Matt Baier scandal update: fake lie detector tests, Shawn Portwood and Tiffany Bassett fallout, producer Kiki’s involvement

Matt Baier paddling through BS

For those of you completely lost trying to keep up with the chaotic flustercluck of scandals surrounding Amber Portwood’s fiance Matt Baier, I am going to try to provide a simplified timeline of events over the past week that should get you all caught up, including the most recent developments involving alleged fake lie detector tests, details about Shaw Portwood’s involvement, and information about what Teen Mom OG producer Kiki knew about Matt’s alleged affair with Tiffany Bassett in Las Vegas.

This post is essentially about all of the developments from the past week, but it is important to set it up with the first report about Matt taking a lie detector test:

MAY 12
The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports that Amber Portwood and Matt Baier have split after he failed a lie detector test about whether or not he had cheated on Amber. According to The Ashley, Amber sent Matt home from California and demanded that he pack up his stuff and move out of their Inidian home before she got back.

Matt and Amber would both later reveal that they were still together, although Matt was clearly more vocal and confident about the strength of their relationship than Amber. Both Amber and Matt insist that he passed the lie detector test with flying colors.

Fast forward through Matt’s controversial Teen Mom OG preview clip, their wedding being delayed, and more of Amber and Matt affirming to the public that they are still Mamber.

MAY 22
The Teen Mom OG episode airs featuring Matt and Amber’s trip to Las Vegas where he pressures Amber to marry him on the spot. He keeps pressuring her and eventually takes her response of “I’m so scared” as a “yes.”

Amber seems hesitant and calls her brother and daughter before deciding that she would rather wait. Matt BLOWS UP and cameras catch his conversations with MTV producers in which he calls Amber’s brother Shawn a “f***ing fa**ot” and Amber a “f***ing psycho” in addition to complaining about how she embarrassed him in front of The cameras. In addition to Matt’s disdain for Amber and her family, we also see him exhibiting misogynist traits in his interaction with the crew. “I don’t care who you have to have oral pleasure with, keep the Amber, Matt wedding thing off TV,” he tells a female producer, adding that “she just embarrassed me in front of 12 million people.”

What is VERY important about these scenes featuring Matt’s interaction with the Teen Mom OG crew is that they are scenes in which he doesn’t seem aware that he is being filmed. All of what viewers get to see of Matt on Teen Mom OG and his “Being Matt” special is what he wants us to see. Leaked phone conversations between Matt and his alleged mistress Tiffany Bassett show a much more aggressive and threatening person, much like the one we see talking to MTV producers.

Another VERY important thing about the scenes involving Matt and the crew is that he does not think Amber will see them either. In addition to controlling what we see, Matt seems to be VERY careful about what Amber sees.

Shawn Portwood Matt Baier Amber Portwood together on the couch at the Teen Mom OG After Show

MAY 22
On the Teen Mom OG After Show, Amber Portwood joins Matt Baier and her brother Shawn Portwood to discuss the controversial scenes featuring Matt. Amber seems genuinely shocked by how Matt acted with the crew and what he said to them about her, but it doesn’t appear to be a deal breaker in their relationship.

Matt chalks it up to just a “bad day” (later clarifying that it was just a bad 20 minutes) and Shawn seems suspicious without being overtly judgmental. Shawn seems downright chummy with Matt on the surface, but some of what he says and his body language suggest otherwise.

I’m going to insert my personal take here. Watching the After Show was mesmerizing to me because I really felt as though Amber had Shawn on one shoulder and Matt on the other with both trying to guide her in different directions. I think everyone — even Amber — is aware that Matt knows how to manipulate her, but what was really impressive to me is how obvious it was that Shawn REALLY knows his sister as well, and he knows how to be very crafty too.

Fans of the show are well aware that Amber doesn’t like hearing anything she doesn’t want to hear, and both Shawn and Matt seemed to be masters of delivering messages wrapped in pretty paper. The only difference is that Matt seems to only care about protecting himself while Shawn seems concerned with protecting Amber. Unfortunately, Shawn lives in Florida now and Matt lives with Amber, so Matt’s shoulder whispering is a 24/7 constant with which I do not believe Shawn can compete. (More on that below.)

Being Matt Baier Tiffany Bassett mistress

MAY 24
Tiffany Bassett, a single mom and cancer survivor from Arizona who appeared briefly in the “Being Matt” special (photo above), shares her story of having sex with Matt more than once during a group trip to Las Vegas around New Years. Tiffany has multiple text message conversations, audio of recent angry phone calls with Matt, and even a Matt Baier scrotograph. Tiffany says she was initially motivated to meet with Matt because he promised to help promote her paramedical tattoo business. She details their sexual encounters, and suggests that Matt became very aggressive and had sex with her even though she didn’t want to.

MAY 24
On the same day that the story broke about Matt’s alleged affair with Tiffany, TMZ reveals that Amber and Matt had a meeting with Vivid Entertainment CEO Steven Hirsch on May 8. The “meeting with Steven Hirsch about a sex tape” is a well-known tactic used by Amber’s PR firm GR Media, and many questioned the timing of the story and speculated that it was an attempt to distract from the adultery story.

Matt and Amber would occupy the press with interviews about the potential of making an adult film together — all just hypothetical headline fodder.

MAY 26
Matt Baier reveals that he relapsed and started taking pain pills again last December, which led to numerous blackouts during a two week period that covers the filming of the controversial Teen Mom OG episode in Las Vegas as well as his his later trip back to Las Vegas around New Years when he allegedly hooked up with Tiffany. Matt is quick to point out that he was only taking the pills when he wasn’t around Leah — just when he was about to have sex with other women and do anything that he might regret later and have difficulty explaining. (I know that seems like an absolutely ridiculous story, but you have to remember that it doesn’t matter at all what others think, just what Amber thinks. And it appears that she is buying the relapse blackout thing.)

MAY 26
Amber Portwood tweets lie detector test results that show Matt did not cheat on her.

MAY 27ish
Teen Mom True Detectives all but prove that the lie detector tests posted by Amber were purchased from a company that sells fake lie detector test results. It’s unclear if Matt purchased the results without Amber knowing, or if she played a part. [Be sure to click that link — it is a GREAT and thorough article!]

Amber has since deleted the polygraph results she posted as well as these tweets directed at Tiffany in which she is clearly not “sending love:”

Your an ignorant and ugly person inside. I’ve never met such a desperate person in my life. We tried to help you because you said you had cancer etc. And you wanted to do business blah blah disgraceful to do what you do..just disgusting

OK, here is where things go super crazy. It seems Tiffany Bassett shared a lot of her evidence against Matt with @entylawyer on Twitter, which is run by the person behind the infamous Crazy Days and Nights blind items website. In addition to sharing text messages with Matt, Tiffany also shared her conversations with Amber’s brother Shawn and Shawn’s wife Rachel. Here is a sample conversation allegedly between Rachel and Tiffany in which Rachel says Matt is not allowed in their home or around their children:

Tiffany Bassett texts with Shawn Portwood's wife Rachel 1
Tiffany Bassett texts with Shawn Portwood's wife Rachel 2

From what I can piece together based on tweets by Tiffany and @entylawyer is that Tiffany mailed her phone (!!) to Shawn in Florida to prove to him beyond a shadow of a doubt that her interactions with Matt were legit. In addition to LOTS of racy sexting in which Matt talks excessively about his now infamous penis, @entylawyer suggests there may be some very threatening messages in there as well that he cannot share. “Shawn has access to texts even I’m not being allowed to share,” the account tweeted. “He knows from reading them that Amber’s life is in jeopardy right now.”

Despite there being lots of texts @entylawyer cannot share, the account promises much more to come. “Hey @entylawyer, where r the texts about Matt’s premature ejaculation problem u said u have?” one Twitter user asked, adding “I haven’t been thoroughly disgusted enough.????”

The account added this info over three tweets as a response:

Plenty more tomorrow. There must be over a thousand texts. Oh, one last piece of puzzle that is really interesting. Shawn had access to all the phone calls and numbers that Matt texted and called. Not sure how. He mentions it in a text.Matt’s phone in Amber’s name and Shawn pays the bill? Knows the password? There was at least one other phone number that Shawn was interested in. Another woman?

Shawn Portwood has since responded to Tiffany’s and @entylawyer’s tweets, and in my opinion seems to be doing some damage control in hopes of keeping the peace with Amber:

Do you know what the biggest problem is? The only reason why this stuff is being put out is because Tiffany wasn’t relevant anymore. No one cares period when the spotlight was off of her and back on Amber and Matt for what they were doing she put this out. Y’all make this out like it’s major news but nobody cares.

Where do you get your information? I should [sue] you for defamation of character right now. Everything you are saying is completely false. Not one of these statuses that you are creating or even remotely true. Why would I pay Matt bill? I don’t have access to his phone numbers. Obviously you have all these texts in front of you but you can’t read them and understand that like a literate person. You are irrelevant. Even if you keep putting out these text messages which say or mean nothing by the way you’re just hurting yourself

In addition to Tiffany’s conversations with Shawn and his wife Rachel, @entylawyer also posted screen caps of alleged text message conversations between Tiffany and Teen Mom OG producer Kiki in which Kiki promises Tiffany that she will keep anything they talk about completely confidential before Tiffany later reveals that Kiki may have shared what Tiffany sent her with Matt:

Tiffany Bassett MTV Teen Mom producer Kiki text messages
Tiffany Bassett producer Kiki text messages 2
Matt Baier mistress Tiffany Bassett Teen Mom producer Kiki texts 3

Meanwhile, Amber’s ex Gary Shirley seems to be the only one staying calm during the Matt Baier s**tstorm. “Parenting decisions are the hardest,” he tweeted after being inundate with concerned tweets. “Plz remember anything I do for my kids is always out of love & keeping them safe. I just need 2 navigate the truth behind everything cause I don’t wanna hurt my daughter in any way, but I will do what needs to be done.”

That should pretty much get you all caught up…for now.

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