Farrah Abraham’s daughter can fire her store’s employees


Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has let it be known that her 7-year-old daughter Sophia will be much more than just a figurehead for her children’s boutique.

Farrah’s recent comments about her #BossBaby will not quell all the critics who argue that she allows her daughter too much freedom to adult. When asked about what kind of role Sophia will play at the soon-to-open Sophia Laurent Children’s Boutique, Farrah told Radar:

β€œShe will be in charge of hiring, firing, picking the best products and clothing to order for the store… Sophia said she may bring her dog Blue in with her while she works.”

Sophia already has her own Twitter and Instagram accounts and has modeled swimsuits. She used to have her own Snapchat account but it got shut down after Sophia started asking strangers to send her messages.

Sophia Laurent is set to open up in Lakeway, Texas on November 11.

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  • KatieKat

    Thats going to work out great πŸ€”

  • NJJuls

    Well, with as much plastic surgery as Farrah is going to make her get, Sophia is going to need every penny she can get.

  • Ali.P

    Farrah has the most inappropriate relationship with her daughter. She talks to Sophia two ways: like a baby (at 7) or like an adult friend/therapist. This kid is already a heathen and Farrah keeps proving it can get worse. I can’t imagine this kid as an adult. She can’t even function as a proper 7 year old.

    • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

      Right. Even her thought process is that of a 3 year old. Her comment about switching Simon’s face to Daddy Derek’s face was disturbing for a few reasons. Surely, even your average 7 year old or even 5 year old knows that you can’t just switch someone’s face. Maybe looking at Ferral change looks every 6 months gave her that idea that it’s possible.

  • twelfthnight

    I’m so happy about this. Having your 7 year old fire people on a whim will open the floodgates for lawsuits.

  • FarrahsCryFace

    In order to hire people in the first place people are going to need to apply. With this news I highly doubt that will happen.

    • Ness

      Oh I’m sure there will be LOTS of eager fame whores applying!

  • Drea

    I find this so funny.

    S- “Go get me apple juice!”

    Employee- “I’m working the register right now.”

    S- “Now!”

    E- “But…”

    S- “You’re fired!”

    This will be amazing.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Why would anyone put themselves in the position to be “adulted” by a bratty 7 year old? Good luck keeping that business afloat.

  • Kari

    I mean…does this really surprise anyone? I feel like this is actually in jest. I don’t think that she’s going to be able to fire anyone, I think she’s probably just going to have some input. But I’m sure I’m wrong because Farrah.

    • COJenn

      I think fighting with the school for make-up in kindergarten makes this no surprise! But maybe Farrah should learn legal questions to ask during an interview and legal rasons to fire (if you choose to give one, it can’t be because you don’t think they are thankful for the position and other insults and b.s.) – before she does anymore of either especially on camera! When she opened the yougert place with a name barely different from a big chain – she asked many questions not legal to ask, I am surprised not to have heard of her being sued for poor employment practices (she may have been…I don’t know, I only looked up her “daughter’s store” because the name sounded too familiar like she is trying to make another brand that sounds like a big brand.)

  • shrodinger

    I hope they make a lot of money. That poor child will need it for the years of therapy she’ll need being raised by farrah

  • Em

    So many laws to protect children, so little people to actually protect and help them.

    • Courtney

      Agree! CPS really needs to investigate Farrah and her family. My heart stopped when I read the part where she said Sophia’s Snapchat account was shut down because Sophia was asking strangers to send her pictures!!! Who lets their 7 year old have their own accounts and then let’s her interact without any supervision?!? Farrah is the worst parent and the damage to Sophia has already been done to the point that I believe there’s no fixing her. Farrah is so delusional it hurts to hear her try and speak.

  • Jessica

    Is that even legal for Sofia to be the one hiring and firing people? Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  • Aussie cathie

    that obnoxious brat would need to have my foot removed from her arse!! As for the mother I’d probably lose it if I did the same to her slapper mother!

  • Chinelle’s Eyebrows

    I can’t wait until Sophia is sued for swatting at someone and poking their eye out because they asked to take a lunch break.

  • Pattipandi

    The applications must be overflowing for a position.

  • Mary Jane Kelly

    Farrah is a monster and those around her are being driven nuts by her ghastly personality. Watching her parents (especially her crazy mother) tip-toe around her eggshell-like feelings is nauseating. They’re in it for the money.

  • Courtney

    Looks like Farrah was recovering from a nose job or some kind of plastic surgery on tonight’s episode. Did anyone else notice the bruising under her eyes and cheek?

  • Nina

    farrah is desperate for a permanent bff so she talks to her daughter like an adult. farrah prob cant wait to go clubbing w her lol

  • snark shark

    Sophia’s snapchat was deleted but it’s definitely back now.

  • Kim

    Well that should go well…maybe you should just let her be a kid, take her to the playground. Give her some genuine attention, she obviously craves it and that’s why she acts like a heathen all the time. This is sad.

  • Jena Bowman

    God bless

  • TiffaniT79

    It’s ok to let her daughter know about Derek but it is so disturbing how she talks about wanting to be dead with him, nd switching faces, etc. Farrah is setting a horrible example of how to be an adult and the way she talks to everyone is sickening. Simon seems a little slow at times because any man in his right mind would not allow anyone to talk to them like that.

  • M.

    Horrible woman, horrid child. Nothing good will come of this.

  • Rebecca Hatcher

    This whole family slid down the rabbit hole, they are nuts. Such a stupid make believe world they live in? What will they do when it all comes tumbling down? And for sure, it will do just that.

    • COJenn

      She will go back to selling her body, maybe not like the average person, but since I believe she made a porn and then had a model of her body… But she says the rest of the teen mom franchise are the issue why she isn’t invited to parties and things (well un-invited and kicked out of things), she blames teen mom, not her “other endeavors” or the constant baby talk, or the other side where she wants a mini-me adult and went to her school to say she will wear make-up when she wants to kindergarten, or the annoying way she speaks to her fairly normal mother with her nasty attitue, but g-ma baby talks “her baby” too… I wouldn’t want any organization to be associated with the whole package – not teen mom in general as she blames, but the rest of her body of “work” and her actions. But it seems like all people willing to sell their body, go back to that by whatever means necessary when they don’t want to change their lifestyles to meet their income…. Her mom’s special was just on and now I wonder why she thinks entreprenuer is pronounce like another word for dinner- she says entree-prenuer and thinks she can be a successful rapper, so maybe she is less normal than I thought, especially blaming herself and letting her kid blame her for so much that isn’t close to her fault! I can’t wait until Sophia treats her mom the way she sees her mom treat her grandma full time since it already has been happening more each year!

      How can you be “so proud” of your child, for starting a business when she can’t enter into a contract, so obviously she didn’t do it! She might of picked some stuff out, but we all know that’s not what is entailed in opening a business!