VIDEO Amber Portwood confirms engagement to fiance Matt Baier

Amber Portwood confirms engagement to Matt Baier in new interview

The Teen Mom OG teaser trailer released by MTV last month certainly played up the “teaser” part as fans got to see Amber Portwood’s new man Matt Baier propose to her with an engagement ring, but were left hanging as far as whether or not she said yes. However, during a new interview with MTV News, Amber answers that question by revealing her answer to Matt’s question, which was “Yes!”

“I never thought I was going to get engaged,” Amber reveals in the clip. “I never thought I was going to have a steady boyfriend. So, it was a complete surprise. It was a friendship that turned into love. And I didn’t even think I was able to love somebody again.”

Amber says that the relationship started off as a long-distance one, as Matt was living in the Boston area when they first met online. However, the relationship developed quickly and Matt moved to Indiana — and in with Amber! “It was really hard changing from a long-distance relationship to living together, because, like I said, I was so used to being by myself, and I kind of liked it that way,” Amber says. “Him moving in, I was, like, ‘Oh my god! All my s**t’s getting messed up!’ My life got turned upside down.”

Teen Mom Amber Portwood quote engagement

But, it seems the positives are still FAR outweighing the negatives for Amber. “We’re in the honeymoon stage where you always want to be around that person,” she says. “We’re still kind of there, and I don’t think we’ve even hit the ‘Get the f*** out!’ stage. Like, ‘Can you please leave for, like, three hours?’ Now, if he’s gone for an hour we both miss each other. We’re texting and calling each other. It’s ridiculous.”

So what about those tabloid reports that the proposal was faked for the show? “I don’t stage things for [the cameras],” Amber tells MTV News. “I live my life. MTV follows me — I don’t follow them.” She adds, “Everything that is seen on Teen Mom OG is our lives, and this is the way it is.”

Amber Portwood's engagement ring photo

Amber was a little less diplomatic with her responses to the reports on Twitter:

Teen Mom OG premieres Monday, March 23 at 10/9c on MTV.

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