LHHATL Karlie Redd says she’s ‘gonna be pregnant soon,’ possibly by Black Ink Crew’s Ceaser

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 certainly hasn’t lacked any baby mama drama. But, according to one of the show’s longest-tenured stars, a new–and totally unexpected–pregnancy storyline might be coming our way: Is Karlie Redd pregnant?

Karlie is ostensibly with Young Joc right now, and he would no doubt be quaking and cracking jokes about rumors that Karlie might be pregnant…if Karlie hadn’t torpedoed her whole LHHATL storyline by stepping out with new boo Ceaser Emanuel almost immediately after LHHATL Season 6 premiered. So, Karlie and Ceaser are together–but, apparently, they’re celibate, because Karlie “just wants to make sure the relationship is real” before she gives Ceaser any “cookies.” (Ceaser, for what it’s worth, appears to be none too pleased by this particular arrangement.)

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But, in the same interview where Karlie discussed the reasons for her celibacy, she also disclosed that she’s “gonna be pregnant soon,” and insinuated that a Karlie Redd pregnancy might be one of LHHATL’s upcoming storylines this year.

“You haven’t had a baby yet, on the show,” Ed says, kind-of sort-of actually totally out of nowhere. The three had been talking about how “people love the drama” of LHHATL, which, according to Karlie and Ed, is probably why it’s the #1 show on cable right now.

Karlie’s response? “I’m, I’m, I’m gonna be pregnant soon.”

Co-host Monie Love asks, with just a hint of skepticism, “Is it in the bloody storyline?”

Karlie laughs and responds, “I can’t tell you anything! But I’m dyin’ to have a boy.” And she further clarifies that she’s “not ready” to have sex with Ceaser–but doesn’t close the door on any future cookies or impregnations.

Here’s the relevant snippet of Karlie’s appearance on The Ed Lover Show. The conversation veers from celibacy to pregnancy pretty quickly:

If Karlie were to become pregnant later this season (and we know that the producers are apparently still filming Season 6), it’s possible that she would make a few visits to a fertility clinic. Though she’s kept her age a closely guarded secret indeed, Karlie famously told the cameras she was 29 years old when she appeared on Scream Queens back in 2010. If that number was accurate, Karlie would be 36 years old this year.

Of course, the possibly reliable FamousBirthdays.com states flatly that Karlie was born on April 15, 1978, which would mean that her 39th birthday is just a couple of weeks away. But in either case, until we start to see surreptitious fan photos of Karlie and / or Ceaser in oversized sunglasses slipping into an Atlanta fertility clinic one crisp spring predawn, it seems more likely that Karlie will continue to keep things on the DL as much as possible.

(Photo credits: Karlie Redd pregnant via Instagram)

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    Karlie……Girl. Wtf are you doing? ????
    Isn’t she like 54????

  • theStevieJBus

    Is it even possible for a woman > 50 to get pregnant?

    • sh

      Yes it is

  • miss law 1969

    She have a grown daughter come on karllie find another story line and mona scott if u got to do this it time to find another story line sad

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      • miss law 1969

        Call karlie she needed instead getting knock up

  • baby0967girl

    Maybe Karlie needs a hook to stay on LHHATL, maybe if she did more music and less mess she’d have a hit song Real Talk