TEEN MOM 2 PEEKS Doctors want to test Aleeah for MD, Jo talks custody with Vee


It’s time once again for some Teen Mom 2 peekage!

We’ve got Chelsea Houska getting gifted with an inflatable man toy, Jo Rivera and Vee Torres discussing the custody arrangement he has with Kail Lowry, and Leah Messer having a difficult conversation about medical testing for daughter Aleeah.


Leah calls up her friend Kylie on the phone and reveals that the doctors in Columbus want her to bring in daughter Aleeah to be screened for muscular dystrophy. Kylie asks if Aleeah’s been tested for this before and Leah reveals that she and Corey Simms were mistaken in thinking that she had.


Jo and Vee have a little chat about Jo having son Isaac more frequently. She asks him if he thinks he should request a 50/50 custody but he seems good with the current arrangement. “I’m content with the way things are going. I see him all the time now, I can go and see him whenever I want,” Jo explains.

When Jo asks why he needs a new arrangement in writing Vee says, “Because you never know… Things could be good now. You think it could be like that forever… She changes randomly.”


Chelsea’s friends Britnee and Tiffany gift Momma Houska with a big inflatable Di*k. When Britnee puts her mouth on Di*k and starts blowing, Chelsea decides that it’s probably a good idea to finish the job when daughter Aubree isn’t around.

We apologize to the good doctor Randy Houska for those lame jokes 😉


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  • Amanda_56

    I don’t know if it’s because I’m pregnant but when joe said ” I don’t know if you realize but when it comes to Isaac, there’s no taking advantage of me” I burst out crying. Joes such a good dad.

    • FrontDoorMom

      He is such an amazing father i cannot believe he is how he is. In the earlier episodes he was made out to seem so cold and quiet. But turns out hes such a GOOD guy. I want me a Jo! 🙁

      • savannah

        I am realizing that the Jo we saw in the beginning of the series, was mind f*cked by Kail on the daily. And you’re right, I had never thought I’d end up liking Jo as much as I do now! I’m lucky to have a Jo of my own!

        • FrontDoorMom

          Oh Kail messed with him so bad. She makes every person she was with look bad. I started to hate Javi but now that hes not with Kail hes the good old Javi again. No i dont know him personally but you can see the difference in their personalities when they are not with Kail. Common denominator: Kail.

  • Kyle

    Gracie is getting tested for MD, not Aleeah

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Aleeah Grace.

      • Kyle

        whoops. pre-coffee. ignore me.

  • Jessica

    Gracie is only being tested to create drama for the show…. kinda ridiculous

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Probably testing her to see if she is a carrier, good to know for her future children.

    • Ignorant

      It’s important to test siblings when one has something.

      • Jessica

        Yes and I’m sure they would have done that as soon as they knew Allie had that. Weird to test her years down the line because if she has it they could have done early interventions. This is just for show and ratings. I garauntee you she has already been tested when she was younger.

        • Leanne

          I have muscular dystrophy and was only diagnosed at 10, my sister was never tested as my doctors always said she wouldn’t have it, at 23 she had her first child and decided to be tested as her left arm was becoming weaker we then found she also has it but not as advanced as me, so to say she would of been tested as soon as they found out about Allie may not be accurate.

          • barbinop

            Maybe she’s showing signs of MD now (?)

          • disqus_F4HYJtEnvd

            Goodness, well, I certainly respect your opinion more than a guesser.

    • TrashTV

      R you for real? Suuuure doctors test kids just for show.
      Maybe it’s time for you to see better doctors

      • Jessica

        Sounds like Leah needs a new Dr if they didn’t think to test Gracie when Allie was tested…

        • TrashTV

          Honey I’m so glad you have had nothing to do with any tough (genetical) disorder. I do have one, sister was never tested.
          We did have a family gathering at the hospital lots of years ago when my just married cousin turned out to have open tbc. Everyone had to get blood drawn and a lung picture made, cause you can be a carrier without knowing and make others really ill.

  • Ali.P

    Jo was completely right when he told her there is no taking advantage when it comes to his son. Jo has become a really good man and he is a great father. It really sucks that he has to deal with Kailyn for the rest of his life because she is miserable.

    • Lauren

      Right?? I do believe it all stems back to her relationship or lack thereof with her mother. Same with Jenelle. All the marriages and babies in the world aren’t going to fix their issues.

  • theStevieJBus

    I can see both Jo and Vee’s points about custody. Jo doesn’t want to rock the boat with his insane baby mama but Vee is right because Kail is vindictive and one little fight and she could block Jo from seeing his son.

  • cali

    I feel like we hadn’t seen much of Joe until this season since he’s now on good terms with kailyn. Joe is a great dad, and this season we’re seeing more of him since he’s usually very quiet and serious. He might not have a huge house like kailyn but he’s been in a stable relationship w Vee for years and he really listens to Issac and comforts him, something that Kailyn needs to practice.

  • Lauren

    I can see both Vee and Jo’s point of view. I understand Jo doesn’t want to rock the boat and go to court unnecessarily but Vee is right in that Kail is so up and down and could try to withold Isaac for whatever reason. But I don’t see Jo just taking that if that was to happen. He’s a very involved and good father and I’m sure if he felt Isaac wasn’t being cared for properly he would do something about it. It’s a tough situation to deal with whether you’re the parent or the parent’s significant other.

  • Brie Mode

    Starcasm and Us Weekly love to cover Teen Mom, LHH, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, and a couple of other shitty reality shows, but I REALLY wish they would start covering Total Divas so that I can talk about that. I’m obsessed with it. My fiancé is a pretty big WWE fanatic (a good part of that reason being that my fiancé is an Army Veteran and WWE and its superstars are very big supporters of the military), and so Total Divas has gotten me back into watching and liking Raw & SmackDown .

  • Original A

    Why didn’t leah just put grace or gracie as aleeah’s first name on her birth certificate? If she had no intention of calling aleeah by the given name she and corey picked out for her, why keep it as her first name!?

    I know some people go by their middle name, and I get that… I understand that. But it annoys the living crap out of me when I hear her say gracie instead of aleeah.

    I can’t be the only one who’s annoyed by that…

    • MayJay

      Yes! They pretty much never called her Aleeah and it’s not like when people give a kid a first name to honor a family member or something and then call them by their middle name, which is understandable. I think Leah just wanted to somewhat name a kid after herself and also have something that is “twinny” to Aliannah. My biggest peeve about it is the spelling, though, the extra ‘e’ looks so odd.

    • savannah

      I hate to say this, cuz its not my place to judge, but I’ve always disliked the names she picked for them. I don’t get the “twinning” thing…they will be compared their whole lives…at least give them different names.

  • Original A

    Oh, and I’m very pleased to see how mature jo is about everything. However, I do think vee has a good point as well. Kailyn is as up and down as the waves of an ocean. She seems incredibly unstable to me. Not saying she wouldn’t be a good mom to isaac or lincoln, but her mental state is unstable.

    And as for chelsea, yeeeaahhh, I don’t see this little marriage of hers lasting. Cole doesn’t seem like the brightest crayon in the box so I’m not sure he truely understands what a head case chelsea really is. Cole doesn’t have a track record like adam did, so how does chelsea really know him? He kisses randy’s ass so of course he is going to like him… He’s doing the total opposite of what adam did!

    • Leah’s Fidgety Legs

      Cole seems like a dingbat. A trophy husband. He doesn’t have a mind of his own. He seems sweet though just wimpy.

  • Charla

    I agree with Jo. If everything is going well, keeping moving forward. Things could get hostile quick if Kail thinks he’s trying to take Isaac from her. In the future, if she actually tries to limit their time together, he can always go to court.