Amber Portwood wants more kids after mommy makeover


Teen Mom star Amber Portwood confirmed that she intends on having more children after fielding questions while in recovery from her recent mommy makeover.

Amber let her fans know via Twitter in late Spetember that she was going to follow through with having what she labeled a “mommy makeover”:

As our friends over at Ashley’s Reality Round Up revealed, a “mommy makeover” is a plastic surgery package that focuses on rejuvenating a woman’s body after pregnancy. Amber revealed on Saturday that she had the procedure and was in recovery:

Amber replied to some questions via Instagram and Twitter about what she did or did not have done and in the process stated that she’s planning to have more kids!

Wait wait wait SO does this mean you’re not having anymore beautiful kids?!?!

Amber –I didn’t get the tummy tuck because I do plan on having more kids

wishing you a speedy recovery! I bet Matt will take good care of you

Amber – he’s doing a great job!

If you look up mommy makeover…its basically 1 or more of these things….boob job, tummy tuck, booty job. NOT saying she did all 3…i have no idea. But i googled mommy makeover because i had no idea what that was, as i am not a mommy

Amber – no booty job lol

think she went to Dr. Miami like Kail?

Amber –no I didn’t hun

* When Kail, who’s had extensive plastic surgery done, caught wind of the news she asked Amber to text her.

Did you have it done here in Indy ?

Amber – I did

Just don’t get Farrah lips!

Amber – never touched my face. This is just to get my body back after losing weight

You dont need surgery you look fine as you are!! Exercise, healthy eating and happiness is all you need

Amber – this wasn’t for weight loss. It was to fix my body after losing probs hun

I was talking to my doctor about this in one years time how is the recovery?

Amber – painful hun

Amber hasn’t shared any photos from her mommy makeover. Yet…