Courtland Rogers’ ex Taylor Lewis arrested, bond initially set at $1 million

Teen Mom 2 Courtland Rogers ex Taylor Lewis arrest

Long after Jenelle Evans left the area, the Brunswick County Police Department continues spending a lot of their time dealing with people that are connected to the Teen Mom 2 star. The latest show vet to spend time in front of the BCPD booking camera (yet again) is Taylor Lewis, the mother of Jenelle’s ex husband Courtland Rogers’ daughter Jordan (aka JaJa).

Courtland Rogers, who just got out of prison after serving more than a year for heroin possession, broke the news of Taylor’s arrest on Twitter as he seemed flabbergasted by the fact that she was being held on a million dollar bond:

Courtland Rogers ex arrested tweet

Online records confirm that Taylor is currently behind bars at the Brunswick County Detention Center after being arrested on a charge of obstruction of justice for an offense occurring on March 17. Although her bond was initially listed as $1,000,000, it looks to have since been cut in half to $500,000.

Taylor’s most recent booking photos:

Taylor Lewis arrest
Taylor Lewis arrest mug shot profile

If you’re wondering why Taylor’s bail amount is so high, I assume it has a lot to do with her numerous past run ins with the law. For example, she was apparently arrested in January for a probation violation from a previous offense. Here is that mug shot photo:

Taylor Lewis arrest January 2017

As bad as things look for Taylor, she’s not even the member of her immediate family in the biggest amount of trouble. Taylor’s sister Kristen was also arrested and charged for obstruction of justice for the March 17 incident, but she has additional charges including heroin possession. Her bond looks to be $1,005,000.

Those who follow the drama surrounding the two degrees of Jenelle Evans in Brunswick County may recall that Taylor and her sister have gotten into trouble before.

It’s unclear who has custody of Jordan at this point.

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  • twelfthnight

    Is that acne or meth marks? I hope the state has custody of that kid.

    • Jojo

      She looks pretty strung out. However I was more surprised that 1.) they didn’t make her remove her tracks (cos we all know those are clip in girl, no shame!) or her ski jacket prior to being photographed. Or,
      2.) that people are gobsmacked that her bail is so high. I live in Los Angeles, and though I have never been arrested myself, I’ve never seen bail set below 10k (so bonded, still a grand upfront) … now I’m curious, is bail hella cheap elsewhere?

      • kiki

        Some places leave you in your clothes until they actually do the intake and strip search and all that. I know of jails that will keep you in your clothes and not actually intake you for a few hours so you can get bonded out.

        • Jojo

          💫the more you know hehe. Thanks for informing my old, outta the loop ass 😂

          • kiki

            Lol yeah I saw it a few times on Lock Up and similar shows.

      • Kail’s Fake Ass

        Idk, I live in MA where they just free everyone no matter the crime.

  • LoLo

    He gets out of prison & posts about the mother of his child’s bond amount. It’s like a bragging right for them. I feel bad for the kids.

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  • Brie Mode

    I had to read that “Mother of Courtland’s Daughter” like 20 times before I got it >.<

  • Anna

    God I hope that kid has been taken away from both of them. Hopefully the state takes away their parental rights too so the kid can be adopted and have a shot at being normal. Never thought I’d find a kid worse off than Jace.