Stevie Ryan feuds with Simon Saran over his ‘moobs,’ then launches ‘Teen Mom Tea’ podcast

Simon Saran and Stevie Ryan

After this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, it was a clash of the Teen Mom Twitter troll titans when comedian Stevie Ryan and Farrah Abraham’s off-screen boyfriend Simon Saran got into it. Stevie openly mocked the cup size of Simon’s “moobs,” and Simon responded by saying Stevie has the chest of an eight-year-old boy.

Oddly enough, the tussle got started after Stevie made a joke about Amber Portwood’s fiance Matt Baier, the most frequent target of Simon’s own Twitter barbs. Here is a full recap of the Simon and Stevie spat:

STEVIE: Yo what’s Matt’s number I need a Xanax hookup #TeenMomOG

SIMON: Are you sure he’s not your daddy too? You can’t stop talking about him

STEVIE: You’re the one playing Daddy to a baby demon child (talking about Sophia, not Farrah) so I wouldn’t go there πŸ™ƒ

SIMON: That’s it? Damn I had faith in you.

STEVIE: Faith in me πŸ™„ More like a crush on me. Stop or you’re going to make Farrah jealous. Oh, wait. Her muppet ass dumped you. Never mind.

SIMON: Ehhhhh try harder

STEVIE: Simon’s tits look like a B or C cup #TeenMomOG

SIMON: I’d be jealous too if I had a chest of an 8 year old boy. Keep your head up!

STEVIE: Models don’t have tits. Keep reaching, leaching on to c*m dumpsters & stalking my Twitter.

SIMON: I didn’t know i Hop hired models! Good luck with your endeavors little boy! #pancakelife

STEVIE: You would be thinking about IHOP w those moobs you’ve been growing. Get sponsored by one of those weight loss detox teas like the rest of em

SIMON: Awwww don’t be upset little boy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

STEVIE: Simon’s got that Rob Kardashian look/body going on #TeenMomOG

Stevie’s semi-heated exchange with Simon, combined with all of the recent drama between Amber and Matt, apparently motivated her to take her Teen Mom OG commentary to the next level. “I’ve decided that I’m way too invested in #TeenMomOG/#TeenMom & it’s time I start an unofficial recap podcast,” Stevie tweeted in the midst of her Simon spat. “I need yall’s help w keeping me posted w all the latest drama happening off the show. What y’all think about helping me w the logo & name?”

She would later decide on “Teen Mom Tea With Stevie Ryan,” and she shared some of the many logo suggestions folks had sent her. Of course, we decided to offer up our suggestion — which is this Teen Mom scrapbook themed image:

Teen Mom Tea With Stevie Ryan podcast

*I searched through Stevie Ryan photos for an embarrassingly long time assuming there had to be at least one of her sipping a drink that could be Photoshopped to look like a glass of tea, but no luck. If the podcast was called “Teen Mom Jar of Weed With Stevie Ryan,” I wouldn’t have had a problem. Even easier would have been finding an appropriate image for a podcast called “Teen Mom Sexy and Fun Photos With Stevie Ryan.” πŸ˜‰ (Oh, and If there really is an eight-year-old boy out there with that body, then he’s gonna have all kinds of issues!)


Being the hustler that she is, Stevie had the podcast done in just a couple days and it’s already available for your listening pleasure! Here’s her tweet with the podcast, which should be playable via the embed. If not, just click on the link and give it a listen on Spreaker:

In her podcast’s first episode, Stevie talks about the most recent episode of Teen Mom OG: the epic “Friday The 13th,” which included Amber and Matt’s relationship continuing to erode and Farrah giving Sophia a rather difficult lesson about real estate. (Stevie also talks about Tyler and Maci, but essentially skims over those two to get to Farrah and Amber.)

In addition, Stevie recaps and offers up her take on the feud with Simon as well as Amber’s headline-grabbing Instagram Live rant from earlier this week. In what may be a surprise to some, Stevie defends Amber quite adamantly — well, everything but Amber’s statement about how a “real woman” keeps her mouth shut if she is the victim of domestic violence.

Meanwhile, Simon took time away from his flirty barbfest with Stevie to throw out another accusation about the Teen Mom OG film crew having drug issues! (He has previously suggested that show producer Kiki provided Ryan Edwards with pills.)

“omg what did you think about Matt having drugs,” someone tweeted, tagging Simon’s account.

“Not surprised, the crew always has some with them also,” Simon responded. “They are all druggies.”

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  • Bruja

    So, I opened this article and proceeded to just kind of scroll down it until I got to the Twitter/FB/Snappy exchange. Scrolled back up.. looked at the name on the byline.

    ‘Nuff said.

    • YourMom

      Yup. Not the best writer.

      • Paige Butler

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        • Kel2707

          Please stop bc it’s not true

  • Cait Sith

    Kind of unrelated, but idrc.

    Watching last week’s episode of Family Bootcamp with Farrah and her parents and Holy. Shit. I absolutely -hate- that Debra is forcing me to side with Farrah, but she is and I now see why Farrah acts and treats her mom the way she does. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really don’t flucking blame her for it anymore.

    Debra is a terrible mom. Who the Hell leaves and abandons their -child- in the middle of a very serious week long therapy session and chooses their -boyfriend- over that child? I always supported Debra and ALWAYS thought Farrah treated her like absolute shit and always kind of stood up for her, but I’ve lost whatever shred of respect I’ve ever had for that ugly, insane hag. It’s completely Debra’s fault that Farrah has all of these issues and now I -do- think she deserves all the yelling and screaming Farrah does at her.

    I don’t care what’s going on or what the issues are, you don’t abandon your child like that and you ESPECIALLY don’t flucking do it so that you can go get engaged. No man will ever be more important than my daughter and I for damn sure wouldn’t get engaged without involving her and letting her know beforehand. Besides, my fiance absolutely -adores- my little girl (he wants to adopt her when we get married). He actually even asked her if he could marry me :D. At first she was dead set against me ever getting married to -anyone- because “I don’t want a Daddy, Mom!” and I always respected that ,but now she can’t wait for us to finally tie the knot and she’s even started calling my fiance “Dad” all on her own. It’s so stinking sweet. My fiance cried happy tears the first time he overheard her refer to him as her dad to someone else.

    That went way off, but whatever. My point is. Debra is a really sucky, shittastic parent. who doesn’t even deserve that title and DOES deserve all of the hatefulness and vitriol Farrah throws at her. What an absolutely disgusting witch and a waste of space and oxygen. I’m so annoyed that she’s made me side with that pile of botched plastic surgery.

    • Regina

      Agh that story has me almost in tears – so cute and I am so happy for you and your daughter and your future husband!
      And I also agree that Deb clearly turned Farrah into a maniac and that entire family is just supremely f-ed up.

  • BooBooBaby

    Why does MTV continue to let that Arse h0le Simon on their show!?

    He is an awful boring person that thinks he is something! YUCK!!