TEEN MOM Amber Portwood and Matt Baier explain eviction mix-up


Amber Portwood and Matt Baier want everybody to know they’re not getting evicted.

Court records surfaced on Monday showing that the Teen Mom stars had eviction papers filed against them for a house that was prominently featured during the most recent season of the show.

The whole situation is confusing as the pair were believed to have purchased this home, yet it’s still under the ownership of someone else. Anyways…

Here’s what Matt and Amber had to say to TMZ about the situation:

Matt: Every mortgage payment has been paid in advance, sometimes months in advance. And again we put a $32,000 down payment on this house. What I said to him was, ‘There’s nothing to discuss. You filed something unlawfully and then tried to rescind it’ and he said ‘Well, we’ll just let it go away’ but for us things don’t just go away.

Amber: I believe he thinks that this house is in total shambles right now which is not true. This house is absolutely immaculate. We had to fix the electric in the home and the plumbing in the home because the plumbing was leaking into our kitchen.

So the damage he’s talking about was a hole in the wall that had to be cut out in order for us to fix the electric. I feel that the down payment that we put on the house he may be trying to take and he may be trying to resell this home… It’s getting to the point where I’m really getting sick and tired of all the rumors. I’m really getting tired of people trying to take advantage of us and we’re not going to sit back anymore.

The plaintiff, Kisby Enterprises, owned up to screwing up. They said that there was an “unfortunate misunderstanding” and that they intend on withdrawing the eviction filing.


  • Eh

    Idk who’s more delusional these days, Amber or Jenelle. If what Amber and Matt were saying is true they would’ve countersued, which doesn’t seem to be the case. It looks like they’ve only files a motion to appear in court, not have a counterclaim.

  • Thelma

    Sorry but how do you buy a house and later you’re still dealing with the seller in any way? Once the down payment is made you should have a mortgage with the bank. It sounds like they did some shady rent to own deal which doesn’t surprise me at all because you know, Matt and amber.

    • mutedexposure

      Owner finance. They hold the mortgage and you pay them. Usually it is an honest deal but shady people will con you into large down payments and a monthly parent with full intent of trying to file as a default to take your money. They need to get out of the owner finance if that is what they are doing.

  • theStevieJBus

    If the owner is trying to sell the house that means YOU DON”T OWN THE HOUSE Amber!!!! If you are a home owner your house cannot be sold out from under you expect by your lender or county when you don’t pay the mortgage or property taxes.

    Amber’s dumb ass was clearly in a rent to own situation and from what I’ve heard about it is the owner can decide not to let you buy the house and you don’t get any of your money back because it was just going towards rent, not for payment of purchase.

    • Lacy

      Right! She’s worried about the stories about them being evicted, but not that she lied on tv about owning it. Most rent to own deals are pretty shady, since normally a person who could afford to buy a house just would. Only person I know that did rent to own, did it because they had terrible credit.

      • theStevieJBus

        and I’m sure Amber has bad credit but why not pay Cash? Don’t they get like 200,000k for a season? she could have saved up and paid cash for a house.

        • MayJay

          That’s what I was about to say. If you’re making that kind of money, and have been for years, how freaking irresponsible do you have to be to not be able to buy a house outright? I wish somebody would pay me six figures just to film my day-to-day life, I’d be set! $100,000 on a house, two new modest vehicles instead of sharing one big 20 year old gas guzzling truck, a trust fund for the baby, and a hefty savings account. Why do these girls not handle their money better?! It’s infuriating to watch.

          • theStevieJBus

            It really is bad, Ironically Farrah seems to be the only one who knows how to handle her money.

        • Bruja

          She owes a fortune in tax debt, over 130k at last count. If even the flip properties are done only in Matt’s name as this story states, she is likely trying to avoid having shit snatched by the IRS for her debts.

    • Bruja

      This is Amber we’re talking about. After her years on TV, she will have nothing to show for it but her rising tax debts and a few pet piss riddled guitars.

    • victorg

      she certainly made it sound like she bought the house outright. which given her MTV salary and some fiscal restraint …she could have done. BUY your house dummy…the gravy train wont go forever! (and watch how fast Matt is out the door…..grabbing anything he can on the way out!).

  • savannah

    I’m starting to get just as confused reading articles about these two dimwits as I am when I read a Gypsy Sisters article. How does someone sell a home you already own? And why are they trying so hard to clear up “rumors”. They’re only giving it more life by talking about it….sigh. I really had hopes that prison would be the change Amber needed. Clearly she’s still a trainwreck.

  • TinaBelchersGroan

    For the love of God, you cannot be evicted from a home you (obviously do not) own nor can someone sell a house that (you again obviously do not) own. Regardless if you’re flipping it (which was her original claim on Twitter), rent to own or just renting, YOU DO NOT OWN THAT HOUSE. Amber, you’ve been caught in your lies (again) so just be the “real woman” you claim to be (HAHAHA) and own up to it.

  • TA

    Sounds more and more like they did a rent-to-own option. But why? They’re making so much money each season through MTV, why not just purchase a home through the proper channels? Even with bad credit, you can get a loan. With enough money down, you can qualify for a loan that isn’t based on your credit score.
    Also, it’s really hard to take someone seriously when they have pink hair.
    Grow the F up already. ?

    • TinaBelchersGroan

      I’m sure most of her money is going to Matts child support payments and/or court fees and lawyers ?

    • LoLo

      I will take this hair over her platinum over sized hair any day.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      Agreed. I use to be an underwriter for a mortgage company. Rent to own is for ppl with bad credit. There is no guarantee that they will be able to purchase the home at the end of the agreement. Usually it means that they will be the first to put an offer in. Not sure why would have put a down payment down on a rental. The owners of the home should be using the $ that Amber pays them to pay the mortgage. When they go to “buy” the home it is done as refinance not a purchase

      • Ashley

        They may have had to pay months of rent in advance (maybe even a full year) to qualify for the lease if their credit history is bad. I work in real estate, and if someone has bad credit but cash in the bank they will, more times than not, offer to pay the entire lease term up front in order to get the lease.

  • LoLo

    I’m glad the company owned up to their mistake. Even if this does sound a bit fishy. I loath Matt, but I would bet people try to take advantage of people on tv all the time. They try to see what they can get out of them because the people don’t want it to hit the news. Hell, it was pretty easy for Matt to pull a fast one on Amber.

  • Amanda_56

    What’s going on with starcasm? They’re barely posting any articles

    • cookie

      It’s because the kartrashian kamp has FINALLY been quiet…Thank God!

    • TA

      I know! I keep waiting for an article about Jessa and Ben’s new baby, and how he has a “normal” first name.
      Poor Spurgey.

      • Jessica Nystrom

        I’m waiting for the jermey Brooke story. Where y’all at?

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        • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

          Uh oh what happened?? What about the cate and Tyler cheating scandal?

          • Amanda_56

            Getting more news stories from you ladies, than starcasm! Lol I’m going to look up the cait and ty thing now!

          • AshleyBlack

            Where y’all reading these? Are they reliable? Because starcasm & the Ashley are both lacking!

          • TA

            I did read about that, and it’s just a rumor. They’re so co-dependent, I can’t ever see either of them even having a chance to cheat since they can’t ever be apart.

      • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

        But but the middle name is Wilberforce.

        • TA

          True. But a weird middle name is more common, and easier to hide.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      I know. I’ve been spending all my time on other sites.

  • Toni

    She *should* have the money, but likely, with the way she has been spending she doesn’t. She spent what on Leah’s clothes? $400? $600? For a child! How much does she waste on herself and the moocher? They have a new car every season, and don’t exactly go for a modestly priced sedan. Farrah is a pile of dog shit, but she has viable businesses. Amber’s trying to spend on her level and she can’t. You don’t make that amount of money making phone calls on your couch.

    • Leah’s Fidgety Legs

      Honey she spent $900 on those clothes for Leah that looked like a bunch of gaudy dance costumes. She could have spent a quarter of that money at the Gap or Target and the clothes would have looked better.

      • Bruja

        Exactly. Hell, kids grow so fast and are so rough on their clothes, I don’t understand it when anyone spends ridiculous amounts on kids clothes.

        Not to mention the fact that while a few of the dresses were cute, they weren’t appropriate for school. She needs to let Gary’s wife handle the every day aspect of Leah’s life, because lets face it, left up to Amber, Leah will be sporting acrylics and false lashes by the time she’s 10.

        Sending love to ya, Amb[ien]. 🙂

        • Leah’s Fidgety Legs

          Right. I couldn’t tell you how many pairs of jeans my son got holes in at the knees from scooting around on the carpet or just falling and playing.

  • bree7702

    Um when you buy a home and things need to be fixed it’s usually just the homeowners business. How in the hell does some random guy file eviction paperwork. Makes no sense. None of it.

  • DROS

    Yaaass, i agree with everyone, it sounds crazy suspect, dont get me wrong, I love Amber!!, but I gotta keep 100, omg Matt- 4real girl you can do HELLA! BETTA! and wtf!! in the more recent shows is he walking around like he is KING shit!! like he all business now and looking down on mofos like he some..BOSS ass!,, no ninja!! he got some property and flipping and driving nice cars.. and omg!! its Nino Brown ahhh No!! you not!! SIT DOWN CLOWN!!.. okay i had to get that off my chest..lol.. To be real..i dont like him!! he there for $$ and boo-boo, she upgraded you! you didnt upgrade her, and um-aaahh…big boss you still need a toothbrush my ninja, get dat gingivitis!! just sayN…..

  • TheBelltower

    And here we have the antics of the white-trashiest people on earth. Lovely

  • victorg

    i would bet that the house has an awful stink about it. i also cant picture either of them cleaning.

  • Aussie cathie

    Matt you are nothing but a scumbag….. There is no we !! It’s Amber’s money !! As for “immaculate ” lol, dirty bastards ??

  • FYO

    If Amber is so sick of everyone talking about her, maybe she should keep her @ss off social media instead of constantly trying to explain herself with excuses. When has that ever worked in your favor Amber? …NEVER. You’ll be just fine without social media. Humans managed for to get by for millions of years without it. You can too. Give it a shot.

  • Thatgirl

    Sooooo…. it was said by a neighbor in ANOTHER article that someone else had already been moved into this home??? Wth?? What’s the REAL truth here??

  • Todd. Mcaferty

    They have like 3 bottles full of piss on the night stand in Gatorade bottles next to matt on the night stand as they lay on the bed with their 50 dogs talking about their wedding and bachelor party on episode 25 season 6 disgusting come on get up and use the toilet or atleast dump them out before filming mats living such a huge lie with amber thats why he forgot to dump them out and thats why hes prob scared and refusing to see the therapist because hes worried they will find something out because he so close to getting her to marry him and doest want something to be found out before he basically owns half of everything she has what a slime ball thats why he wanted to get married in vegas shr was basically isolated thank god forher brother