Flip or Flop PR Wars: Tarek El Moussa shares cancer-free diagnosis; Christina steps out with boyfriend Gary Anderson for the first time

Are Tarek and Christina still flipping houses 2

Gossip about Tarek and Christina El Moussa’s next move has turned decidedly positive since the last especially ugly update, which involved rape allegations and was a nadir in the couple’s public relations. According to Christina herself, it looks like filming on Flip or Flop may well continue, which would suggest that she and estranged husband Tarek are ready to put the worst of their relationship behind them and focus on their family as best they can.

Unfortunately, it took a protracted PR battle for the couple to get there–one that saw them sniping back and forth ever since the mid-December revelation that they had been separated since last May and were pursuing a divorce. Since then, occasional rumors about Flip or Flop continuing despite their estrangement have been undercut by a) reports coming out of HGTV that the show will definitely cease production later this year, because Tarek and Christina allegedly can’t stand to be around each other and it’s making for some truly terrible television, and b) Christina would reportedly like to have her own TV show.

Then came the story last week that Tarek apparently joked about raping Christina on set and in front of the Flip or Flop crew, and also screamed at her while she cowered in a locked car and waited for him to go away. Tarek took to Instagram to dismiss those allegations. If you’re especially cynical, though, you’ll note that he shared news that he’s now cancer-free shortly after the rape story broke:

That update appeared to bring about a détente, since the next story fans were treated to was a high-profile update in People stating that both Tarek and Christina want Flip or Flop to continue after the divorce goes through. A source told the magazine that the two “are very much committed and want to continue to work together and continue the show,” which is a funny way of saying “Flip or Flop is more profitable than a single-parent spinoff would be.”

In related news, Christina recently made her first public appearance with new boyfriend (and former Flip or Flop contractor) Gary Anderson…

…and then confirmed via Instagram that, yes, the show is still filming new episodes–for now, at least:

#fliporflop open house day. Season 7 episode 1 complete!

A photo posted by Christina El Moussa (@christinaelmoussa) on

Flip or Flop airs Thursday nights at 9 on HGTV.

(Photo credits: Are Tarek and Christina still flipping houses via Instagram)

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  • CropsyLady

    Hm, my doctors never text me and definitely do not use the word, “badness.” Guy seems a little off about everything. Wish him well, but this whole thing is a mess. Christina (on the show) wasn’t very nice either.

    • LoLo

      When doctors are dealing with “celebrities” or even people with money they sometimes have different relationships. They will make exceptions for them, fit them in, make house calls & sometimes they roam in the same social circles. So they may text or be on more friendly terms. I’ve seen doctors on reality shows behave like pals with their clients.

      • Chicana

        My brother received text messages via his Dr’s about his blood test results and that he was being scheduled for an ultrasound to check for a tumor.

  • LoLo

    There are 2 sides to every story. I feel like some or most of this story may have been exaggerated. She was cheating, not just with a random guy but with their employee & friend. She was caught in the home with him & Tarik flipped out. Most men would. Instead of ending the relationship she stepped out. Now, he’s the monster for reacting. I am not defending his actions if they are true, I just find it hard to believe someone who did what she did with who she did it with. No moral compass.