Andrew Glennon responds to Amber Portwood’s ‘hate-fueled interview,’ reveals year-long ‘landslide of abuse’

Teen Mom Amber Portwood ex Andrew Glennon with son James

The custody battle between Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon over their 16-month-old son James is becoming much more public. Over the past week, Amber did an Instagram live session in which she answered questions from fans, and this week MTV aired her interview with Dr. Drew as part of the Teen Mom OG Reunion. It appears that Andrew was not invited to speak with Dr. Drew to give his side, so he took to Instagram and turned the comments section of his recent posts into an impromptu interview.

In her sit-down with Dr. Drew, Amber couldn’t say much about the custody case or her domestic violence arrest in July. However, she did suggest that the claim that she went after Andrew and their son James with a machete was “insane.”

“I opted out of drug court a long time ago to put myself in prison to help myself,” Amber said. “You haven’t heard sh*t from me since then. I haven’t got in trouble one time. But all of a sudden, I’m running after my kid and [Andrew] with a machete? You’re insane.”


All of Amber’s supporters in the wake of her recent arrest, including ex Gary Shirley and her brother Shawn Portwood, concede that Amber was guilty of some of the allegations that led to her arrest. For example, they all admit (as did Amber) that she hit Andrew with a shoe while he was holding James. So, the real sticking point seems to be the machete allegations.

Here is a description of that part of the altercation from our previous post based on the arrest affidavit:

“Mr. Glennon became visibly upset and stated Ms. Portwood then threatened to kill herself. Mr. Glennon stated Ms. Portwood went to her drawer and took a handful of Klonopin and tossed it back like it was nothing.”

At this point, Andrew told Amber that he was calling for help. He says that Amber then regurgitated the pills.

Things then went from horrible to worse as Andrew says Amber grabbed a machete that she keeps for protection, unsheathed it, and began to come at him while he was still holding James!

“Mr. Glennon stated he locked himself and [the baby] into the office,” the affidavit states. “Mr. Glennon stated she hit the door with the machete and kicked the door and broke the handle. Mr. Glennon stated that is when he called for help.”

Andrew doubled down on the machete allegations in his recent comments by adding that it “wasn’t the first time she’s used the machete, and there’s proof of that.” I am guessing that Andrew has video and/or audio of Amber using the machete in a threatening manner prior to the arrest incident? I suppose we will have to wait and see what evidence is presented in court.

Amber’s arrest was already in the headlines before the details from the affidavit were released, but as soon as the word “machete” showed up, the story became very easy to sensationalize. In a very lengthy statement about his troubled relationship with Amber, Andrew reminded everyone to not lose focus and get distracted by the sensational details. “Everyone has been blinded by the distractions of allegations to the point of forgetting about what this is really all about, sweet baby James being caught in the crossfire of misguided rage and unwarranted attacks.”

Andrew Glennon statement about son James in aftermath of Amber Portwood's domestic violence arrest and ensuing custody battle

Andrew also expressed his frustration over the fact that Amber was given the opportunity to speak with Dr. Drew on air and give her side of the story, but he was not given the same chance. He said that is why he opted to speak out by responding to comments.

Here is Andrew’s summation of his relationship issues with Amber, which is in response to a since deleted comment that apparently described Andrew’s truth as “nasty.”

Sorry, the truth I lived was nasty?? Want me to bottle my emotions and let horrible stuff fly about my son and I? While the abuser is still abusing me, only this time it’s via social media and national television instead of fists and curse words?

I’m not talking about the side of the story of what happened in July, I’m talking about the landslide of abuse that I had to endure the past entire year. It changed me. She broke me down psychologically. I became more silent, I hesitated before speaking, what she did literally altered my speech pattern. I needed to be prescribed medication for anxiety which I have never had in my life.

No. I’m not going to be silent until your dust settles. I’ve been silent for too long. The abuse has gone on for far too long. It goes on still. Sorry the truth is “nasty,” it was. No apology ever, for anything.

I was conditioned to feel useless and everything I said was wrong. I’d have anxiety attacks pulling up to the house and right before going to sleep, when she would lock herself in her closet until 6am smoking weed, listening to music and taking hydrocodone. Everyday I was ripped into emotionally, but I kept going for James, I kept going having blind faith that she would change, that it was just a dark patch, but it kept getting darker, and darker, and darker.

I made cries for help to her doctor, her brother, her family, MTV, and it landed on sympathetic but deaf ears. I am the only person who truly cared for this woman, wholly, entirely… and I got hurt for it. I got hurt bad.

I never claimed to be perfect, but I did my absolute best for her and for James. And now my family is broken and I’m being attacked further for doing WHAT I HAVE TO DO to be the only stable parent to care for James. Who cares for him when all eyes rush to help Amber? Everyone has been blinded by the distractions of allegations to the point of forgetting about what this is really all about, sweet baby James being caught in the crossfire of misguided rage and unwarranted attacks. James says no more. So it must be.

The person who left the comment Andrew was responding to had a change of heart. “I take back all I have said after reading what you just wrote,” she replied. “I apologize that you had to go through all [that] and James had to go through that 🙁 That is horrific for you, and thank god James has you.”

“There is so much healing that has to be done,” Andrew admitted. “For all parties.”

“Definitely,” the commenter concurred. “And trust me, I know what you’re going through. I have been there. I apologize if I made you feel sad or anything — that wasn’t my intentions.”

“I understand and it’s ok,” Andrew wrote. “There is just so much pain to process and bad memories flare up randomly, it sucks. I try to think of the good times, but they’ve been paved over and I honestly can’t recall anymore except for a fleeting moment when we were holding each other and talking optimistically about our future together.”

Here is most of the rest of Andrew’s “interview” with those leaving comments on his most recent Instagram posts:

COMMENT: Keep giving that beautiful child the happy life he deserves! I have great hope that with your love and stability he will be a great man.

ANDREW: ? That’s the plan!

COMMENT: Well, she already has a past and lost full custody of her first child for the same thing, so I don’t think it’s gonna be hard for Andrew. Dgiw [?] or knife, violence is violence. Men can be victims of violence too. Not just women.

ANDREW: The stigmas and double standards are sickening

COMMENT: Why u cheat on Amber?

ANDREW: Why u believe everything you hear?


ANDREW: She wasn’t taking her medication, she attacked my son and I on more than one occasion, and I pray each day she gets the help she needs. Of course she is going to accuse me of everything under the sun to deflect the horrendous actions she’s taken against her family. Of course.

COMMENT: You shouldn’t even be commenting on the topic. She isn’t proud, she needs help.

ANDREW: You’re going to try to tell me what to do when I LIVED the topic… and nope, as of lately she’s been stating she “doesn’t need help.” Ok!

COMMENT: But you always haven’t lived in the spot light, and discussing it with strangers on ig doesn’t help the situation.

ANDREW: She looked very proud in that hate-fueled “interview”… which she stood James up to go and do. Actions speak volumes. I pray one day she gets the help she needs and finds her own happiness in life.

ANDREW: Want to give me an interview on national tv? Where do you propose I talk about the abuse I’ve endured for over a year? …or should I just keep it locked up inside. The support that people give helps me through each day. They remind me of all that is good and right in the world. So yes, it does help my situation.

COMMENT: Amber said u have a new gf shee the pic.

ANDREW: Amber says a lot of things, and honestly, I don’t even know what you just said.

COMMENT: You can’t keep her son from her tho ? How would you feel if it’s was the other way around?

ANDREW: If it were the other way around, I would take my medication. I’d also be on my knees begging for my family back and doing everything in my power to seek professional help so it would never happen to those I love ever again…

COMMENT: I wanna see the new girl.

ANDREW: You and me both ? Let me know when you find her.

COMMENT: But Amber’s already spoken with her and everything ???? ????

ANDREW: Tell her to have her call me then ??????

COMMENT: So you have a new woman already ? Interesting

ANDREW: What’s really interesting Suzy is how much I care about how little you know. ✌️

ANDREW: What’s her name btw? Bc I don’t even know.


ANDREW: And what did you learn from the “professionals?” …I wish I were asked to give an interview with Dr. Drew, wouldn’t that be fair??

COMMENT: [Andrew] is doing just fine. HES DOING AN AMAZING JOB! He is a GREAT Person. And with him as a father Baby James will be just fine?❤ Hes an amazing Guy??

COMMENT: Why is it any of you’re business? Are you serious? First off its TV Second off there are 2 sides to every story. And even if he cheated on her THAT’S STILL NONE OF YOU’RE BUSINESS! Who are you to come on a picture of his beautiful son and bring up nonsense that has absolutely nothing to do with your damn life. So what gives you the right to comment that. And if he did have a new girl,or he was talking to a few, they are not together and again — NOT YOUR BUSINESS, NOT YOUR LIFE! Did you forget that she attacked him with that innocent beautiful baby boy in his arms with weapons? Just like she attacked Gary with Leah in his arms. You seem to forget. And do you know how long ago this happened? Or are you just going on TV time? No one knows what went on in their relationship, how long it’s been over, or whatever. YOU DON’T KNOW! So to comment under a picture that has NOTHING to do with his relationship status just makes you look pathetic. Pay attention to your life and your relationships. You will get nowhere in life being that nosy and annoying.

COMMENT: Ahh we have found the girlfriend. If he can cheat on the mother of his child while he’s with her then he will cheat on you as well.

ANDREW: Since when is a text convo “cheating?” You guys suck down lies like it’s fine wine.

COMMENT: At the end of the episode, it says you and Amber’s legal teams were working towards a resolution. Does that mean the charges will be dropped against Amber?

ANDREW: False statement.

COMMENT: Who’s the woman in the picture. That’s definitely a woman’s hand and nails

ANDREW: Lol, you know, just some random prostitute off Instagram. Get a life & exit mine. Thank yooou.

ANDREW: Since you absolutely must know, it’s our neighbor who invited James and I over for burgers. She’s known Amber through her “Matt days,” and her and her husband have been the kindest hearted people to James and I through this whole mess. Totally unbiased and sweet.


ANDREW: I’ve made that cry for help on her behalf to literally everyone in her life, all landed on deaf ears of denial. She said herself to her psychiatrist that she felt like a ticking time bomb and didn’t want the relationship to be sabotaged… He did nothing. Just wrote her a “child’s dose” of medication. It’s the saddest outcome, it was avoidable, but no one wanted to give support… or maybe they just didn’t know what to do. I did my damnedest to keep everything together, researching new therapies, coming up with alternatives that just weren’t heard, and now this. James deserves better.

COMMENT: Why is @realamberlportwood1__ ‘s story so different than yours? She thinks you’re crazy over the machete story. I don’t believe that part happened I think it’s a made up story by you, but question is why? Amber is a damn good mother and deserves to be with her baby all the time. You suck for what you’re doing to her AND James.

ANDREW: Wasn’t the first time she’s used the machete, and there’s proof of that.

COMMENT: I think you should reach out to @theashleysrealityroundup for an exclusive interview. That was BS that Amber was given a platform to speak on the incident when MTV wasn’t even filming when the incident occurred. They should have stuck to her season. ??‍♀️

COMMENT: Or write a book…. seems everyone else within the franchise does it.

ANDREW: I think I will share with them the entire text convo w/ my “new mystery GF” that got twisted into me “cheating.” You’ll all see the roots of her lies.

COMMENT: Why can’t amber see her son? On the show you said many times she is a good mother / person, and you won’t let her see her son, and you won’t let James see his mother. If the shoes where on the other foot, would you like if she did it to you?

ANDREW: If the shoe were on the other foot I’d be lynched.

COMMENT: On some level you knew she was like this before you decided to have children with her… she’s responsible for the current situation, but I’m not sure how you honestly thought this whole thing would end up.

ANDREW: Happily ever after with her getting the right help and being the mom she never got to be with Leah.

COMMENT: I agree at his age he needs his mom and will grow up to resent his father .. I speak from experience .. my daughter is 15 now and misses her bio so bad.

ANDREW: Your speculation is based on your life and is in no way applicable to mine.

COMMENT: I agree with the above post “that little boys need their mom” only if said mom is not throwing machetes, addicted to drugs & alcohol and dealing with a slue of mental illnesses. Protecting that baby is all that matters!!!

ANDREW: Not asking for much, right?

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