Machine Gun Kelly shares nude photo in honor of his 27th birthday

Machine Gun Kelly tatttoos nude

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly has one of celebridom’s most famous collection of tattoos, and the freshly minted 27-year-old put them all on display — or at least the half on his front side — in a nude photo celebrating his birthday today.

MGK (real name Colson Baker) posted the photo with everything but his “machine gun” exposed on Instagram this morning along with the caption “mood: birthday suit on my birthday. good morning.”

The picture features Machine Gun Kelly standing with one hand behind his head and his nether regions covered by a pair of hands. (There is a third hand, but it appears to be up to something other than censorship.) The picture was originally in Inked magazine’s “The Sex Issue” from 2015:

cover of the sex issue. ❌❌❌ just hit stands this month. @inkedmag ???

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The photo looks to be an ode to Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine’s famous 2011 Cosmo UK photo shoot to raise awareness for cancer. (Now I’m starting to wonder if Teen Mom 2 dad Adam Lind’s nude photo inspired by Adam Levine might not actually be inspired by MGK’s Inked shoot. So many questions!)

If you’re curious about the stories behind Machine Gun Kelly’s tattoos, he talked about ten of them with The Drop back in 2013. Here are a couple of the more obvious highlights from the birthday suit photo:

Machine Gun Kelly anarchist tattoo

The Anarchy symbol

“The funny thing about the anarchy [tattoo] is that it was the only one that was a debate in the team. I was one of the only tattoos in the squad and I said, ‘Yo, I’m gonna get this. I’m just going all the way with it.’ And everyone was like, ‘No man! No f—ing way, man. You’re already kind of black-balled in the industry, and you’re gonna put that on your body. Now no corporate sponsors are going to f— with you.

And basically they thought I was going to stand alone. It’s funny because the time I did that, the same Halloween, I saw nothing but fans dressing up in MGK stuff. They had the guardian angel on my chest and ‘A’ on their stomachs. I just got anarchy because it’s a very strong statement about social reform. There is no f—ing rules. There is no code. You can’t tell me how to live my life. This is my own individuality, and I wear it proudly.”

Machine Gun Kelly guardian angel chest Tattoo

Guardian Angel

“I got this [angel] when I was 16 or 17, and it was right at the time when I started believing in God. I grew up with a really strict Christian father, and I was the typical rebellious, “f— everything” my father says to me. So, of course, when he’s preaching all this religious verbiage to me, it just came out of nowhere, and I understood the concept of karma and I still do.

And I don’t think my guardian angel is a f—ing lady in a f—ing robe singing as she falls gracefully from the sky. That’s why I put my guardian angel in f—ing pants and a wifebeater and Chucks. He’s just chilling, and he’s just like me. He’s here to hold me down.”

Machine Gun Kelly XXX tattoo

“It gives girls a fair warning of what they’re getting into. Some nasty s—‘s about to happen.”

Be sure to head over to The Drop for more explanations of Machine Gun Kelly’s tattoos by the man himself, including ones inspired by Banksy, The Giving Tree, The Sandlot, and George Orwell.

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