MTV airing Being Nathan Teen Mom 2 special Monday night

Being Nathan Griffith MTV Teen Mom 2 special

Something tells me Jenelle Evans wasn’t too happy about this! According to next week’s TV listings, MTV will be airing an hour-long Teen Mom 2 “Being Nathan” special documenting his life after he split from Jenelle.

Here’s the description of the episode:

After multiple arrests and bad break-ups, Nathan moves back in with his mom to pursue a career in bodybuilding, while attempting to date again. But a pending court case with possible jail time puts Nathan’s goals in jeopardy.

A “career in bodybuilding” seems to be a consistent theme among Teen Mom 2 exes as Nathan follows in the swole footsteps of Chelsea Houska’s ex Adam Lind. I’m guessing the percentage of male bodybuilders out there actually making a living at it are INCREDIBLY small?

SPOILER ALERT: Nathan hasn’t seemed to fare too well with his new career. He entered the 2017 NPC Palmetto Classic in April and finished seventh out of eight contestants in his class. Nathan took to Facebook to express his disappointment:

So… even though I didn’t do as good as I Intended to do at the competition, I still did my best and I have no shame about it at all. I’m shocked by my placing and I could add so many excuses which I won’t (because it’s over with). But hey it’ll give me motivation and inspire me to try harder next competition.

And here’s a video of Nathan working the stage:

Nathan isn’t putting all of his eggs in the competition (and eventual endorsement deals, etc.) basket, however. He is offering up his physical training wisdom and lifestyle coaching skills to potential clients wanting to “reach a healthier and more positive lifestyle” like his:

I’ve always had a passion to help motivate people to reach a healthier and more positive lifestyle. To be confident with their body and mind. Along with several others events that occurred, I stopped training and coaching individuals besides family/friends that wanted help. I have felt selfish for not investing my time in my neighbors who wanted help. Ppl have promoted my methods and sent ppl to me for advice. I always acted eager but then as soon as I didn’t hear from them, I never cared to follow up. *sh!tty I know… As of July 19, 2017 I will be extending my hand to help anyone that is !!SERIOUS!! about wanting to be better mentally and physically. Individuals will have full access to my routine, be offered specialized workouts/routines and specialized individual diet plans. I hate generic workouts and diets and will do a proper interview and history check to maximum your own results. Also, there will be rules and check ins. You don’t follow the rules and miss a certain amount of check ins, I’m dropping you. I take this serious because I believe it’s a lifestyle not a hobby and you should to, if you want results.

Hmmm… So perhaps “Being Nathan” isn’t just an MTV Teen Mom 2 special, but an aspiration for all of us! A way of life!

Meanwhile, Nathan seems to be doing pretty well non-professionally — except for the whole Kaiser custody thing with Jenelle. He and new girlfriend Ashley Lanhardt appear to be getting along swimmingly. Here are some lovey-dovey posts from Nathan over the last couple of months swooning over Ashley:

Never have I ever felt so content and happy in life! I have a beautiful successful woman that treats me like a king and I have a beautiful intelligent baby girl that idealizes everything her dad does. I am so bless to have both these angels in my life! They truly make my life feel blessed. I love you guys and thanks for an amazing week you have given DADDY!

Nathan Griffith and girlfriend Ashley Lanhardt

Every day I spend with you, is another day I realize how close we are getting. You accept me for who I am and challenge me to be better than I think I can be. I never thought I could be loved by so many special people in my life and feel so supported by the same individuals that love me. I love you Ashley Lanhardt and thanks for all the joy and happiness that you have brought me and my family, especially my children! Even when it comes to raising this beautiful little bundle of craziness, I see how great of a team we will make when the time comes. I love our little crazy, silly family!

I’m hoping we will get a chance to know Ashley a little better when the “Being Nathan” special airs Monday, September 18 at 10/9c on MTV.

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  • A.lynn

    You guys need to get your facts in order before writing an inaccurate article. Why don’t you go to the source for a comment ? What about the show he did 3 weeks later and got first call outs, out of 17 guys? Scarcam is a joke.

    • Daisy

      You need to look at the other article about custody fight..stupid Starcasm has Nate and David switched so it says Nate tested pos for weed and is abusing Kai

    • TA

      In less than a years time, you’ll be scrolling for this article so you can delete your comments because soon enough you’ll learn what an unstable person he is. You’re embarrassing yourself by coming on to a gossip website in an attempt defend someone who is mentally unstable, unemployed, and living at home with his Mommy at age 30.
      Run along now.

      • Trash TV

        He has been unstable, nobody can deny that. But who says he still is?
        And he is not unemployed, he receives a disability pension.
        You don’t get disability for a sour troath and fakers don’t get far nowadays.
        I’m sure he has a lot of work to do on himself. I’m willing to believe that. That is why it is a good idea to live with his mom actually. He has her company, help, they can share chores and expenses, etc

  • A.lynn

    Why don’t you write an article on his military career, or the two times he was over seas fighting for our freedom, or his fighting career, his foot ball career . Nathan has been through more than most of us. He’s 30 years old, there’s more to him than MTV portrays him to be.

    • Lol

      Oh hi Jenelle

      • Billie

        Why would Jenelle be singing Nathan’s praises? More likely it’s Ashley.

        • ;)

          You clearly don’t understand sarcasm. Hey btw you can change your screen name but we all know you’re the same person.

    • Mike Hunt

      What career does he get up every morning for nowadays?

    • DoogieHowser

      Ooooo Nathan’s gf is here and she can speak in full sentences. Sarcasm needs to do an interview with her asap. Lol, it isn’t everyday anyone from the show comes along and can actually speak clearly. Clearly she has been yearning to talk about some things. I honestly don’t really care about Nathan or his business… but It’s a hell of a lot better than those insane Janelle vs. her equally crazy sister articles. Those articles were insanely long strings of incoherent texts. I dunno it might be a nice change.

      • Kaitlin

        Lol you don’t care about Nathan or his business. Yet you immediately try to dig up skeletons and comment on every article about Nathan and his business.

    • DoogieHowser

      Ok so how do you, or Nathan, feel about David? He scares me and I really worry that he is going to have a domestic abuse problem if not already. I Am sure you have thoughts you want to share. Although I admit sharing them here might not be the best idea but that isn’t my decision to make. If David is scary and you guys feel is potentially dangerous… blink twice.

      • Kaitlin

        ^Clearly doesn’t care about Nathan or his business. Nope not at all.

  • truckproductions

    he’s a douche but man i’d love to screw him. one time then deny doing it.

    • cookie

      “Then deny doing it” Hahahahahaha ??

  • Liz


  • FR

    remember when he was a “pro” football player?
    a college student?
    a MMA fighter?
    and now a pro body builder. but at least he served honorably in our military, which is a lot more than most people can say and he takes his losses in stride rather than making excuses (unlike jenelle)

  • Aussie cathie

    Nathan in budgie smugglers is an assualt on the eyes ?

  • nora

    nathan should take his son away from jenelle who has no business being a mom which is very bad seems that that little boy is emotionally abused by that jerk david.. in one epsiode, Kaiser was wanting something and hateful david threatened this baby by saying.
    “do u want ur nose in the corner. ” this was said twice to a baby..what in hell is going on.. get that baby away from them

  • SK

    I don’t like Adam but at least get it right. Adam’s not a bodybuilder, he’s a powerlifter.