VIDEO Amber Portwood on Reunion attack, plus Farrah Abraham being neighborly

Amber Portwood Farrah Abraham Reunion quote

In a brand new preview clip for next week’s Teen Mom OG Unseen Moments special, Amber Portwood, Catelynn Baltierra, and Maci McKinney sit with Nessa and watch a video clip of Farrah Abraham doing her worst Mr. Rogers impersonation as she gives viewers a glimpse of what it’s like being her next door neighbor. After a derogatory comment from Catelynn, Amber shares her reflections on attacking Farrah during the Reunion.

First off, here’s the clip:

In the beginning of the video, we see Farrah having an argument with her neighbor — or at least her neighbor’s arm. (Unsurprisingly, it apppears that Farrah’s neighbor did not agree to have his/her face on camera.) “OK, so you know what? I’m going to just start yelling like you guys do,” Farrah yells, “and we’re going to see how well that works.”

Farrah turns to go inside and repeatedly throws up her hand dismissively as she says sarcastically “Have a good day! Have a good day!” Just before reaching the door, a much better reply occurs to Farrah and she turns to deliver it. “We have a better, classier life — have a good day!”

Throughout the clip we see an inset of Farrah’s co-stars watching it, and at this point Amber shakes her damn head and says, “Oh honey, please.”

When Farrah gets inside, she is obviously still flustered, but her daughter Sophia assures her that she “is the best mom in the world.” Farrah explains to her producer Heather that she is just not going to take any crap from her neighbors, and then she unleashes a golden Farrahism: “God bless ’em. God bless America, because no one wins when you’re neighbors with Farrah.”

As the iPad closes on the clip we are returned to the Reunion stage where Catelynn is telling Amber, “Dude, I’d be egging her house every day.”

“Only if you were at the Reunion show,” Amber says, before she then opens up about storming the stage and taking a swing at Farrah’s face. “I want people to understand what happened. It came from emotions. I cried about it — literally ten minutes after it happened. And — you guys have seen.”

Catelynn steps in and offers her support for Amber. “When somebody’s calling your man a pedophile, that is a disgusting, degrading word!” Amber echos the adjectives as the clip fades out.

Here is an animated gif of the air slap as well as one of the greatest screen caps I have ever gotten:

Amber Portwood Farrah Abraham slap animated gif Amber Portwood slapping Farrah Abraham

Clearly, the big brawl scene was the most unforgettable moment from the Teen Mom OG Reunion, and it’s the topic of conversation on social media and all of the Teen Mom blogs — but I feel that another potential hot topic from the Reunion and Unseen Moments specials is being tragically neglected. Yes, I’m talking about THE HAIR!

And I’m not just talking about the dueling Blonde on Blonde looks from Amber and Farrah, but how about Debra Danielsen’s wig?! If Amber hadn’t come screaming on stage and tried to b**ch slap Farrah in the face, I have no doubt that all we would be have been talking about this week is Debra’s wig! And that’s a shame, because I want to talk about Debra’s wig! Well, maybe not talk about it so much as pay homage with photos:

Debra Danielsen wig Debra Danielsen dark hair Debra Danielsen brunette

Ah, but Debra, Amber, and Farrah weren’t the only ones stepping up their hair game to a whole new level. Check out Nessa’s spectacular pouf ‘n’ braid ‘do y’all!

Nessa hair braid


Oh, and another thing fans aren’t talking enough about in the wake of Mad Amber: Beyond Teen Momderdome is that we were all robbed of the closing scene where all the kids come out together. Even with all the parental outrage, I think it could have been a great way for MTV to sign off the season — with Sophia, Leah, Bentley, Jayde, and Nova all playing together, oblivious to the mama drama.

πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

Perhaps there was something sort of similar that didn’t make the air that we can all see when the Teen Mom OG Unseen Moments special airs Monday, December 12 at 9/8c on MTV. And don’t forget, that will be followed by the Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 dads’ Weekend At Corey’s special — you definitely won’t want to miss that! Although I can pretty much guarantee it won’t have any slapping and much, much less fascinating non facial hair.

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  • barbinop

    Debra is just gone. True mental case. Someone needs to throw a net over mom and daughter and take them off to the funny farm. And Dr (?) Drew kisses Farrah’s back door every time she’s on the show. If he’s a real doctor than why doesn’t he address her mania issues and have her sent for a psych eval? Debra too.

    • Saved16

      It’s TRUELY pathetic how Farrah treats people and how people let her get away with it.. doctor drew hasn’t gotten “real” with how she treats her mom-the LIST goes on and on..she is just STRANGE!! Sophia will turn out just like her.. she already show signs..
      Debra is just sad

      • Elle

        I can’t stand her! She repulsed me from day 1!

        • Saved16

          I can’t understand how MTV allowed her to stay on TEEN MOM after the video.. it’s porn I mean why would they feel that’s an example for other teen moms.. for any1 who watches the show..

          • Elle

            Me either! She is just a disgusting person. I don’t know why MTV deals with her disrespectful a$$. It’s not like the franchise would crumble if they fired her! Who makes their bosses piss in a port a potty, gets shoved and cussed out?
            Her and her weird swirly Froco sunglasses!?
            I just read that Amber said she was leaving teen mom. I don’t blame her. They haven’t been teens for years and years! I’m not a huge amber fan but I like anyone who stands up to Farrah!

            • Saved16

              What I think is sad is that I thought she has potential in the very first season-16 and pregnant and for the life of me I don’t know how/why she went soo left..I’m glad Amber is leaving after this reunion because it will begin a “chain” reaction..I thin the show “OG” anyway is on its way out & Farrah is the reasob

              • Elle

                Me too! I remember feeling bad for Farrah because her mom was such a b!tch and her bf died. They edited very creatively, I guess. It didn’t take long for her bitchy self to far surpass her moms. And, before plastic surgery I thought she was pretty! I will never know how people can look in the mirror and not see how they are destroying their looks!

    • redboxwine

      Because he’s not her doctor, he’s the host of the show. He made that perfectly clear on the reunion show as well.

      • unknown

        then he should stick to being a host and not shift between doctor and host…pick a side

  • Wtf

    Sophia is so freaking bratty

    • Harper

      Ugly little troll is what she looks like. Yeah I said it. Now is the time that kids should look cute before they hit the awkward puberty stage. Sophia has a strange mix of genes.

      • Guest

        She was such an adorable baby though.

      • unknown

        It’s not the kids fault…you bitch about the child being bratty but your talk about her as if she’s an adult. So which is it–is she a child or an adult? And if she is a child remember that when you’re talkomg about her and judging her looks.

        Smh @ idiots I really hope u don’t have kids

    • Elle

      I can’t stand that kid. She hits her grandmother and she is allowed to do whatever she wants. There is no parental guidance at all. Farrah wants to run for mom of the year but how many times did she leave Sophia in Deb’s custody so she could do her own thing?

    • A

      Y’all are talking about an innocent child. Lord bless your souls. It’s not her fault she’s being raised the way she is.

      • Wtf

        Dictionary’s definition of brat: “a child, typically a badly behaved one.”

        I have no regrets in calling her a brat. And yes, Farrah has 100% contributed to that.

  • Jb

    Farrah’s pregnant again? I thought for sure she’d be the one to hold off in another baby. I remember from her 16&Pregnant episode it took her forever to show with Soohia, but she seems to be really packing it on this time.

    • Saved16

      SHES PREGNANT AGAIN-lmao nooo way

    • Bruja

      Where is this stated?

      I can only find reference to it from January 2016 when some nonsense babled on social media was gossiped all over.

      Obviously, that news wasn’t true.

    • kiki

      can’t get pregnant the way she has $ex

      • Elle


    • Guest

      She has probably just gained weight for another Brazilian butt lift.

  • 6 inch make-up layer FA slayer

    The reason for the wig is even more scary as the wig looks; Debs new boyfriend wanted Deb to look like Farrah when she had dark hair. Ew?

    • Ali.P

      I thought that that was super gross!

    • Harper

      You know he’s watched her porno more than once.

    • Guest

      So creepy.

  • kiki

    Farrah looks like a drag queen…

  • Harper

    I have always thought the space between Deb’s nose and her upper lip did not fit her well, it’s miles long. Makes her look like she constantly has her nose pointed to the sky. She obviously has a mental disorder like her daughter. That really became apparent when she showed up with that Party City wig. What was she thinking? Her boyfriend actually said he liked Farrah’s hair and they just magically walked past a wig store? The best was when she asked the audience what they all thought of her hair and you could hear the crickets.

    • Bruja

      Party City wig. Spot on!


  • Elle

    Seriously this was not a fight or a brawl. Maybe MTV didn’t show it but it was a bunch of yelling, a missed slap, and Simon smiling like a hyena. I wish that Amber would have connected. She connected with Gary’s ear…with a fist. When Amber tried to hit Farrah it was an open hand. I’m not downing Amber at all! I wish she would have connected.
    Every show that Farrah has been on..she acts the same. One day someone is going to knock her on her fat disgusting ass. (“Go get the lube baby…I want anal”) ::shudders:: She is so gross! It disgusts me that she exploits Derricks death for her own profit. When she was on 16 & pregnant she talked to Derrick just like she does everyone else.

    • Texas Girl

      I feel like if Amber really wanted to hit Farrah then she would have.

      • Elle

        I kind of agree. I know that she has worked hard on her volatile temper. It bothers me when some people say that she has regressed back to being violent and hasn’t learned. I’ve worked hard on my temper too. It doesn’t mean that I can’t get pissed and pushed over the edge. I’ll still smack a b!tch if needed!?
        Especially if it’s Farrah…

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Amber & Cate are pigs. they hid behind their “mental illness” to get away with being sh*tty people & Mother’s

  • Elle

    Debra’s wig…I was speechless! Who told her that looked good? I feel like Michael is the one that continually watches Farrah’s porn. And the reason they deal with Farrah is because she pays for everything! I don’t like Matt anymore than I did before but there is no way that Michael is that injured.

  • Emmy

    What is going on with all those braids? The hairdresser on set seems to love them a lot. Sometimes three out of four girls on the couch got one.
    The shock and horror it must have been to the poor hairdresser when Debra walked in with that wig.
    Doing Farrah’s fake hair must be horrible too. Farrah’s finger going up all the time ”be careful, those are very expensive hair extensions! You need to be like, a real professional. I am a proffesional here, you need to know what I know you to do sometimes in life. Got it? Okay?! Don’t look at me like you have no clue what Im talking about! Are you stupid? 1…..2……..3……. Laaaary!!!”.

  • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

    I was all for Deb’s new man when he put Ferral in her place and seemed to genuinely care about Deb. HOWEVER, when he told Deb that he loved Ferral’s fried extenstions? That changed my perception of him. He’s a creep. Major red flags when a guy Im engaged to tells me he likes my daughter’s hair color and that I should try it, and this idiot went out and did it. Talk about low self esteem.

    • Lacy

      I know everyone else was excited for him to tell Farrah off, but I honestly saw a red flag when I watched that. I feel like it was all for fame/drama. It’s weird that he wanted to meet her on camera. Also he completely excuses Debra and blames Farrah for all their problems. The whole reason Farrah turned out how she did was because of Debra. Debra at one point even denied ever hitting Farrah, when it’s well documented that she hit her and wouldn’t put a knife down. That’s why Farrah goes crazy when talking to her mom, it is Farrah’s fault that she hasn’t recognized how condescending she is to everyone else and worked on changing that, but it was created because of Debra.

      • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

        True. I couldn’t believe Deb denied hitting Farrah, unless the whole argument was edited and they were talking about another incident from
        their younger years but we ALL know Deb bust her $hit open. The whole dynamic is very warped and dysfunctional. It’s no environment for a kid to be raised in.

      • Reality

        Farrah is a sociopath. Sociopaths aren’t made, they are born that way. I think Debra became the way she is due to raising Farrah.

        • Alisson Leech

          Self defense!

        • Lacy

          What about when Debra hit Farrah busting her lip, and then Deb hid in her kitchen holding 2 butcher knifes and refused to put the down even when the cops were telling her to? Then she got hauled off to jail, and the knives were seized as evidence. Yup that type of mothering raises perfectly functional children. (I still want to clarify that now that Farrah’s an adult she can choose to change how she treats people, and it’s her fault now for not making those changes, but I do believe Debra created that monster.)

  • Alisson Leech

    That clip shows how ugly Farrah is. I always thought she was pretty before seeing that clay face not be able to make facial expressions.

  • Jessie

    Matt is a pedophile he’s old and ugly. She is just dumb when it come to choosing man take a look at Gary lol.