDATE – It has since been revealed that $10,000 of the suit is because Mohamed allegedly “committed fraud against Plaintiff by luring Plaintiff into a romantic relationship to secure funds and immigration status,” according to the filing. “As a result of Defendant’s fraudulent actions, Plaintiff has been economically harmed in the amount of approximately $10,000.” The rest of the amount is for half of a $5,000 check that Danielle says the couple received from TLC, but was deposited into Mohamed’s bank account.

Mohamed, who is back to his Instagram-loving ways after an extended break from soshull meedya, hasn’t mentioned anything about the lawsuit in his posts. There was this #Mohameditation posted yesterday, however:

Mohamed Jbali Mohameditation

On a slightly more positive note — for Mohamed anyways — it seems he might have been struck by Cupid’s arrow! I will let his art poetry speak for itself:

Mohamed Jbali in love

So Danielle is dating someone new and currently enrolled in college classes working towards becoming a nurse, and Mohamed is joyfully sharing his brand of metaphysical positivism on soshull meedya and may be in love. Perhaps there is a potential for happily ever afters here after all! Well, except for that whole lawsuit thing…

My theory is that TLC encouraged to suit to keep the DanMo story line alive for a new season of their show, the ratings of which are THROUGH THE ROOF — due in large part to Danielle and Mohamed. I am guessing producers are currently working on something similar for Jorge and Anfisa.

Speaking as a fan, I’m excited that the lawsuit could mean we will get another Mohamed selfie stick court scene! Hmmmm… I’m thinking Mo may want to look up the number for his old attorney:

90 Day Fiance Mohamed's lawyer immigration attorney with a beard

Sometimes I like to end a post with a song, and as I was writing this post the lyrics of this Bap Kennedy song kept going through my head:

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  • FYO

    Pathetic attempt to keep Mahammit in her life. And I’d be shocked if she won.

  • FrontDoorMom

    Jesus give it up Danielle!

  • MrBeano

    I’m totally OK with Mo being visited by his rightful karma.

    • Elias Wedway

      I’m totally ok with it also. Maybe this will be just what he needs to push him into leaving the states and returning to Tunisia for good. Then there will be only 1 fool to deal with–Danielle– but she is a citizen, so US is stuck with her.

      • tina

        he earned his keep putting up with her. She knew what she was getting into he is leading a productive life not bothering anyone she needs to move on and grow up

        • Elias Wedway

          We obviously have totally different opinions on this. I do not care how much of an azz Danielle was or is, that has nothing to do with Mo being in the US under false pretenses and therefore is here under a visa that is technically invalid. Is Danielle a fool, azz, etc., etc., –of course, but that does not negate the facts that Mo obtained entry into the US under false conditions and is still in the US on a visa which is no longer valid. The US has huge problems with immigration and people abusing or remaining in the country on expired or invalid visas, how anyone can support Mo staying or feel as though he “earned his keep” is mind blowing to me.

  • barbinop

    Danielle needs to cut her losses and move on. It’s her own fault that she got screwed. Everyone tried to tell her that Mohammed was using her! I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She is the nightmare that Mohammed can’t wake up from. If she now suddenly hates him then why did she keep his last name? She’s such a fool. I hope the judge throws out her lawsuit on the grounds that she is just pure a dumb axx who got what she deserves.

    • FR

      Every time she discusses him and whatever she plans on doing next — all while denying she’s hung up on him or jealous, etc — she smiles from ear to ear and is just so happy to have any contact with him.

      It’s pathetic that she’s so focused on him instead of her children.

    • anita

      WOW, you just said everything I was going to write. She will keep his last name as a way to hold on to him..

  • Rice

    I felt bad in the beginning but dang girl move on. Didn’t you open a credit card without his knowledge?

    • tina

      her dead relative as well

  • Trash TV

    Her kids should sue him for emotional damage but they would have to sue her too cause she allowed it.
    I know she has to show her family she means business now but 12,500 will not be the glue to get her family back together.
    This won’t hold up in court, she could spend her time better.

  • Gwendolyn

    Danielle, it’s over hun. Move forward. You’ve got so much more to look forward to. So do not take steps back. A career in the works, new home, and new man. Spending your whole life trying to make someone pay for something you opened the doors for, is futile. Also, don’t lose your new man and fam over this.

    • tina

      don’t you hear her say how over she is about him and then cries because he went off social media and she couldn’t find him that caused her problems in her life according to her screwed up mind. who is the stalker not mo

      • barbinop

        Mohammed needs to get an order of protection against her. All joking aside; Danielle needs professional help.

        • anita

          She is stalking him

  • Scarlett

    Clearly Danielle is delayed mentally & emotionally…..A nurse? I DON’T THINK SO!

    • Monica Jordan

      Lord I’d never want her to be my nurse!!! Craaazybeatch!!!!

      • Dori

        Nurses are sharp cookies, she’ll never make it, sorry.

        • tina

          and clean as well

  • Aussie cathie

    Honey no one forced you to spend your $$$$ on that slimeball

  • Monica Jordan

    I don’t understand that squinty face heifer, all she does is whine and cry!!!!
    I I cannot stand when her and that red-faced friend are riding around trying to track him down for some stupid reason!! That woman has got a mental problem, and it should be obvious that he is not interested in her!!!
    It was wrong for him to do some things he did though!
    I’m talking about Mahammit!!hee!

  • tina

    hope the judge see thru her bull again like the annulment and rules against her and hope she has to pay for mo’s fees and for wasting court time. build a bridge get over your pathetic self and grow up

  • Lovey

    There seems to be something really troubled with Danielle. First and foremost, she is twice his age. Secondly, she should have honestly believed that this man did not want her at all. She should find some one in her range, lose some weight, and get herself together. He never wanted her. He played her like a video game.

  • anita


  • Marilyn Johnston

    Get out of the sandbox and GROW UP!