PHOTOS Jenelle Evans gives birth to daughter Ensley

Jenelle Evans gives birth to daughter Ensley

The wait is over! Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans gave birth to her daughter Ensley Jolie Eason earlier today and she and dad David Eason took to social media to share the first photos.

Jenelle broke the news moments ago on Instagram with a photo of her, daughter Ensley, and dad David along with the caption “And she has arrived. πŸŽ€πŸΌ” Here’s the picture:

Jenelle Evans baby daughter Ensley David Eason

Jenelle then tweeted “Let the collection of baby girl bows begin! she’s so precious and beautiful. I’m so in love with her already! Happy and healthy! πŸ’‹πŸ‘ΌπŸΌ”

Less than an hour later, proud pop David shared the Instagram photo of Jenelle holding Ensley at the top of this post. “I’m so proud of you babe!” he gushed. Thank you for being so strong, you did so great! Ensley is so beautiful and perfect!”

We don’t have many more details about Ensley at this time (Time of birth, weight, length, etc.) but we will be sure to update as soon as we hear more.

Congratulations to Jenelle and David. Her pregnancy journey has been a long, complicated, and extremely stressful one for her — and comes after suffering a miscarriage in April.

UPDATE – More photos!

Jenelle Evans gives birth to daughter Ensley Jenelle Evans and David Eason with baby daughter Ensley David Eason with daughter Ensley David Eason with daughter Ensley David Eason holding Ensley

UPDATE – It sure didn’t take long for the “hatters” to chime in. “Anything to show your boobs,” one young lady tweeted in reaction to the announcement. Another mom responded by defending Jenelle. “You must not have kids. When you are about to have the baby most women want skin to skin contact as soon as the baby comes out so the nurses unbutton your gown so they can place baby on your bare chest. Dont be rude!”

The original tweeter was unfazed. “yeah I don’t skin contact of course but her boobs are fake. Not much milk.” And another response from the mother: “hun you are missing the point. Breastfed or not! Babies thrive on skin to skin contact. So if you request it nurses lay newborns on your chest as soon as they are born. Its soothing to baby.”

Jenelle herself then responded: “Well I’m breastfeeding as we speak soooo …”

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  • Topsy

    She can’t put her phone down for five seconds to feed her baby?

    • Victoria

      Is she waiting for a magazine cover to show off ensley?

  • Bruja

    All I can say is that Kaiser is really in for being ignored now. He can’t compete with Jenelle’s new toy, and that’s what this newest one will be. Something she plays dress up with and uses for attention. When that stops being exciting and the child demands more attention than a few errant hot dogs being tossed at her face, David can call Ensley a whiny little bitch, too… and Jenelle will be okay with that!

    • Lacy

      Exactly. Besides her drug/arrest/bf problems, she has gotten pregnant four times (by her own admission) since she had Jace. She’s obviously been working hard to get the first kid back. *face palm*

      • Alisson Leech

        Five. “Miscarriage” by David before Ensley.

        • ???

          Wasn’t there another miscarriage or two by other men? I seem to remember one when she was with Gary. And perhaps another in there somewhere.

          • Alisson Leech

            Yes. Smh

          • Ugh

            An abortion from Cartland. And a supposed miscarriage from this guy

          • Why do I know this…

            Gary Head has since admitted that was all fake, they sprayed Mio into water by her feet.
            Rumored pregnancy before Jace.
            Jace with Andrew Lewis.
            Abortion with Courtland.
            Kaiser with Nathan.
            Miscarriage with David.
            Ensley with David.

    • violet Beuregarde

      You’re right about the new toy thing for attention. Anyone notice out of all these pics you can’t see the kid? Just Jenelle’s face, David taking more pictures and them both congratulating each other on being the best parents ever to this kid who’s been here 2 hours.

  • TNC

    Ummm Starcasm how do you not know the baby’s middle name? When she posted her gender reveal that y’all did an article on it announced her name was going to be, Ensley Jolie Eason.

    • Hahahaha

      Because they copy and paste from other websites.

  • Victoria

    I can hear it I’m sooooooo sick of this dude. Ensley is crying Jace won’t leave me alone. She’s gonna say she has post partum. Just watch

  • bambiglanville

    She is such a dirt bag and he is such a creep.

    • Victoria

      I hope the baby doesn’t look like David. One big happy family though now all they need is Jace and a house

      • Renee L

        Ew, I just see Wolfman Jack when I look at him. I wonder if he howls when he O’s.

  • Che

    David will be arrested in 1…2…3…

    • Victoria

      Yep idk if that or engagement. I just hope he doesn’t accidentally strangle her. Baby daddy number 4 is next

  • Me too

    3 baby daddies…3 baby mamas …and they Actually think this will work!!?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Grow up kids!

  • vintagecheerwine

    She named the kid Enema? Not right!

    • Noxy


  • Karina

    Of course she’s already on social media. She just gave birth but can’t seem to stop arguing with her followers while meeting her newborn.

    • Lauren

      Right?! Maybe the day after but not hours after giving birth. lol

      • LoLo

        I can see posting a couple of pics, but not fighting with people & reading comments. Who cares about other people when you just had a baby.

    • Bruja

      Chelsea has had her baby, too… and posted a full photo of him- not herself, because they’re not looking for the magazine score:

      • AshleyBlack

        Omg she did! He’s so adorable!!!

    • LoLo

      Priorities….her kids have never been the top one.

  • Ali.P

    The kid is in for a very crappy life, just like her siblings. Also, that’s a lot of baby dads and moms to keep track of. Holy crap, these two are trash.

  • Jean

    When most people have a baby they post a picture of the baby to announce they have arrived….Jenelle Evans and this dude post pictures of themselves. Typical.

    • Caty P. :)

      This is too funny @ Jean…. And so right! :):)

    • Nedly Mandingo IV

      She doesn’t have to post her baby on the internet yet…especially with all the rude asshats out there criticizing every little thing she does. Jean I’m talking about btw, just in case you were looking around feeling a little confused.

      • TNC

        She’s not showing the baby’s face because she wants a magazine deal and to get some cash out of it.

        • Mimi’s Clipped Butterfly Wing

          I came here to say exactly that. She’ll be making money off of Baby Girl in about a month or two when she’s on the cover of In-touch Weekly and they have the first exclusive photos of the baby. Blah.

      • Jean

        Look! The only Jenelle Evans fan in the world! And they happened by my comment.

    • LoLo

      I agree. Even posting pics is not that bad, that’s the way the world is today. But, commenting back to people & arguing is not what should be on her mind. A baby is a blessing & it’s sad that most people cannot be happy for this baby, based off of how her parents behave. They said she suffered a miscarriage in April, so that makes 5 pregnancies at 24 years of age with 4 men: Jace, Keiser, abortion with her ex, miscarriage & this baby with David.

  • Miss Mandy Lynn

    Did you guys ever think she’s keeping her face private for a reason? No one bats am eyelash when a kar fashion hides a babies face.

    • Victoria

      Magazine cover that’s why she’s hiding her face

  • Noxy

    Is she gonna have a baby with every dude she dates?

    I’m surprised she didn’t pop one out with that Kiefer dude.

    This reminds me of a couple of girls I know. 1 has like 7 kids all by different dads except for 2 cuz they’re twins and the other has like 6 with at least 4 by 4 different guys. And she’s like 3 months younger than me.

    They both had their first at 16/17 & the 2nd girl had the 1st 4 kids by age 20. And yes, they’re Welfare Queens… Or used to be, anyway. Not sure if they still are or not. Girl #2 was getting like a G in food stamps, if not more, $700 on cash assistance, all 4 of her oldest were under 5 at the time I knew her, so they were all on WIC, and of course she got Section 8 housing. I clearly remember her saying one day, “I don’t wanna work. I just want to stay on welfare and be home with my kids”.. her kids – ESPECIALLY the oldest, a boy, were literally flipping -Satan-, except for the baby. The oldest /oldest boy was an absolute nightmare. He’d break into the bathroom while I was in the shower talkin bout “I need to take a piss” & rip the shower curtain open. & that’s just the tip of that iceberg.

  • Aussie cathie

    Stupid Trashbag is still trying to pull the duck face I’m so sexy look … Poor kids

    • Alisson Leech


      • Aussie cathie

        Tori ?

        • Alisson Leech

          Trashbag Tori

  • pmo

    thought the name would be sesame seed, or poppyseed.

  • twelfthnight

    Not a single one of these photos actually shows the baby. Just her hat and swaddling in a blanket. She’s IN the photos, but none of the photos are actually of her. That’s really weird once you get thinking about it… Guess it is all about the magazine deal. Maybe third crack baby is the charm?

    • Courtney

      You see more of her boobs than the baby. IMO I just think it classless and trashy to post photos with your boobs to share with the public. Those pics are fine for personal pics but when sharing with the world pull your damn shirt up! Skanky

  • Sweet Venom

    So that’s three babies, three baby daddies, and zero pride.

  • Rachael

    It’s so sad that everyone is judging her for her PAST mistakes. It’s also sad how all of you feel it’s your right to judge her and her fiance. If she wants to hide her daughters face that’s her right, if she wants to sell the first shot of her daughters face that’s also her right. It shouldn’t matter how many pregnancies she’s had, how many men she’s been with, or how she chooses to live her life to any of you… I’m disgusted by all of the hate people are spewing toward her. She’s human, she makes mistakes as do we all, she does not have to live up to all of your standards and I’m sure some of the people posting all of the hateful comments are absolutely no better than the portrait painted of her. Honestly I wholeheartedly believe most of the people bashing jenelle are simply jealous that she is on TV, and makes good money on MTV and her children are a part of what make that money. Most of you can say you wouldn’t profit from photos of your children but you’d be lying, if you could make a bunch of $ by simply selling photos of your family you’d most likely do so. And she’s not flashing her boobs in the pics, she’s feeding her child, its ignorant to see negativity in a beautiful photo of a mother bonding with her child. You all need to grow up. Only God can judge. You’re all judging someone that you really don’t know, you only know what MTV and media outlets portray her to be. Jenelle, your daughter is a blessing as are all of your children, don’t let all of the hateful hearts cause you to lose track of what’s truly important in this world, your children and family. I’ve watched you grow up on tv and you’ve come a long way over the years. As long as you and your children are happy and healthy what others think and say matters not. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter and you’re in my prayers