PHOTO Javi says ‘I hate’ Kailyn ‘but I’m proud of her’

Javi I hate Kail photo

Former Teen Mom 2 super couple Javi Marroquin and Kail Lowry reportedly just finished up filming Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and apparently one of the lessons learned in the house by Javi is to be blunt — very blunt.

Earlier today, Javi posted the Snapchat photo above holding Kail’s new book Hustle and Heart (due out November 22) and he captioned it by writing “I hate her but I’m proud of her.” (More like OHSnapchat, am I right?!)

As you might imagine, the caption drew a lot of criticism online, but Javi was quick to brush it off by suggesting that Kail actually came up with the wording!

Perhaps I’m overly sensitive given that we now live in the post-PC Donald Trumpiverse, but “hate” sure seems like a strong word to be using when talking about the mother of your child. But hey, if Kail really did write the caption, then I guess I can’t be too put off by it, right?

Meanwhile, prior to “promoting” Kail’s new book, Javi shared some good news in that he apparently has a new rank in the Air Force:

To clear up everything (or perhaps make it ten times worse) I think Kail needs to retweet that and add: “I hate him but I’m proud of him.”

Speaking of Javi, the Air Force, and Kail, I’d like to pay tribute to the love they once shared with one of my favorite Teen Mom Photoshop creations ever…

Kail Lowry Javi Top Gun


* Yes, I realize Top Gun was about a Navy pilot.

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  • Chewy

    And the stupid just get stupider.

  • starlight02

    She’s just trying to get publisity for her book… looks like people are falling for it *cough cough starcasm cough*

    • FR

      I assume the profits from the book and TV show are a joint marital asset

  • CatesZebraHoodie

    I bet they are still together!

  • David Cavender

    Money gives you power she was a crazy bitch when she got with her first baby daddy. Now she getting payed from the show and changes her whole life . Teen mom is a joke get off the show go work and take care of your keds.

  • Really

    R u going to mention Trump in every article?

    • Bruja


      How phucking relevant is Trump to TM2 stuff?

      It’s getting more than ridiculous.

  • theStevieJBus

    How can you be proud of someone you hate? The Teen Mom crew gets dumber and dumber as the years go by.

  • Emmy

    Ha! That Photoshop is good! Surprised the army actually promoted him after all the social media activities during his army holiday abroad. Made him and the army look really unprofessional.
    Or… was everything just a storyline?

    • Bruja

      He is Air Force.

      I’m not surprised, seems they’ve shut their mouth in regards to anything he does. All the tattoos he has gotten and posted getting even.. while active duty? That’s supposed to be a no-no.

      Seems he has a celebrity pass, so to speak.

      • Bri

        That is absolutely not true. Where do people come up with these facts? You can get tattoos. Each branch has their own regulations. My husband is a recruiter & this is a 100% fact.

        • Bruja

          3.4.2.Tattoos/Brands/Body Markings (Excessive).

          Excessive tattoos/brands/body markings will not be exposed or visible (includes visible through the uniform) while wearing any/all uniform combination(s) except the PTU. This includes any combination of short sleeve, long sleeve, open collar uniform, utility uniform sleeves rolled up or worn down, flight duty uniform, etc. This policy does not apply when wearing the PTU.

          “Excessive” is defined as any tattoos/brands/body markings that
          exceed ¼ (25%) of the exposed body part and are readily visible when wearing any/all uniform combinations(s). The “exposed body part” is defined as the total area, to include front, sides
          and back of a limb or other body part protruding from a uniform item. For example, a tattoo exclusively on the hand
          cannot exceed 25% of the exposed hand since the hand is considered a separate body part when wearing a long sleeve
          uniform item. Any tattoos/brands above the collarbone, i.e. on the neck, head, face, tongue, lips, and/or scalp, are prohibited. For example, a tattoo/brand that can be seen on the neck while wearing an open collar, front-fastening, blue or utility uniform is prohibited.
          (For cosmetic tattoos see paragraph 3.4.3).

          Full diagram can be seen on the site.

          • Bri

            Im not sure where my comment went but Regs change constantly. These are for those who are newly joining. He didnt have any when he enlisted. Army for example has gone back and forth on forearm tattoos. They say none below he elbow. I can actually remember at one point that went away and a lot of our friends went out and got the forearm tattoo and then were grandfathered when the regulations came back. Some leaders are for and some against which is why the rules change constantly. If he was covered in tattoos and tried to join, he would have a much harder time.

            • Bruja

              My husband is prior military. I’m aware of what the rules are.

              The rules are for everyone, new and current enlistees. 25%. Period.

              Look anywhere.

              The policy for AF has not changed since 2010.

              He can get a “waiver”, but after already being in, it’d be a hard swing to just keep getting tattoos.

              • Bri

                My husband is currently military and a recruiter at that. Javi isnt just getting away with it because hes on mtv, the Air Force could care less about that. Hes getting tattoos just like everyone else when allowed.

                • Bruja

                  My husband works on base still (government employee) and is around enlisted day in and day out. I’m not trying to one up you, that’s silly, but I’m still aware of what is current. It’s 25% AF, unless you get a waiver.

                  I personally think he’s allowed more due to the fact he is a visible “endorsement”, if you will, of the AF.

                  Having him on TM2 is cheaper than shelling out money for ads. They’ve got one in him.

                • Bruja

                  Mine was in almost 20 years and is still working with them. I won’t get in “mine knows more than yours” contest with you. I’ve already stated it’s silly.

                  The rules are there, 25%, in black and white and I’ll tell you, I’ve not seen enlisted like that in my area with full on sleeves. Perhaps your area is more lax. Who knows?

                  Javi is a walking ad for the AF. Kids see it, think they’ll reap the kind of life he has.. nice cars, house, vacays, etc. They’re in for an awakening if they go in expecting all that and cool sleeves too. Some commands don’t put up with it, and they don’t have to.. when it’s written the way it is.

                  • Bri

                    The real awakening will be when they join and expect to have all those fancy cars, huge homes and pretty vacations. Those come from MtV money not Air Force LOL! Dont get me wrong, the Army has been good to us but my husband def worked his way up, we didnt start out with the things we have now. As far as tattoos, if theyre not visible in uniform its usually not an issue. Weve been in Germany, NY and our current duty station I would rather keep private but the same goes for here. Now joining with those tattoos is different. Anyone I know with sleeves got them after already being in. I personally am surprised he has been able to do all of the things he has done. His leave is approved for every single vaca he has taken, and it seems like there have been alot!

  • Katy

    He’s such a famewhore.

    Oh I hate Kail but I sure love the attention she gets me.

  • Tabitha

    Only thing kails hustled are her ovaries

  • Lauren

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced their reconciliation. Both seem to love the “You’re so strong” attention since announcing their split. It’s all publicity for her new book & the show. Ridiculous.