When will Amber Portwood be released from prison?

'Teen Mom' star Amber Portwood in prison

Amber Portwood of Teen Mom entered into an Indiana prison in June of this year after refusing to complete a drug rehabilitation program. Amber had been on probation stemming from a drug possession arrest and prior violation last year; and while most would have opted to stay in treatment, Amber chose to go to jail after fearing her drug use had spiraled completely out of control.

Now fans have begun wondering when Amber will be released from jail and able to go back to her life as mommy to her young daughter Leah. While one report claimed she would be a free woman as of June 2017, this is incorrect. Amber has stayed out of trouble so far and that means her release date has already been moved forward. For each “good day” an inmate serves, they are rewarded a day of freedom, and Amber is even eligible to apply for certain programs which will make her release even sooner.

Amber is missing out on so much right now. Just days ago, her daughter turned four years old and Amber missed it. Unfortunately, she’ll be missing a few more, and all the growing and learning her daughter is doing in the mean time. However, luckily for Amber, she may only miss two more birthdays.

If Amber Portwood remains on her best behavior and signs up for any eligible learning programs, she will be released as early as December 2014 (Update: possibly sooner! Her brother Shawn tweeted that Amber’s planning to get out before the end of 2013.) So far, she’s done well and has even joined the choir and began writing a book about her life. As long as she stays focused, she will be eligible for the earliest possible release date which is key for any mother.