PHOTOS Kim Kardashian wears Virgin Mary between her boobs after Kimoji prayer candle controversy

Kim Kardashian Virgin Mary

Just a few hours after Kim Kardashian caused a stir by offering a prayer candle with her likeness in place of the Virgin Mary on her website, the reality star continued to troll all of Christianity by wearing a very sexy, very sheer minidress with the bedazzled image of the Virgin Mary between her breasts during an evening out.

First, here is the Virgin Kim prayer candle–which will set you back a measly $18:

Kimoji Kim Kardashian Virgin Mary prayer candle

As far as the controversial dress, Kim wore the revealing Dolce & Gabbana look while out for dinner with her sisters at The Little Door Restaurant in West Hollywood — all while E! cameras were rolling.

A couple photos of Kim’s Blessed look:

Kim Kardashian Virgin Mary dress Kim Kardashian sexy sheer Virgin Mary dress

Kim Kardashian is not the first celebrity to sport the Virgin Mary on a dress (here’s Katy Perry for example), but she is garnering attention because her look is rather on the sexy side. Bill Donohue of the Catholic League wrote a response to the candle and the dress in which he called the use of the Virgin Mary’s image “exploitative” on the part of Kim:

We know that she and her family have been through a lot—their problems are mostly self-induced—but that is no excuse for ripping off Catholic iconography to make a quick buck and grab headline news.

Hmmm…I wonder what Yeezus has to say about all this?

If you’re thinking that a Kim Kardashian Virgin Mary prayer candle is the perfect gift for a friend (or yourself), then be sure to head on over to and grab yours now — I’m sure they will be snapped up soon! While you’re there, you can pick up some Kim Kardashian badonkadonk themed merchandise to go with The Virgin Mary, like her butt emoji inflatable pool float and “ass tray” ash tray. (Farrah Abraham, are you seeing this?!)

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  • Angry

    That is so disgusting and beyond disrespectfu. First Kanye thinks he’s God and now Kim is the Virgin Mary?? Who the he|| do these freaks think they are??

    • pmo

      so did beee yawn say.

  • Amanda Halladay

    IM like offended easily but that’s bs blasphamy

  • Paula

    I’m an atheist and even I know that’s rude as hell. Also why does she always look wet. It’s gross.

    • SweetTeacher

      I was thinking the same thing! What’s with the “just out of the shower” look!? It’s greasy looking

    • Yup, I said it

      That freshly peed on look? Its sad when you have to ride the coattails of a 2000yr old dead person to give your “brand” some value.

  • pmo

    slattern using catholic imagery.

  • Amanda Halladay

    Kanye is ruining her career.. I saw that when he made her get rid of her clothes when they were first dating. I mean she’s no genius but cmon

    • FYO

      Kanye ruining _Kim’s_ career? You got that backwards! He married her and instantly became Kanye Kardashian in everyones mind. He’s at the bottom of the totem pole in a pack of women now.

      • Brie Mode

        They ruined each other. Kim was a lot more entertaining and way less pretentious and annoying before Kanye popped up.

        Kanye went to the wayside after his mom died. I think losing her caused him to lose all sense of reality.

        But, also, this isn’t widely known, but I genuinely think that Kanye’s ego has gone through the roof not only because he lost his mom and he’s now married to who he thinks is the most beautiful woman in the world (and yes, I will say that I think Kim used to be absolutely -gorgeous- … I think around the time she was with Reggie Bush was when she was the prettiest, and I think him dumping her is what caused her to be so insecure that she felt the need to get all that extra plastic surgery), but…

        If you’ll look up and/or read Jensen Karp/Hot Karl’s book “Kanye West Owes Me 300 Dollars” or watch the interview he did on “I’m Not Sam” (Sam Roberts) on Youtube, Jensen delves into Kanye’s early days. He was a lit af producer, but his rapping was -whack-. He was literally laughed out of the room. He went overboard with his clothes trying to fit in with the big name rappers like Jay-Z- as in he wore them way baggier than what the mainstream rappers wore and it looked ridiculous. Jensen had a million dollar contract and got shelved basically because of Eminem, but Kanye produced a few of his tracks and he was one of the first people to hear Kanye rap. This was before he got into that accident and popped off with “Through The Wire” and made it big. Karp actually told his managers to NOT let Kanye rap on any of his songs and he admits to this day that it’s one of his biggest regrets ever.

        Anywho. I think that the bullying Kanye endured and the fame he finally garnered for himself got to his head, and after he lost his mom, he became even worse. I also think that he’s genuinely on the autistic spectrum like Assburger’s (Yes, I type it like that because most of the people I’ve known that has that form of it were pretentious assholes).

        Kanye still has millions of fans worldwide regardless of his marriage to Kim, though, but I think they’re ruining each other in terms of happiness and mental stability. Kim became far more subdued after she met him and everything she wears has to be “Kanye Approved”. Kanye rarely smiles or seems to be happy in any form or fashion.

        Sorry for the tl;dr, but that’s just my take on it all. I have a nasty habit of over analyzing things. Maybe I’m a bit autistic too heh.

        • FYO

          You make some good points. Pretty insightful ones to be honest. If you pan out a little and look at the bigger picture like you did, it does change things for sure.

          • Brie Mode

            If I were to say any of this over on Us, I’d get so much hate lol

            But. I will also say this. In the Sam Roberts interview with Jensen Karp he does say that back when he worked and hung out with Kanye, Kanye had a signature on his 2-way pager that said something like “watch out for these albums” followed by a list of titles and the years they were going to come out.

            Every single one of those albums came out roughly the same time he predicted they would except for the last one because he changed the name of it.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Why would anyone want to be caught dead with that candle in their home?

  • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

    How disrespectful

  • FYO

    I don’t give 2 fuhks about religion and even I’m like is this b|tch serious? GTFO with that.

  • Aussie cathie

    Not an ounce of respect what’s so ever !!!

  • Brie Mode

    I’m not Catholic, nor am I Mexican (even though practically everyone jokes that I really am)…

    But.. Even I’m offended. Kim went way too far with this one. You don’t flvck with the Mexican Catholic madres, right Bruja!?

  • Brie Mode

    Also what’s with the Granny Bra Kim is wearing underneath? I can’t.