VIDEO Kim Kardashian’s Super Bowl commercial debuts: Is it sassy, or dull?

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Noted celebrity Kim Kardashian has a new Super Bowl commercial out, but it might be only the second-most high-profile ad campaign for the star of last year’s “Break the Internet” effort. The clip, which debuted last night during Conan, features Kim poking fun at herself as a “Famous Person,” one who wants you to sign up with T-Mobile and start stashing your unused data each month so that you can use it “to see [Kim’s] makeup, my backhand, my outfits, my vacations and my outfits.” The super-stoked Kimmie K revealed her participation in the ad this week, and let Twitter followers know that Mr. O’ Brien would offer a sneak peek when she tweeted out the following Tweet:



Pretty straightforward stuff. But does the ad suffer from a case of the straight-forwards: better-known as the borings? Here’s the clip:



Pretty tame stuff, considering that this is the commercial originally titled “The Booty Heard ‘Round the World.” Not to mention the aforementioned “Break the Internet” photo shoot and all the assorted body shots we’ve gotten from Mrs. K over the years. Does this commercial get your mouth watering? Are you excited to see a potentially longer version during the Super Bowl this Sunday?


(Photo credits: Screencaps via YouTube)

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