TEEN MOM 2 Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry discuss pregnancy rumors


A very much pregnant Kailyn Lowry and a rumored to be pregnant Leah Messer appeared on last night’s live Teen Mom 2 Aftershow Special.

While a number of topics were discussed, everyone was primarily concerned with two unanswered questions:

Who is the father of Kailyn Lowry’s baby and is Leah Messer also expecting?

Leah Messer stirred up a hornet’s nest during a live stream when her daughter Addie whispered to her that she should “tell them about the baby in your tummy.” Further igniting speculation was a scene from a recent episode in which a number of sonograms were clearly visible on Leah’s refrigerator.

Leah quickly shot the rumors down at the time, with sources close to the star also telling The Ashley that Messer was not pregnant.

Leah steadfastly continued to deny the rumor during last night’s show. Nessa replied, “Don’t lie to me like Kail’s been lying to me,” in reference to Kail’s previous false denial of her pregnancy.


Speaking of Kail, she made a name drop that had Teen Mom sleuths slivering as she mentioned someone named Larry just once while talking about her prep for baby number 3. So was this Larry person the much-speculated identity of Kail’s baby?

Kail addressed the Larry situation via Twitter after the show aired:

Kail also highlighted that while she would be fine with a boy or a girl as long as her baby is healthy, she was intimidated by the possibility of a daughter. “I don’t care, boy or girl, but I don’t know how I’m going to do it with a girl. If she’s anything like me, it’s going to be rough,” she proclaimed.


  • Raja

    Kail is PATHETIC

    • Guest

      I know, right? She’s certainly loving the attention.

    • sysmjp

      She really is. I am probably biased bc she reminds me of my ex. Such an unimaginable a*hole.

  • Liz

    Wow how far along is she? I’m pretty curious to whom the father is..

    • TinaBelchersGroan

      At least 20 weeks now I think.

      • Liz

        Yes that was what I was thinking.. I just expected it to be less

      • Liz

        She’s 25 weeks now?

        • Faceless Female

          Somewhere around there.

          • Liz


    • TA

      His name is Chris Lopez. I can’t recall his twitter name (if you google who is her baby’s daddy articles come up with his twitter name). Supposedly his tweets are questionable and his cover photo is a little alarming. I don’t have twitter, saw a screenshot of his twitter page on another site.

      • Liz


  • TA

    I just finished last nights episode and had to come back and comment… I cannot believe how selfish Kail is for bringing another child in to this f*cked up situation she has created for herself. She conceived a child in the midst of this ugly battle with Javi. She keeps saying Javi is crazy (and he has been acting that way in the recent episodes) but she is downright insane for bringing another child in to all of this.

    • Caty P. :)

      I was mad at Kail simply for not keeping her basement locked! Jesus Kail, what if someone other than Javi broke into your house that way? Lock your doors for your kids’ safety, for pete’s sake.

    • LoLo

      Kail is now doing to Javi what she did to Jo. Now, she’s ok with Jo after treating him horribly for years. It was ok for Javi to have Lincoln she wasn’t worried about that. But, she won’t let him have Isaac to punish him for exposing her. Her excuse for being with other guys is that she asked for a divorce. I don’t care who she was sleeping with but the fact that she brought the men into Javi’s home & around the kids is disgusting. Javi has every right to be pissed. She knows how to push his buttons to make him look crazy when she’s the one that physically assaulted him. Too bad he didn’t call the police on her then.

  • Lacy

    Jenelle’s relationships with her baby daddy’s have lasted longer then Kail’s. Kail said she wasn’t even sure if the dad will be in the baby’s life, that’s so sad. Although with her mood lately I wouldn’t put it past her to just not being telling the guy he has a kid on the way.

    • Emmy

      Jenelle was not sure who Jace’s father was, she had slept with three different guys around the time he was conceived.
      Jenelle and Nathan tried to get pregnant two or three weeks after she had her husband’s child aborted. They thought they were pregnant but the test was false positive because of the hormones in her body from the terminated pregnancy the month before remember? She found out she was pregnant with her husband not very long after they called it quits.

      • LoLo

        We need a chart to keep the kids, mothers & father’s straight in Jenelle’s life.

        Nathan-1 child that he doesn’t have custody of & 1 with Jenelle.
        David-1 he doesn’t have custody of, #2 Marissa & 1 with Jenelle
        Jenelle-Jace, Keiser & new baby with 3 fathers.

        So in all there are 4 moms, 3 dads & 6 kids. All of the kid with the exception of Nathan’s & David’s first children are moved from house to house, not stable & they don’t grow up with their siblings being there all the time. Marissa is not the babysitter. It’s a mess & I bet there will be more kids down the line.

  • ScrappieONE

    Is this a race to see who has the most kids by different fathers. Geez, Jenelle (3 kids, 3 dads), Kail (3 kids, 3 fathers), Leah (3 kids possiby 4, by 3 fathers)…. Cancel this crap and make them all gets real jobs and see how well that works out for them