Who is Farrah Abraham’s mom Debra Danielsen dating? Meet Dr. David!

Debra Danielsen boyfriend David Merz

Fans of Teen Mom OG are well aware of Farrah Abraham’s relationship issues over the years, but her mother Debra Danielsen has also had a tough time in the relationship department — including a bank-account-draining catfishing experience that Debra wrote about in her book Vapor. But, it appears that the luck of this Teen Mom OG (Original Grandma) may have changed as Debra has been posting numerous joyful date photos with a bearded feller named David over the past few months. So who is this mystery man? We spoke with Debra and she spilled the deets on her new beau!

Debra Danielsen boyfriend Dr David Merz kissing

“His name is Dr. David Merz,” Debra says. “He specializes in infectious diseases and lives in Marquette, Michigan.” A doctor?! Yep! Check out Dr. David’s pedigree, which includes a medical degree from Johns Hopkins University:

Dr. David C Merz is an Infectious Disease Specialist in Marquette, Michigan. He graduated with honors from Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine in 1983. Having more than 33 years of diverse experiences, especially in INFECTIOUS DISEASE, Dr. David C Merz affiliates with many hospitals including Up Health System – Marquette, Dickinson County Memorial Hospital, Up Health System Portage, and cooperates with other doctors and specialists in medical group Dlp Marquette Physician Practices Inc.

Undergraduate: University of Minnesota
Medical School: John Hopkins University
Internship: University of Michigan Hospital
Residency: University of Michigan Hospital
Board Certified: Internal Medicine & Infectious Diseases

Teen Mom OG Debra Danielsen and boyfriend David Merz

So how in the world did Debra hook up with a doctor from Michigan? The internet of course. “David and I met in a great dating site called Elite Singles,” Debra reveals to us, adding that they have been dating since early July of this year.

One unexpected thing that both Debra and David sort of have in common is that they both produce their own alcohol. Debra has her Mom & Me brand of wines, and David is an accomplished home brewer that has received numerous awards for his beers in competitions around the country.

Dr David Merz Linkedin

This Renaissance man also shares something in common with his potential future daughter-in-law Farrah as Debra tells us he is also a chef. And speaking of Farrah, has she met Dr. David yet? Debra says the two have met and David said afterward of Farrah: “She is a very intelligent young woman — like her mother.”

Debra and Dr. David spent this weekend together in New York City, with one of their date nights spent attending an opera at the MET! Here’s a photo and video clip from D&D at the affair:

Farrah Abraham's mom Debra boyfriend David

So does Debra plan on keeping Dr. Dave on the DL and off camera? Nope. She tells us that MTV cameras were rolling on both of them this weekend for Teen Mom OG. Debra did not tell us if she has already purchased an engagement ring for herself. 😉

Congratulations to Debra and Dr. David! He looks like a VERY charismatic guy (sort of a cross between The Most Interesting Man In The World and Santa Claus) and I look forward to meeting him on screen.

Debra Danielsen dating Dr David Merz

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  • Ali.P

    I don’t trust anyone that willingly puts themselves in the same box as this f’d up “family”. He’s clearly mentally unhinged.

    • barbinop

      Can you imagine him taking Debra to a social event with his colleagues? Goo goo baby?

      • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

        Lmao ? omg that literally did make me laugh out

  • Wtf

    Agh…..Debra is the worst. Every time I see her face I think of her saying “baby goo” and want to punch something

    • FarrahsCryFace

      I don’t know why baby goo and Amber calling Leah boo boo get on my last nerve.

      • Ali.P

        I think it’s because Amber has replaced Leah’s name with boo boo. Even if Leah isn’t around she refers to her as boo boo. It’s a bit off putting to talk to strangers/neighbors/family and say “boo boo would love this!” Instead of her actual name.

        And it’s so disturbing for baby goo because she is a disturbing kid from a disturbing family. They talk to Sophia like she’s a toddler.

        • Coley

          I hate when people talk to kids like they are babies or toddlers. I never did that with my daughter.

          • Kmarie

            I didn’t either. It’s no wonder Sophia can’t speak properly no one has ever talked to her in a way that she could learn words and how to speak properly.

            • Kanye’s Sharted Pants

              Its no wonder Farrah has the limited vocabulary she has today. Deborah obviously talked to her like a baby most of her life also. Lol

        • Kmarie

          Ya, they tall to her like a toddler yet they subject her to so much xhit that she is too young for. Sophia seemed kinda pissed last night when they were sitting outside at the table. She either looked in the mirror and saw that all the makeup they plastered on her really dosent look cute or she got tired of seeing her mom’s big fake side boob hanging out. I hope she starts talking xhit to Farrah about dressing like that. What a disgusting way to dress when you are out with your child and mother. She’s a xhore.

          • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

            Right! She was probably tired or ripped away from doing something fun so they could film the scene. Did you peep that scene in the beginning of Farrah’s segment when Sophia was drinking out of a wine glass? The contents were purple, it looked like wine but I am hoping Mtv, Farrah, and her family would have more sense than to give her wine. I can actually see Farrah allowing it and saying “well the Europes well do it so Soph is so mastered so why not”

            • Kmarie

              Yes I saw that and I thought it was ridiculous good way to get her into the habit of having that drink in her hand lol, I’m sure it was grape juice but it doesn’t matter. They allow and push way too much on this child. The stuff they introduce her to is too much for her age. I was thinking Farrah would have her on birth control by 12-13 now I’m thinking more like 10.

              • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

                She’s way too grown and fresh for her own good thanks to her family. No way my son would be drinking out of a wine glass, I don’t care if it’s Hi C inside. Fresh mouth, disrespectful, makeup, drinking out of wine glasses with adults. Sophia is too much. I feel bad for her teachers having to deal with this terror everyday. I wonder if Derek’s family watches the show or if they follow Sophia through the blogs to know how she is. She is gonna grow up with so many problems. I at least hope that when she is older she will choose to contact her dad’s family. I also hope she questions Farrah and ask her why she kept them away. I hope they will reach out to Sophia and let her know that they spent years trying to connect with her but Farrah stonewalled them. I hate how Mtv refers to Derek’s stepmom as Derek’s mom. Wtf is up with that? Id be pissed if I were Stormie.

                • Kmarie

                  I can imagine Sophia talking to her friends and boyfriends the way Farrah does, what else does she know? They are setting her up to be a very unliked girl and considering she’s not cute at all she really needs a good personality. How long has she been a step-mom? Do you know? I loved my stepdad like a real dad even more than my biological father and I referred to him as my dad. I guess it would depend on the quality and length of time of the relationship.

                  • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

                    Regardless, Stormie is alive and was alive when Derek passed so it’s disrespectful to refer to a stepmom as his real mom.

                    • Kmarie

                      Ya, especially when he isn’t here to say whether he accepts that title for her or not.

          • Holly

            Wow, you hit it Spot On!
            She will Never have a Man as long as she keeps up her Royal Attitude, she is Trash! He Mother takes her shit, she needs Bitch Slapped too. When the 2 of them talk Baby Talk to Sophia, I wanna Throw Up!

            • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

              What happened to the Deb that tried to knock Ferral’s teeth down her throat 7 years ago? I wanna see that spitfire again

              • Ali.P

                They’re so messed up, I have two theories.
                There is something that Farrah can use against Deborah. We’ve heard Farrah say little things about her childhood but never goes into detail or only with the “doctors” in private while on their shows.
                Her parents like her money. Reality is Farrah makes a good amount of money (right now). Both parents benefit off it.
                Either way her mom has turned into her b*txh.

                • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

                  Farrah doesn’t like her mom and it shows. I don’t disrespect my mom like she does but I do get highly irritated by her and can only take her in small doses. There’s a reason I don’t feel the love towards my mom that I feel for my dad, just like Im sure there is a reason Farrah is the way she is with her parents

                • Jan

                  In one of the Dr. Drew “catch up” episodes, Farrah eluded to the fact that Deb left her with some people or some person that molested her. I think this was a babysitter and it went on for a while. She blames Deb for it, but I don’t think Deb knew until afterwards. She also mentioned once that after her parents divorced, they continued to break up and make up, and when they eventually parted ways for good, Deb was a revolving door for men and a lot of them treated Farrah badly. Her mom clings to Sophia and Farrah when she’s single, but she seems to change gears when she’s in a relationship with a guy, Farrah and Sophia get pushed aside. Farrah’s dealt with it her whole life. She’s tired of Deb choosing men over her.

          • Ali.P

            I’ve said before, Farrah treats Sophia two ways: like a stupid toddler, speaking slow and using baby talk. Or like an adult friend or therapist. That kid doesn’t stand a chance. I know some people hate when others talk about children but Sophia is already a bad person. She’s a brat, she already seems to lack empathy and unfortunately it will only get worse because of the way she is “raised”.

            • barbinop

              Like mother,, like daughter. It’s a KARMA thing

        • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

          Sophia is very disturbing. Even her comment about switching Simon’s face to Daddy Derek’s was disturbing and weird, even for a 7 year old. It seemed like an immature comment even for a 7 year old. Any 7 yr old or hell, a 5 year old knows you can’t take people’s faces off. That sounded like something Id expect a 3 year old to say.

          • Ali.P

            Farrah has made Derek such an innapropriate thing for Sophia. She doesn’t go about telling her daughter about her deceased father in a healthy manner, and Sophia feeds off if it. I feel like she says these things to manipulate Farrah. She sees the way Farrah is about Derek and goes of off that. Disturbing is the perfect word for a lot of things about this “family”!

      • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

        It’s funny because I called my son Goo when he was 4 but he’s now almost 10 in a few more days and I only call him Goo Goo as a joke every blue moon but Deb hasn’t seem to let it go. Between Sophia using a passy until she was 5, her emotional and language delay, the way they talk to her like she is a toddler. It’s all very strange…

        • Kmarie

          I called my daughter Sugarbug because she has big brown almond shaped eyes but that was only here and there and on cards or little notes in her lunch box. I didn’t call her that in place of her given name.

          • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

            My son will be 10 in a few days (time flies, can’t believe it) but I call him Bugs here in the house as well as his name. He doesn’t mind me calling him Bugs inside the house but Id never call him that in public in front of people. The nickname only bothers me with Sophia because it’s coupled with that, inappropriately immature behavior on her part and their part and her overall attitude

            • Kmarie

              Time does fly!! My daughter just turned 18 and I look back on all her younger pics and cry because time has went by so fast!! HAPPY EARLY BAY TO BUGS!!! LOL.

              • Kmarie


              • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

                Awww thank you so much. Wow, 18.

  • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

    If he thinks Ferral Boobraham is intelligent he A) wants to fuq her in the back door or B) he’s in debt and is sucking up.

  • Farrah’s wide eyes big lies

    Oh dear, what did the poor man do to think he deserves self-flaggelation?

  • AshleyBlack

    That’s one doctor I would immediately switch from if he was my doctor

  • savannah

    Farrah probably needs an infectious disease Doctor, this should be a perfect match Step-Dad for her.

  • shebee

    He specializes in infectious disease….well Farrah there maybe help after all. ????

    • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

      Omg the fact that he specializes in infectious diseases pretty much writes itself doesn’t it ?

      • Jess

        I know him. I worked at his office. He will fit right in. ?

    • barbinop

      Farrah would gladly let him check her “back door”. I’d really have to think twice? of ever seeing this man professionally after knowing he’s been hooked up with Debra. She’s a freaking Looney tune just like her daughter.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Infectious diseases? Hahaha! Oh he will get along great with Farrah.

    Ol’ Trash Claw Deb is just the worst. Have you guys seen her this season? She’s definitely on the prowl when they were filming.

  • Alisson Leech

  • Me

    Not one good comment! Bahahaha ??? she’s dumber then a box of hair! Run dave Run!!!

  • Aussie cathie

    Dear God ! Is this man mad getting mixed up with these lunatics

  • Ashley

    “his potential future daughter-in-law Farrah…” Farrah is his potential step-daughter….

    And the guy must be crazy to get involved with this certifiably insane family.

  • twelfthnight

    I was scrolling through to find out why she was dating him and “doctor” cleared that up for me. Money money money MOOOONEEEY.

  • Coley

    This poor guy. Does he realize who they are? Maybe he’s too busy curing people and drinking his homemade brew to know. He’s going to need that brew now more than ever.

  • Farrah’s wide eyes big lies

    Maybe he met the Spandex Spinster while researching patients with persistent rabiës?
    That would explain a lot. Simon seems infected now too, weird angry incoherent rambling and such.

  • Kmarie

    He has probably already met Farrah during an office visit for one of her or her friends infectious diseases and probably hinted to him about her single mom. She’s trying to get those free office visits.

  • pink Glitter

    I don’t see why we Need to pick everyone apart, maybe they have a lot in common, or maybe he doesn’t watch MTV.. Or maybe he got to know her based on her and not MTV editing?!

  • aimsless

    Well, with Backdoor Farrah, this guy may come in handy one day.

  • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

    Deb is nuttier than a jar of peanut butter but whoever did her facial work did a pretty good job. A helluva lot better looking results than anything Ferral had done.

  • Che

    Farrah will probably buy the ring… just like she paid for Debra face lift.

  • Marcy Scrot

    Mom has had some serious repair work on her face. What happened to her hubby? What a messed up bunch.

  • resseress64

    Thank God somebody cares for Farrah’s Mother Debra! If my daughter ever treated me like Farrah treats her Mother, I would definitely get her put into mental institutions, at least for a 36 hour mandatory stay. Clearly Farrah got some mental illness going on!

  • Mir

    Hes actually a really great guy. Very intelligent. Great doctor as well.

  • Miranda Olson

    Very Intelligent and great man and doctor David is! im glad he said it like it was!

  • Kellie M

    Let’s get this straight, Farrah is not a chef. She did not finish culinary school and she has never cooked professionally. She is a home cook at best. Professionally I would stick to calling her a porn star. Nothing more, nothing less. As far as this guy goes, I hope he has some sense and takes Debra far away from Farrah so she can gain some sanity…if there is any there to gain. If I were him I wouldn’t be on the show. He has his profession to think of. I can’t imagine going to the Dr and realizing that the man who is treating me is Farrah’s stepdad. Oh heyell no!!!