Beyonce debuts first photo of twins Sir and Rumi Carter

Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today. ??❤️??????????

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Beyonce and Jay-Z’s twins Sir and Rumi Carter made their world debut today on their mom’s Instagram account. They are now one-month old.

The floral background for the photo is similar to the flowers used in the pregnancy announcement photo, and Bey is posed like a Grecian goddess in soft flowing purple and blue material. This announcement confirms that the Internet rumors about the twins’ names were true. In fact, the power couple has already filed paperwork to trademark the babies’ names for business use.

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  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Her belly button looks like a recent tummy tuck belly button.

    • TA

      I couldn’t care less about her, so I’m not defending. But I doubt she’s already had a tummy tuck. She just has twins, which really stretch the stomach muscles and skin, and the body is still healing. Pointless to do a major surgery while the uterus is still shrinking back to normal size. She may have had a C-Section as well. It looks more like photo retouching to me.

      • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

        In Hollywood csections with tummy tucks are not unheard of.

    • Shanaynay

      No. I think its called photoshop! Lol

  • TA

    I wonder why they chose Sir as a name?

  • Ali.P

    It’s all just so bad. The names. The picture. Can you imaging if your cousin, sister, or neighbor sent this as a birth announcement? You’d laugh about how ugly and crazy it is. It’s hardly about the babies, you can barely see them.

  • twelfthnight

    Why spend all that time retouching your stomach? Just wear something that covers it.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Or she got a tummy tuck with her csection.

      • twelfthnight

        Could have, but they’re only a month old. You’d think there would be a lot of healing left to do for the C-section alone if there was no photoshop here.

        I absolutely believe she got a tuck done and probably a c-section too, but I still think it’s super heavily photoshopped one way or another.

        • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

          Or she was never pregnant in the first place, never forget bump gate, and still photo shopped the daylights out of this.

  • STAXy

    I know a lot of people love B, but gosh she seems full of herself. People have kids every day you aren’t some saviour.

  • DanaD

    Sir and Saint say so much about how they expect the world to look at their children…. DJ Khalid post videos were he’s telling his infant son how great he is to the point it’s nauseating. I now imagine all celebrities do that based off what they name their kids.

  • Cait Sith

    lol She’s really full of herself, isn’t she?

    Really takes narcissism to a whole new level.

    Also Sir is just as bad as Saint and North. Really lmao considering Beyoncé like -hates- Kimmy Kimz and thinks she’s way better than her… Cuz like she’s a Grammy winning singer married to one of the most famous/successful rappers of our time (for lack of better wording). According to the rag mags, anyway. I mean… I -guess- she is… A little.

    Anywho. My point is, with those names (Rumi isn’t even that bad, honestly. Just Sir), and the pregnancy and baby photo, ‘Yonce kinda really HAS lowered herself to Kimmy K standards – even if it -is- a tiny amount.

  • sysmjp

    She looks tired

  • Aussie cathie

    Get over yourself sweetie…. Lord that husband of hers is putrid??