Tarek and Christina divorce update: Reconciliation rumors abound, but new photos suggest otherwise

Tarek and Christina update 2

The latest on the Tarek and Christina divorce shows things changing, possibly for the better, for the Flip or Flop couple. At least one new report claims they might be working toward getting back together, but, given what looks like their separate celebrations this past Christmas, it would appear that any attempt at repairing their marriage has a long way to go.

A new Hollywood Life report claims that Tarek, 35, is done dating Alyssa Logan, the 23-year-old former nanny of he and Christina’s two children; Tarek and Alyssa had been together for two months, after he fired her so he would feel comfortable dating her. (Though Tarek and Christina announced their split in December, they apparently began living apart in May.)

However, Christina has still found romance in another man’s arms: the 33-year-old has reportedly been seeing Gary Anderson, 57, a contractor who formerly worked with Tarek and Christina on Flip or Flip. It’s not currently known how serious the two are, though the current rumors suggest that “inappropriate texts” between Gary and Christina were either part of the reason for Christina and Tarek’s blow-out fight this past May, or were the primary cause.

In addition, although their co-parenting plans appear to be going well so far, they’ve made for some potentially awkward scenes. Separate social media updates from both Christina and Tarek implied two separate Christmases for their children, Taylor, 6, and Brayden, 1:

Tarek and Christina divorce 1 Tarek and Christina divorce 2 Tarek and Christina divorce 3 Tarek and Christina divorce 4

Flip or Flop continues to air Thursday nights on HGTV. At least one high-profile report recently claimed that the show will cease production when Tarek and Christina’s current contracts run out later in 2017.

Tarek and Christina El Moussa Split: Flip or Flop cancellation rumors abound as Christina finds romance elsewhere

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(Photo credits: Tarek and Christina divorce via Instagram)

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  • ameliaBedelia76

    I find it sad that they had a band aid baby & now that baby will never have his parents together full time

    • Mike Lit

      LOL! Band aid baby… never heard that before, but I love it!

      • ameliaBedelia76

        right? like they weren’t having problems before she got prego

        • Larry Sparks

          Wonder who the daddy is?

  • Kevin Jones

    They better get back together. I’m so sick of modern people who crap all over marriage. She has a beautiful family, why the F would she be messing around with that nasty 3-time divorced contractor?

    • Chicana

      Cuz she’s a ho

      • Tyrone Scott

        I agree remember you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife

  • Cathy Viviano

    Christina has to have a brain about the size of a pea if she is willing to reconcile with Tarek.
    Don’t do that Christina. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

  • God Bless

    Christina just wants the rich life. And Gary Anderson is in his 50″s and wealthy. Christina is always dressed up on Flip and Flop, she’s nothing like JoAnn Gaines with her children. I hope she ends up with nothing. Materialist things are just things. My heart goes out to Tarek and his children. All Christina cares about is her looks and money and she’s always come across like that from the beginning Flip or Flip started.

    • Ana Banan

      You missed Tarek’s big watches, chains and rings. Tarek is a baller too. Taking nanny’s to his yacht, Newport Beach bachelor pad, flying to LV for dates. The only people that deserve sympathy are the children – because the parents put themselves before family.