VIDEOS Amber Portwood shows off home office, HUGE collection of autographed guitars

Amber Portwood autographed guitar collection

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood surprised fans earlier today when she took them on a video tour of her home office and revealed that she and fiancé Matt Baier have an AMAZING collection of autographed guitars and other music memorabilia!

“My office at home for my boutique ?” Amber captioned the first video, which was posted to Twitter and Instagram. “I love it!!” she adds, “Sending love you guys? #veryblessed”

Amber seemed surprised by folks’ reactions to all of the guitars, and she interacted with some of the commenters on Instagram:

COMMENTER: you need some of The Beatles stuff to complete that room!! ?

AMBER: I have Paul McCartney ?

C: never heard you talk about music?

A: it’s in my book how important music has been to me?

C: better hope u never have a break-in

A: well I have a lot of animals who don’t like strangers and a Rottweiler who well you know lol

C: that really a Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar?

A: yes!! That one is Matt’s…I’m waiting on my BB King?

C: a music fanatic also! U should take lessons on an instrument, if u don’t know how to play already! Very therapeutic!!!?

A: I learned to play drums by my brother when I was younger!!? There’s a lot people don’t know about me?

C: Work desk????? Office?????

A: yes Hun I run 3 businesses on the side as well ?

After all of the surprised reactions, Amber posted another video showing more of her collection and wrote: “Why the questions loves? I don’t get to share everything about me on Teen Mom lol? sending love and Good morning!!”

Judging from the two video clips, here is a partial inventory of Amber and Matt’s collection:

Guitars (most autographed):
Stevie Ray Vaughan “Number One” replica (not signed I assume)
Pete Townsend
Neil Young
Paul McCartney
Cyndi Lauper
Van Halen
Black Sabbath
Paul Simon
Cat Stevens
Alice In Chains (Layne Staley, Jerry Cantrell…)

Amber Portwood's Stevie Ray Vaughan replica guitar

Framed autographed materials:
The Runaways
Michael Jackson Bad
Tommy Lee
Coheed And Cambria

Lunch boxes
U2 Joshua Tree
Bettie Page
Elvis Presley

Collectible figures:
Spinal Tap
Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Signed microphones:
Baba Booey

Amber also has a collection of framed book covers, including the two versions of her Never Too Late as well as Matt’s forthcoming memoir You Have No F**king Idea: The Naked Truth About My Life. What is very interesting to me, and quite easy to miss, is that there is also a framed book cover for the book that Matt wrote under the name Grey Baker about a boy who had been sexually abused titled Guys Don’t Rat On Guys. (You can read more about that here.) That in itself isn’t that interesting, but the framed book cover is different from the original book cover, and it lists Matt Baier as the author. Could it be that Matt plans to republish the book under his own name?

Here’s a screen grab tweaked a bit in Photoshop to square it up:

Matt Baier book Guys Dont Rat On Guys originally published under the name Grey Baker

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  • ren24

    This just screams “poseur” to me. Sorry Amber. Maybe Matt is into this (I don’t know enough about him to form an opinion) and she might have gotten into it because of him. But in the past I’ve never seen/heard of Amber displaying any opinions or thoughts about rock music or any important music in general.
    I’m a lifelong rock music enthusiast. We can smell our own, and she ain’t one of us. 😉

    • Phil

      Who gives a shit if she starting collecting yesterday or 15 effin years ago. Who are you to judge? Its people like you that make me sick. Look in the mirror you twit.

  • DoogieHowser

    She is going to be broke within two years of her last MTV paycheck with the way she spends money. I doubt house flipping and a non unique overpriced clothing line is going to be able to float this lifestyle for very long.

  • barbinop

    I like the short pink and black hair. That blonde color didn’t suit her at all. Glad she put the store bought “ta-ta’s” away and isn’t popping out of her shirt like when she was on Dr.Drew.

  • FR

    She looks pretty but I don’t think she’s sober. Why are her pupils so dilated? All that elective surgery means she gets pain killers (it is unreasonable to expect anyone to do it without but it’s a recipe for relapse and she’s in her early 20s so it’s not like she *needs* plastic / reconstructive surgery).

  • TrashTV

    Having visions of dogs pissing on guitars.

    • Bruja

      She keeps her pets closed up in a basement now (which is eff’ed up) and it probably totally reeks down there. Like eye watering, gag-reflex inducing stench.

      Anyway, if they ever do get upstairs, no doubt they’ll piss on everything within their reach because Am[bien], as we’ve all seen, is way too lazy to actually train her pets properly.

      • Regina

        Why does everyone on Teen Mom treat their pets SO POORLY? (Okay I love Chelsea and her piggy and other pets) but really:
        Leah and that kitten in the car who for the whole episode I was on the edge of my seat worried it would get slammed in the door or jump out. Jenelle and her f*cked up animal abuse by locking her dogs in tiny cages where they could barely move 24/7. Amber and her overpopulated household of filth. Farrah and her impulse buying of random pets and then abandonment of said pets.
        Catelynn and her fantastic idea to buy a pig for a couple grand and insisting she needs her own horse. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. And it’s all on camera. And no laws are in place to fight this.

        • Bruja

          You are so spot on with all of this.

          Poor animals are still too often seen as “property” than actual living, feeling beings capable of understanding. They know fear, pain, hunger, loneliness, loyalty and love just as much as we do. It’s a damned shame the world we live in.

          Has anyone noticed that Chelsea’s dogs (the great dane and little french bull dogs) have gone MIA now that she has the pig? What became of them? I’d hate to think they became disposable, but I still remember her letting that little one (the first frech bull dog) out a few years back and how it got killed by the neighbors dog. I’ll be honest, if some dog ran into my my dogs area, my dogs would have been just as fierce. Chelsea only in recent years has become responsible with her pets. Her little dog died due to her neglect. Leashes are a thing unless you have your own fenced in property because you never know. You certainly don’t just let your dog out unsupervised without a fence… which Chelsea did.

          I think they’d all do well to get some pet education.

  • Bruja

    This bitch is so passive aggressive with the “sending love” and “Why the questions loves?” comments it won’t come as a surprise when she speaks like that to someone’s face and they knock her teeth in…

    …if they can get through that face fortress of make-up, that is.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      You forgot the “hun” that she uses in place of bitch.

      • Bruja

        Ah yes. Lest we forget the “hun“, no doubt seethed between gritted teeth.

        She’s such a shit.

        • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

          I had hope for fresh out of jail Amber, then Matt happened.

          • Bruja

            Same here.

            I thought taking it on the chin(s) the way she did and taking prison as her road to sobriety was a bold move. I hoped she’d do well. She earned a little happiness, you know?

            Then this smegma mouthed freak-show drops into her life (and poor Leah’s life, too) and she starts falling apart at the seams. She tries to put on a good show, like everything is rainbows and unicorn farts, but it’s obvious that is all it is. A show.

            When that POS leaves, and he will as soon as the money vanishes, she’s gonna lose any shred of sanity she has left along with any hope of ever having a good relationship with her daughter.

            Hope good ole Matt is worth it in the short term, because that’s all he is, short-term.

            • Regina

              Could not believe all her stupid excuses of why she couldn’t see Leah on her scheduled days and then cry-fest when she felt attacked by Gary saying “you can have more custody when you actually show up to spend time with her”
              All her focus is on Matt and trying to make her life seem great on social media. 🙁

              • Bruja


                Oh, oh! Don’t forget, she also couldn’t take Leah because Matt needed her to go with him to Boston to see his “cousin”..and also the time she couldn’t take Leah because she had to go to NY to see some Real Mr. Housewives dude about Matt writing a book to “air” their side of all their bullshit..

                The “D” is Am[bien]’s only motivation to move her sloth-like ass off her piss infested couch. She couldn’t care less about more time with Leah and it’s super obvious to everyone.. I don’t know who she thinks she’s kiddin’.

    • Regina

      Ahahahaha I hate when people call others “hun”. Instant rage.

      • Bruja

        Yup, instant triggered!

  • Leah’s Crackhead Smile

    Well i’ll say this, she looks like a 26 year old again with this fun pink hair and bob. She was looking like a 45 year old Texas housewife with that blonde do. As far as the guitars, they better take good care of them because when they are broke in a couple of years those guitars need to be in good condition when they they sell them.

  • Cat

    God it pains me that she has a Neil Young guitar. In my wildest, bitterest dreams…..

  • Regina

    I hate to be negative about something that isn’t really that earth shattering or hurting anyone but…. come on. What reckless spending and I’m sorry – three businesses? I couldn’t listen to her ramblings and had to cut the video half way through. Yuck. Also Matt just gives me the creeps, bleck. Disgusting that he even got a stupid book deal.

    • Bruja

      Only because he’s shagging this pathetically lazy drama queen.

      Otherwise, he’s as much a waste of skin as every other deadbeat parent, life force sucking, bank account draining POS.

  • Pattipandi

    Wait, Matt has 2 books out?
    I also wonder how much Baba Booey’s signed microphone was. Why is that even memorabilia?

    • Bruja

      Yup.. it’s fairly recent news. It dosen’t even come out till May. It’s called, “You Have No F**king Idea: The Naked Truth About My Life“. I’d tell you to Google it, but the picture on the front of the new one will burn your retinas straight out of your sockets.

      Do so at your own risk!